The Star Gods Are Angry!

By Beniah Wilson ©2002


Once upon a time, in the land of Greece there lived a man named Coleenis who was in trouble with the star gods for stealing Orion’s dagger.

Coleenis and his wife Mara lived in a cottage on one of the islands of Greece where our story begins.

1. Trip To Star World

One fine morning in May, Coleenis sailed to the mainland on a mission to get a dagger. Now Coleenis had studied the stars for years, and it looked so easy to get Orion’s dagger that he thought he could pickpocket it from Orion and be on his way… but it didn’t turn out the way Coleenis had planned.

Coleenis asked Atlas to bring him to the star world, and then he sneaked over to Orion and tried to pickpocket the dagger. He first had to undo the belt and then he turned and went. Now when Coleenis undid Orion’s belt it made his pants fall down, and when Orion noticed that his pants were coming down, he started running toward Coleenis, who ran (and boated) all the way home yelling, “Orion is after me!”

2.Trip Back To Star World

That night Coleenis went back to star world to give Orion a fake dagger so when Orion woke up he would think it was a dream. So Coleenis headed over to Orion’s house, and to his surprise he found Orion was not there!

Coleenis knew some things about the stars - but not everything - he didn’t know that the stars were more active at night. So Coleenis left, and as he was going he saw Orion and a mob of star gods separating him from the door of star world! He started running as fast as he could. He ran till he found the little dipper and jumped in as the star gods stampeded past him. There were Orion, the bull, the dragon, the Pleabees (with their stingers looking more deadly than ever), Castor and Pollux, and many more.

Next morning Coleenis traveled home. Mara asked where he had been, and Coleenis told her everything.

The End

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