Spanish and Latin American Mission Mobilization


Last Updated Sept., 2001


Date: 11 May 1998  (posted on brigada-orgs-missionmobilizers)


QUESTION: Handouts in Spanish?



Jon Lewis' books and the Leader's guides are all available in Spanish through:

Spanish House--1 (800) 767-7726; (305) 592-6136;  FAX = (305) 592-0087.


Also you could look up the Perspectives class coordinators in El Paso, TX. 

They have done several in Spanish.

Buena Suerte Y Dios te bendiga!--Meg Crossman


The Lewis Perspectives Manuals (Mission Mundial) are in Spanish.

I recommend you call the Hispanic Center For World Missions at the Pasadena campus =

USCWM, L.A. Div. (818) 398-2217 or 15. FAX = (818) 398-2263. E-mail =




Check with YWAM Mexico 


Jucum  Apdo. 1352

Oaxaca  68000

Oaxaca,  Mexico


AD2000 had a handbook in Spanish


Operation_World 1995_ and _You_Can_Change_the_World_--in Spanish! Call 1-800-MISSION


There is an organization called INSTE whose purpose is rapid leadership multiplication among Hispanic speaking people in 14 countries.  They have a TEE model with a missions & urban focus. They can be contacted at: or INSTE 130 N. Hill Ave Pasadena CA  91106 818-405-0669

or fax 818-405-0381.--Kevin Guttman


 Vision Evangelizadora Latino Americano

    Apartado Postal M-9293, C.P. 06000

    Mexico, D.F.


    Tel. 011(525)395-0625


“Scriptures In Use”'s Spanish division, “Campos Indigenas”, has a series called 'Perspectivas Sobre Campos Indigenas' (Perspectives on Indigenous Fields) video teaching series. This is a  good tool.  Contact:

    Scriptures In Use

    P.O. Box 2

    Bisbee, AR 85603

    Tel. (602)432-4171


Bethany Missions has an institute in Matehuala, Mexico, Instituto Betania, A.C., a mission-oriented Bible School.  Contacting someone there should yield some resources.


Also, a former director of the Instituto Betania has been doing mobilization in Mexico City. Someone at the institute should be able to give you his address & phone number.

    Instituto Betania

    Escuela Biblica Misionera

    Apdo. NO. 27

    Matehuala, S.L.P. C.P. 78700


    Tel./Fax 011(524)882-0582


The book “Unveiled at Last” by Bob Sjogren is in Spanish. Contact FRONTIERS at 1-800-462-8436, or


UNILIT, the Spanish publishing house in Miami, is deliberating about whether to publish the Spanish version of “A Mind for Missions” (Paul Borthwick, NavPress). So how's about calling/faxing with your encouragement for them to go for it! (UNILIT/Spanish House, 305/592-6136; fax 305/592-0087). “Serving As Senders” is out now in Spanish through UNILIT, and “Catch the Vision-2000”.


SPANISH MOBILIZATION RESOURCES from “Go Global” Ministries / Ministerios “Id Al Mundo” Rancagua, CHILE – Fono/FAX = 011 (56 72) 23-13-71. We have a few resources in Spanish that we have used = (Updated Sept.,2001)


“Catch The Vision-2000” – This is a 13 week course by Bill & Amy Stearns which is basically a “Readers Digest Version” of the “Perspectives” (Mision Mundial) course. We use it as an introduction to Missions and the “Perspectives” course. The book is (was?) available through Spanish House in Florida. We have the Study Guide. It should be available on 3.5 floppy disk in March, 2002. We also have @ 180 pages of extra material to augment the course.


“Make A Difference” Mobilizer’s Training Seminar – This also is by Bill & Amy Stearns. “MAD” is a fast-paced 8 hour seminar intended to Mobilize people for greater Mission Vision. It helps to “train” people in the Ministry of Mission Mobilization and addresses > * Mission vision in the church; * How to affect “Change” within a Fellowship; * The Ministry of Mission Mobilization. The English version is available thru ProclaMedia at 1-719-380-0505; FAX = 1-719-380-0936; E-mail =


Did you know that the USCWM (U.S.Center for World Mission) has an EXCELLENT video series in Spanish of the "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement" course? (PSP for short) A person can obtain the Video Series from the Latin American Div., USCWM, 1605 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA, 91104. FAX 1-818-398-2185. Fono 1-818 398-2496 or 2249 or 2215; E-mail =  You can also obtain the 3 books that go with the course called "Mision Mundial" by Jonathan Lewis - plus there are leader guides available as well.


