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Graphic Arts

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NEW Thanksgiving 2023 Lego Diarama by Jed and Maggie NEW By our teenage girls in 2023 NEW Landscape by Betsy in 2021 Tommycat In Mailbox by Betsy, 2021 Portrait of Maggie by 13yo Betsy Plate Design by Jandi - our first DIL Sunburst photo by Lillian Cinnamon Rose on a latte by Betsy Lego paragon by Jed Bible Verse in Celtic Weave by Hope, 2020 Calligraphy by Betsy, 2020 Doll dress sown by Aletheia, Betsy and Hope, 2020 Hot pad made by Maggie, 2020 Crocheted stuffed Baby Yoda made by Hope, 2019 Calligraphy by Betsy, 2019 Candle by Hope, 2019 Calligraphy by Betsy, 2019 Calligraphy by Hope, 2019 Wedding dress design by Maggie, 2018 Watercolor polka dot design by Maggie, 2018 Easter Egg decorated by Hope, 2016 Sculptures made of cheese by Hope, 2016 Dinosaur Knitted and Stuffed by Hope, 2016 Photo by Lillian, 2017 Stuffed Elephant by Hope, 2017 Sunrise, by Aletheia, 2017 Mama at her Desk by Maggie, 2017 Behemoth by Jed, 2017 Calligraphy by Irene, 2017 Calligraphy by Irene, 2017 Calligraphy by Irene, 2017 Calligraphy by Irene, 2017 Calligraphy by Irene, 2017 Calligraphy by Irene, 2017 Calligraphy by Irene, 2017 Calligraphy by Hope, 2017 Reed basket handwoven by Beni, 2014 Charcoal Portrait of a friend by Amos, 2014 New alphabet by Hope, 2014 Pen and Ink drawing by Betsy, age 5, of herself jumping on the rebounder wearing a necklace her siblings made, while her three sisters jump on the big trampoline in the backyard. Charcoal drawing of dolphin by Hope, 2013 Watercolor painting of horse in pasture by Hope, 2013 Charcoal Portrait of baby by Grace Anne, 2013 Sowing the Seed, styrofoam etching inked and applied to linen, by Peter, age 16 Family portrait with markers, by Betsy, age 3, labeled by Peter Christ on the Cross, freehand with colored pencils by Irene, age 12 Flower Basket, watercolor by Betsy, age 3 Chickadee with watercolor and pen by Irene, age 10 3-year-old Aletheia's portrait of her Papa 3 yr old Ale, who had never seen a crab, was fascinated by the accounts of her brothers catching crabs in Florida and drew this crab. Chicken by Aletheia Wilson monogram by Amos, age 14 Self-portrait of Amos, age 15 Dragon illustration by Amos, age 14 Portrait of Papa by Irene, age 10 Aletheia's A's, age 3 Lilly's Penguins, age 8 'Computer Color' by Lilly, age 6 'Papa and Mama' by Lilly, age 6 'Monkeys and Butterflies' by Lilly, age 4 'Whale' by Hope, age 4 'Safe-Keepers' by Hope, age 4 'Cookie Jar' by Irene, age 9 'Our living room at Christmas' by Irene, age 9 They look like faces whether you hold them right-side up or upside down! Created by irene, age 7 Created by Amos & Peter, ages 10 and 12, by burning patterns in a white peice of paper with sunlight and a magnifying glass. 'Eye Color' by Hope, age 2 Josh's illustration of Revelation 12:7 A tongue-in-cheek contrast by Josh (15 1/2) and Beni (14) between the fearsome animals the Bible describes in Job 41 and 41 and the modern assumption that these are descriptions of hippo's and alligators. Tomb Guard at the Resurrection, by Irene age 6 1/2 Two in Paradise by Irene age 6 1/2 Sketches of Robin and Horse, by Irene age 6 1/2 Lego Castle Photo by Amos, age 11

NEW See an awesome nature photo portfolio by Peter at pwilson.portfoliobox.net

Music Created by the Kids!

Whole Different Tune (Released Oct. 2023) The songs on this album were composed and sung by daughter Grace Anne and accompanied by the family band. Listen on your favorite online platform.



Writings by the Kids

NEW My Father's Land, by A. C. Wilson My Father's Ghost, by A. C. Wilson Our son Amos' Gwambi Tetrology fantasy series.

NEW Babies Are Cute An adorable booklet by Maggie Wilson (Age 6) and Clay Graber(Age 22)!

The Lover And The Liturgist Amos' latest poetry book.

* The Star Gods Are Angry - an ancient Greek hero's adventure, written by Beni Wilson, age 9.

