Future Freaks 




By Amos and Beni Wilson



© 2004 By Beni and Amos Wilson

Thanks to Beni and Nate Wilson for editing and the Introduction.




1. Their Birth

2. Their names

3. Their first school years










As kids we acted out these stories in the backyard, inside etc. Beni acting Spock, Amos acting Luke, and Peter as Hon. Their mother took to names of Characters in Star-Wars, Lord of the rings, Star-Trek etc. They are homeschooled, which adds to how smart they were when they were born, but their mom lets them have a taste of public school a little. Zarblocks are a certain kind of alien that has been trying to conquer the whole universe. They have come out of the depths of the Eagle Nebula and are destroying every thing in their path, and know one knows this except the future freaks. They know because they have traveled there in their ultimate space-land-water-earth mobile, "the Duck."

Another character is the Spy shop owner. He has a contract with the future freaks, so when the future freaks create the light-saber they give him the blueprints and he improves it. Their older brothers were like Einstein: they did not talk much until they were about three years old, but they started, they were talking in fully-formed complex sentences. They invented rocket packs and flew the first manned mission to the Eagle Nebula to see if they could investigate some moons and see if there were any life forms in any other galaxies. Once they landed, Zarblocks captured them. The government thought that an asteroid or something hit them and their spaceship, but on the Future Freaks' secret mission, they spotted their brother's spaceship and several other complex spaceships that had super canons. So the FF's sped at warp 10 (their Space Ship can go at super speeds) and arrived back at earth in a matter of hours.

 This book has some humor you might not get, but for us it is quite funny.


Chapter 1: Their Birth

It all started one day in the hospital…

“Your long expected triplets are almost here! Isn’t it exciting?” the nurse asked.

“Yes,” the mother replied.

Another nurse came to the door, “Doctor a baby is being born in room 202; come please.”

The doctor followed the nurse out of the room. Before he returned, three babies popped out. They did not cry though; in fact they started talking!

“Wow this is about fifty times larger than where we have been for the last nine months,” the first one commented. The nurse shrieked and ran out of the room. The mother fainted.

“Let’s hide under the covers of this bed before that man gets back,” the second one said.

“Good idea,” the third agreed. So they hid under the covers.

Soon the doctor was back, and seeing his patient had passed out, he said to himself, “I think she fainted from blood loss.” Then the three babies at the same time jumped out from under the covers and shouted in unison, “BOO!” Now it was the doctors turn to faint.

The first Baby took the doctors stethoscope off and put it over his heart and tried to mimic the doctor’s voice (but it came out in a weird voice), “I think he fainted from blood loss.”

All the babies laughed then the second one tried to crawl out the door when he realized he was still connected to his umbilical cord. “Help!” he cried, “I’m stuck to this rope!” The other two grabbed him and pulled him but he remained stuck. “I’ll probably never get out of this place,” he said as he began to cry. The other two babies cried too.

“Boohoo,” cried the first one.

“I’m stuck too.”

“Me too,” cried the third.

Just then the nurse came in thinking they were just born. She took out a walky-talky and said, “Doctor, we have triplets born. The mother has fainted from blood loss, over,” a blurred voice came over the walky-talky.

“How did that man get stuck in that box?” the third baby asked.

“What’s that?” the nurse said through the walky-talky.

“I said that not that man!” the third baby said.

“Help!!!!!” screamed the nurse.

“I’m going to die in here!” yelled the first baby, “Every one we see screams and runs away! Can’t some one cut this rope!?”

The nurse suddenly had an idea. If she was hearing things then the doctor would not hear anything. Soon the doctor came in to the room. “Get us off this rope!” all three babies yelled.

The doctor freaked out, “Help!!!! Help!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!” he said.

The babies laughed. “I’d never say help like that,” the third baby said. Suddenly the mother rolled over. “Help!” yelled the third as he fell over the side of the bed. His umbilical cord caught the side of the bed “heeeeeeeellllllllllp!!!!!!!!” he yelled.

A while later the babies and the mom were back in their car driving down the road. In the back seat the triplets were arguing over if a car was a boat, bike or a house.

The mom asked, “How in the world did y’all learn to talk?”