Another thing we're using in Chile is a Video series by YWAM'er Wedge Alman called “Puente Al Mundo” (Mission Bridge in english). It has 13 dynamic teachings given at a conference in Mexico in 1993 called "Destino '93". We have used it as a "Mission Bridge" class for 15 weeks. You can E-mail or write the YWAM Base in Mexico at - Jucum, APDO 39A, Tepic, NAY. 63085, MEXICO.  FAX/Fono 52-321-47648.


Also the "Mission Bridge Manuel" has been translated into Spanish and is on computer disk. Contact YWAM, 11141 Osborne St., Lake View Terrace, CA., 91342. FAX 1-818-897-6738 or Fono 1-818-896-2755.


Also, an excellent Bible Study is the Spanish version of “Witnesses To All The World – God’s heart for the nations” by Jim & Carol Plueddemann – Fisherman Bible Study Guides. Contact SIM in Santiago, Chile at Fono/FAX = (56 2) 226-2455.


Or contact us here at “Go Global” Ministries / Ministerios “Id Al Mundo” in Chile.



USCWM - L.A. Division

1605 Elizabeth Street

Pasadena,  CA   91104

Rigoberto Diguero

Fono = 1-818-398-2215 or 17



7899 Lexington Dr #200-B

Colo Spgs, CO. 80920

P= 719-548-7469 FAX 7475

76025,2660 Compuserve



AAP en Espanol

Apdo. 1247-1000

San Jose, Costa Rica

Tels.(506)256-5597 / 8695

   ó (506)221-5522

FAX (506)233-4389



Apdo. 573 - 18080

Granada, Spain

Fono/FAX 34(9)58 135054



Casilla 711 – 3000

Santa Fe,  Argentina

Tel. (54 42) 52-76-84

FAX = (54 42) 55-21-89



P.O.Box 3200

Duluth, MN  55803


Centro de Capacitacion

Misionera Transcultural

(CCMT) Lima 933

Bo. General Paz, 5000

Córdoba, Argentina

Fono/FAX (54 51) 22-4218



Comibam Oficina Int'l

APDO Postal 27-1, CP 01907,

Guatemala, Guatemala  (CA)

Fono's= (502) 254-2949

254-2950, 289-0040, 289-0045

FAX= (502) 254-2951



2205 S. 312th St. #C-34

Federal Way, WA.  98003

H. # = 1-206-941-1705

W. # = 1-206-815-2263




Jucum  Apdo. 1352

Oaxaca  68000

Oaxaca,  Mexico

Fono\FAX = 52 951 57927


South American Mission

5217 S. Military Drive

Lake Worth, FL   33463

Phone= 1-407-965-1833

FAX  = 1-407-439-8950


Latin American Mission

P.O.Box 52-7900

Miami, FL   33152

Phone= 1-305-884-8400

FAX  = 1-305-885-8649

also –

4491 Leatherwood Ct.

Concord, CA   94521

phone= 1-510-935-1574

FAX  = 1-510-935-1737


Operación Movilización

Casilla 534-3

Psje René Carvallo 1028

(Av. Matta Altura 441)

Santiago,        CHILE

Fono= 56 2 222-5044

FAX = 56 2 635-5496


CONELA = Confraterni-

dad Evangélica Latino-


Casilla de Correo 1

CP 1636 Olivas-Bs Aires,


Fono#= 54 1 791-1065

FAX #= 54 1 791-2049


Misiones Mundiales

Federico Bertuzzi

Casilla 711

3000 Santa Fé,


Fono#= 54 42 52-76-84

FAX #= 54 42 55-21-89


Editorial Libertad\YWAM

P.O.Box 23537

Richfield,  MN    55423


Fax only=1-503-343-0568

Compuserve# 71043,11


Spanish House - Unilit

1360 NW 88th Ave

Miami,  FL        33172

Fonos= 1-800-767-7726


FAXES= 1-305-592-0087





From: Doug

Juventud Con Una Mision (YWAM), Apdo 3602, Tegucigalpa, MDC HONDURAS.

We produced several materials in Spanish for the October 1995 "Praying Through the 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window".  Although this prayer focus has passed, the materials can still be used to mobilize prayer for these 100 key cities of the 10/40 Window.


The materials we produced are:

1. Calendario de Oracion (30 dias) "Orando Por Los 100 Ciudades Claves de La Ventana 10/40"

2. Mapa para Intercesion por las 100 Ciudades

3. Mapa de La Ventana 10/40

4. 10 Motivos de Oracion por las 100 Ciudades


All four of these materials are photo-copyable and on legal-sized paper (landscape orientation). We also have done a "Pasos Hacia El Campo Misionero" which gives 9 steps towards getting to the missions field for someone who believes that God is calling them to missions (also black and white on legal sized paper).