* Our Trip to Mexico by Beni Wilson, May 2003.

* Spiritual Leadership by Josh Wilson, July 2003.

* My Birds by Grace Wilson, February 2006.

I love the birds
When I go out.
They call my name,
Inside and out.

* Translation and exegesis of Isaiah 46 by Josh, Beni, Amos, and Peter Wilson, May 2006.

* Future Freaks A Book In Progress By Amos and Beni

* Purim Play Script A 15-minute drama of the Book of Esther by Amos, Peter, and Beni

* The Bank Robbery A short story by Beni Wilson

* A Christian Death Poem by Beni Wilson, July 2008.

Life is fleeting. Few things last.
One can live for pleasure, but it fades;
If one seeks glories and fame
These fall soon after they are made.

"Does anything last?" Some ask.
Yes. Our souls will live forever.
When we die, they will live on
With God or under his anger.

The key to getting the first
Is in God's eternal writing
Jesus came to pay the price
With Him I live everlasting

* A Timely Sonnet By Beni Wilson, April 2005

The clocks undaunted rhythm measures time,
First seconds then minutes and hours pass by.
Here I sit as time continues to climb,
I try to compose as the seconds fly.

A second is short; it has but one tick.
A minute is longer it has sixty.
An hour cant be said to be quite as quick,
Sixty minutes are in it I tell thee.

Four and twenty hours make for a good day.
Days make up months that in turn become years.
Ten years create a decade and they may
Make centuries as eternity nears.

And now as my pen strokes begin to cease,
I see I have created a masterpiece!

* My City Adorable Children's book written and illustrated by Irene A Wilson, 2010.

* God Can See Me - A spiritual lesson story for children by Grace Anne Wilson. c2009

* An Adventure of Sons and Brothers Youth Fiction by Peter Wilson, 2009. An animal story about being loyal to protect friends. Teaches Greek Bible vocabulary in the process!

* The Adventures of Labby and Trappid: Thor's Breastplate Youth Fiction by Amos C. Wilson, 2009. Pirates, battles, faith, and romance - all with talking animals!

* Orville Pig of Destiny - a short story by Amos C Wilson about the philosophy of the purpose of animals. c2009

Purchase a copy of Amos Wilson's book, The Revolt from Raindrop Forest, book one of the Buckskin Peak Revolution Series.

Purchase a copy of Amos Wilson's book, Holding Buckskin Lake, book two of the Buckskin Peak Revolution Series.

    * Excerpt from Amos Wilson's 2009 book, Holding Buckskin Lake.

Purchase a copy of, Amos Wilson's book, Taking Hermet Valley, book three of the Buckskin Peak Revolution Series.

NEW Purchase a copy of, Amos Wilson's book, From Treeline to Forest, book four of the Buckskin Peak Revolution Series.

POEM: Simon of Cyrene By A.C. Wilson

He stumbles and tumbles there, in the mud,
His faces is bruised and smeared with blood.
His cross lands hard across his back,
I wince to hear his bones thus crack.

A violent hand then seized my arm.
Come, black dog, or feel some harm,
Lift up that cross and bear a part!
Thus forced, I do, indignant, start.

But as I stoop, His eyes meet mine,
They’re filled with only love divine.
Oh, my beloved, please bear my tree,
So I might make on high the Three.
Behind me hide, in judgment’s lee,
For I will take it all for thee.

Aye, gladly, Lord, when you go home,
Ill bear your cross from here to Rome.

POEM: I Saw Him Bloodied, Twice By Amos Wilson (January 5, 2014)

I enter the grimy cave,
The stench assails my nose,
I lean upon my stave,
And move into the glow,
Held by the care-worn man,
Over that holy scene,
The maid, the babe, the feed-stand
Stood in the straw unclean.
Blood mixed and saturated,
With lambs-filth in the straw,
Held this Divine incarnated.
Here lay Love in raw.

His mother lay like steel,
A smile bright, but pale,
We there before Him kneel,
His father strong and hale
His father on this earth,
Lowers his light to peer,
At this, the childs birth,
And sheds a grateful tear.
We knew why He was there,
We know just who He was.
The angels in the air,
Had told it all to us.

Yet hidden in the back,
The sheep eat straw, oblivious.
Poor hosts with little tact,
Ignore this baby glorious.
Yet to His sheep would He,
Give His new life to feed.
Who were those sheep, were we?
Owned by the Bread that bleeds?
I saw Him bloodied, twice,
Last on a tree so rough.
This Bread of Life, the Christ,
Served in a feeding-trough.

For Amos' latest poems, go to: sermonnotespoem.wordpress.com.