“Well,” said the first baby, “it was so crammed that we all had our nose…”


“Foot!” said the second baby.

“What ever this is!” the first baby said grabbing his ear and shaking it.

“Oh,” said the mom, “that’s your ear.”

The third baby stuck his tongue out at the first baby, “See!” he said, I told you it was an ear!”

“Get that hand in you nose!” yelled the second baby.

“You mean, tongue in your mouth,” said the mom.

“Well any way,” said the first baby, “our ears were practically stuck to the ‘wall’ and so we heard everything you said and so we learned to talk.”

“So…,” said the third baby, “is this thing a boat, bike or house?”



Chapter 2: Their Names

“Platypus, dingo, beaver, turtle, cat, wombat, frog, kookaburra, kangaroo, otter, shark, koala, possum… This is a lot of work,” said the second baby. He was looking at flash cards while his older brother, Captain, was telling him their names and the baby was copying him.

Their mom and dad were thinking of names for the triplets “Brian, John?” asked their mom.

“No, no,” said their dad.

“Well… their brothers are Captain and Kirk so we ought to name one ‘Spock.’”

“Yea” said their dad, “The oldest will be Spock, the next will be Luke, and last will be Han.”

“OK,” said their mom.


The next day Spock, Luke and Han noticed a piece of paper that looked like this:

This is the entry code






Call 303-349-4706


“Take A look at this!” said Han, the third-oldest. “What does this word ‘H-I-T-A-L-I-C’ mean?”

“Let’s look it up in the pictionary,” Spock suggested.

“L-l-lictionary!” corrected Luke.

 “Dictionary,” said Captain, grabbing the card.

“What is a hitalic?” asked Luke.

Captain wiggled his eye brows, “You’ll never know! It’ll make you insomniacs!”

“Sarcophagus you mean,” said Spock.

“No,” said Captain, “Insomniacs!”

“Insomniacs!” yelled Luke “HELP!!!!!!!”

“Look it up in the pictionary,” said Captain.

Lictionary,” corrected Luke.

Captain sighed and walked away saying, “DIC-TI-NA-RY!”

“Told you!” said Luke.

“Who told who?” asked Han loudly.

 “I told you!” yelled Spock.

“BOYS!” said their mom threateningly from the kitchen.

“See!” said Luke, “I told you.”

“No you didn’t!!!!!!!” yelled Spock and Han.


  The next day they found a 1st grade work-book. When Kirk saw them arguing over whether it was a book, rocket, or a snow-board, he settled the matter, “It is a work book.”

“How does it work?” asked Han.

“It doesn’t work; you work on it,” answered Kirk.

 “So you sit on it to work?” said Luke.

“No this is what you do,” Kirk said, opening the book to the math section. “See here we have 4 + 6. Now the way you do this is you take 4 and add 6 to it and you get 10!”

“So this 3 + 8 is 10?” said Spock.

“No it’s 11” said Kirk .


Spock, Luke, and Han came running to their mom “Look, look what Luke, Han and I can do!” said Spock “we can do Math!”  

Their mom laughed, “Oh, really? What’s 5 + 6…

“11” the triplets yelled at once.

“What’s 2x5?” asked their mom.

“10” the triplets replied.

“12 squared?” asked their mom.

“144!” was their answer.

“My, my” was all their mother said.


Later Han found a medicine-cabinet. “Hey!” he said, “I've got an idea! We could act like a doctor with this medicine! Who wants to be the patient?!” He looked at Spock and Luke.

“I don’t want to” said Spock.

And before Luke could say anything, Han said, “That means that Luke must have to be our patient!”

“But wait…!” started Luke.

Before he could finish Han yelled, “What’s this?!”

“I don’t know,” answered Spock, “lets see what it does!” he said, grabbing it and pouring all of the liquid down Luke’s throat.

“HELP!…IT BURNS!” yelled Luke at the top of his little lungs and suddenly he sneezed. Now when I say he sneezed, I mean he really sneezed, not a sneeze you ever saw but this sneeze actually blew Han, Spock, the counter, the door and mirror (but not the sink - even though it built in to the counter) out the door! (which was blown out with every thing else!)