Levitical Sacrifices



Items Sacrificed

Person's Action

Priest's Action


Leviticus 1:1-9

Fire Offering

Perfect male from herd or flock--livestock

Bring animal near, lay hand on animal, and kill it

Sprinkle blood, skin animal and cut in pieces, wash pieces.

sons of Aaron burn all of it on altar

Lev. 1:10-17

Burnt Offering

Perfect male, sheep or goat

bring near, slaughter

sprinkle blood, cut in pieces, wash

priests burn whole, keep fire burning, take ashes outside

Dove or related bird


nip off head, rip partly in two, drain blood, remove crop and feathers

burn what is not discarded

Lev. 2:1-11

Food Offering

fine flour, oil, and frankincense (no leaven, no honey)

  • raw-in a pan
  • baked-unleavened
  • fried -in griddle

bring near, SALT IT

offer handful to God-burn on altar

Levites eat it

Lev. 2:12-16



bring near, put oil & frankincense on it

burn memorial portion of grain, burn all incense

priest eats grain


give to Jehovah

don't burn

priest eats it

Lev. 3:1-17

Peace Offering

perfect male or female from herd (livestock) or flock (sheep)

bring near, lay hand on , slaughter, remove fat

sprinkle blood, burn fat, wave fat and one bread cake

priest eats it

Thanks Offering

peace offering, plus unleavened bread

Lev. 4:1-34




Sin/Guilt Offering

  • Priest
  • Person sinning in ignorance affecting whole assembly
  • Whole As'bly

perfect male bullock

bring near, lay hand on head, slaughter

sprinkle blood at veil and altar horns, remove fat, burn it

burn all but the fat in the trash pit outside camp

  • Ruler

perfect male goat

bring near, lay hand, slaughter

sprinkle blood on altar

burn fat on altar, eaten by priests in a holy place. Priests may keep and use the hide.

  • Any person sinning in ignorance

perfect female goat or lamb

Priest's Offering

flour and oil (unleavened bread)

offer to God in addition to memorial portions of lay peoples' offerings

Completely burned--not to be eaten

baked or fried cakes mixed

bring to Jehovah on day of anointing and every morning and evening.


Freewill Offering

any clean animal--not necessarily perfect







present to God

wave offering

both sacrificer and priest eat it together as a meal.


Other General Principles:

offerings were to be salted--the salt of the covenant not to be neglected

Fat or blood never to be eaten

Honey or leaven were never to be burned in a sacrifice

The breast and right thigh of all offerings as well as all the meat from guilt offerings and food offerings were to be distributed among ALL the sons of Aaron--anything else could be kept by the priest who sacrificed it.

edible sacrifices had to be eaten in two days. Anything left over had to be be burned on the third day.

~Compiled by Nate Wilson

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