Generational Vision

A Sermon on Deuteronomy by Nate Wilson

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I. Introduction

  1. Illustrations that “There is a bigger Picture”

2. Thesis: God has an interest in the children of His people, so we must protect that interest.

3. Context and text

I want to prove from Deuteronomy my thesis that God has an interest not only in you but also in your children, then I want to show from Deuteronomy how to go about protecting the interest God has in your children.

II. God states His promise to the following generations

1. in Deuteronomy

2. A thousand years later in the prophets

3. In the New Testament to an international audience.

III. How to protect God’s interest in your children

If God claims your children and grandchildren as His special interest then we must work to promote God’s interest in our children. What does Moses’ sermon teach us about how to set our children up to follow God?

1. Teach your children God’s ways – then teach them to teach their children!

2. Obey God Yourself

Hypocrites lose their children

3. Remember God – Create ways to remind yourself of Him

4. Destroy the things that will tempt your children away from God


Do you want to be a cow or a Moses? Are you a dead-end lagoon or the headwaters of a new river of God’s grace flowing into the world? Are you thinking only for yourself to meet your needs, or are you laying the groundwork for future generations to follow God? I challenge you to be people of vision who will build a legacy that will grow and multiply and fill the earth with the godly generations that God wants!


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