STRATEGY: Networking:Overview


Must provide a forum for agency-church interaction
"Leadership Network" sort of a thing
Calendar of mobilization events
Bring together existing related networks
Use database to store, catalog & disseminate wide variety ofinfo
Provide resources which could be provided to field missionaries
Nurture joint-ventures among interested partners
Provide church missions consultants in various areas
Integrate Denominational Agencies
Be cost-effective
Means of sharing resources
Promote joint coverage of geographic areas
Help to break down denominational barriers and differences
Regional dissemination of existing services (network resource people)
Regionalize mobilization meetings for training and motivation
Generic Mobilization
Just do it.
Join brigada-orgs-missionmobilizers [Yeah!]
Church and Other Organizations
Get new ideas and information
ACMC networking guide is place to begin
Central Ohio missions commission
How to share the vision with non-mobilizers?
A good old ACMC conference

Author: Jay Soper <> I'm a missionary working in Milan, Italy with the Italian DAWN project. One of our ideas is to try and get some coordination going between the various agencies sending missionaries and church planters to Italy. (Current cooperation equals approximately zero.)...if you have a better idea about how to help sending agencies work together in Italy, I'm more than open to suggestions.

ANSWER From: I suggest you contact the AD2000 & Beyond Movement at <> or call them at 719-576-2000 and look at their world-wide web site: http// A fax number I have for them is 719-576-2685. They are based in Colorado. If you can get through to Luis Bush, he could give you a lot of good advice. Some things I have seen working here in the U.S.:

*Umbrella Organizations: Sometimes this is mandatory as in the case of restricted-access countries who will only allow one organization in, so several agencies will cooperate under one banner--such as CoMission's work in Russia. This is also done voluntarily with organizations like the EFMA and IFMA, which recruit membership of as many mission organizations as possible in a purposeful attempt at networking and cooperation. EFMA has annual meetings to which the mission organizations send their delegates, and they publish a well-respected quarterly periodical to all members --articles written by members.

*Email conferences: A high-quality mission-oriented email newsletter that promotes networking by sharing ideas and resources from different organizations can be an effective tool. For brigada-orgs-missionmobilizers I'm using Mission Aviation Fellowship's Cross-Connect service for which I pay about US$50 a year in return for all the listserve conferences I want. Their email address is <>.

*Inter-agency mission conferences: ...John McVay...has done a lot to pioneer the "MissionsFest" concept in the United States. It would be good to learn from him what he's doing <HMF@XC.ORG>.

*Prayer: I've heard amazing stories of God bringing renegade mission folks together into unity through prayer. Bathe your vision in fervent individual and corporate prayer! Steve Miller of AIMS, in Wichita, Kansas has seen some amazing stuff in this area. I encourage you to talk to him. <>

*Research and consulting: I'm not as familiar with this, but it would seem to me that some headway could be made through thoroughly researching who is doing what in Italy, and then setting meetings where you introduce agencies with a similar focus to each other.

ANSWER From: Cody Watson <71153.1545@CompuServe.COM> I'd suggest contacting InterDev and Phil Butler. Developing partnerships is their focus. email: and tel: 206-775-8330 Fax: 206=775-8326


Originally from: Larry Walker <> In ACMC we use the term Cowbirding whenever we piggyback on someone else's conference (cowbirds do not build their own nest, they rather borrow someone else's). I think we should cowbird whenever we can with these rallies, rather than try to do a stand alone conference. We just launched today a San Diego project with OM for the arrival of Logos II. I am going to coordinate my Regional ACMC conference with that. It would be an ideal setting for one of our rallies or at least to some how schedule the kind of mobilization activities we are talking about. We could do the same thing with the other port visits on the west coast in '96. In other words, try to tie our activities into already established events rather than coming up with another whole event for people to go to that may con- flict or complicate the local scene. John McVay may be better off tying our rally kind of activities into his Mission Fest next year rather than trying to do another whole event.