[The book (150 pgs.) with the prayer requests for the 100 Gateway Cities "Orando por las 100 Ciudades de Acceso" is available from Unilit, 1360 NW 88th Ave., Miami, FL 33172.

The same publisher will also be publishing a Spanish version of the book on the Unreached Peoples of the 10/40 Window, which will become available in October 1996 for the "Praying Through The Window III" campaign in October 1997. Translations are expected to be made in some 15 other languages as well!-NW]



From: Lloyd
I Recommend a link to a site that gives information in Spanish on 51 unreached/underreached people groups of Mexico. As part of a doctoral seminar at Stamford University in 1997) I placed these profiles on the WWW [at]: ... The information is way out of date now, and a much better printed version of this material appeared later, Alcanzando las Etnias de Mexico. Quite some time ago I started reprogramming my original site to include all the information that appeared in that book (with the permission of the compilers), but I never got around to getting it all done. I have perhaps about 1/2 of it done, but I haven't uploaded those reprogrammed pages or updated that site in years.

I am now working as a Consultant to the International Mission Board's Middle America Region in the area of missions mobilization. We travel throughout Mexico, Central America, and Panama to help our Baptist churches and Conventions gain a world missions vision and become involved in sending missionaries. As a resource to the mobilizers I am working with in several of these countries I am developing a mobilizers web site. It is very simple and just in the beginning stages, but you might take a look at it:




Originally from: Mark

Originally dated: 12 Nov 96.

Fuentes de videos en espanol sobre misiones:


1.  Video "El Gran Desafio" ("The Great Challenge"). 

Una emocionante resena de la situacion actual de los grupos etnicos no alcanzados del mundo y el papel indispensable que Dios tiene para la iglesia latina para alcanzarlos. 

Producido por Juventud Con Una Mision.  Duracion:  11 minutos.  Costo:  US$7.00 dentro de Mexico y US$14.00 fuera de Mexico, incluyendo envio. 

Para pedirlo, mande su pago (cheque dirigido a "YWAM") y direccion a

Juventud Con Una Mision, Apdo. 1352, Oaxaca 68000, Oaxaca, MEXICO. 

(JUCUM-Oaxaca tambien tiene a la disposicion mas de 100 perfiles etnograficos

en espanol, sobre etnias no alcanzadas en Oaxaca mismo, el Norte de Africa, India,

el Medio Oriente y la CEI)


2.  Video "El Desafio de la Tarea Pendiente" ("The Challenge of the Unfinished Task").  Semejante al anterior en su contenido, mas no tiene el desafio directo a la iglesia latina.  Este video fue producido por Juventud Con Una Mision para la consulta GCOWE '95 en Corea.  Duracion:  10 minutos.  Costo:  US$14.95, mas US$3.00 de envio (descuentos por cantidades mayores).  Para pedirlo, mande su pago (cheque dirigido a "Procla Media") o datos de tarjeta de credito y direccion a Procla Media Productions, P.O. Box 26479, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 E.U.A.  Especifique que lo quiere en espanol (tambien disponible en ingles) y en formato "NTSC".


3.  Video "Ilumina La Ventana" ("Light The Window").  Una exposicion de la Ventana 10/40, con entrevistas con varios lideres misioneros conocidos.  Producido por Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc. y distribuido por la Red de Guerra Espiritual del Movimiento Alcance 2000.  Duracion:  aprox. 28 minutos.  Para mas informacion en cuanto al costo y como pedirlo, escriba a la Red de

Guerra Espiritual Latino Americana, Apdo. 100-C, GUATEMALA 374777.  Tel. 373777,

fax 370316.


4.  Video "Los Bereberes de Marruecos" ("The Berbers of Morroco"). 

Enfocado especificamente en esta etnia no alcanzada.  Producido por Juventud Con Una Mision.  Duracion:  aprox. 30 minutos.  Para mas informacion en cuanto al costo y como pedirlo, escriba a Procla Media Productions (vea no. 2 arriba).


5.  Video "A Traves de Puertas de Esplendor" ("Through Gates of Splendor"). 

La impactante historia de cinco misioneros jovenes que dieron todo para llevar el evangelio a los Auca de Ecuador, y el resultado de su gran entrega.  Duracion: 36 minutos.  Costo:  US$19.95, mas envio.  Pidalo de Video-Com Resources, 2304 Oakmont Dr., Bedford, TX  76022  E.U.A.  Tel/fax (817) 354-5420; (800) 583-5420.

(Otros titulos relacionados a las misiones que son disponibles por Video-Com Resources:  "Los Primeros Frutos" ("First Fruits") (US$19.95); "El Nino de Paz" ("Peace Child") (US$24.95);  

"La Espera del Mundo" ("The Wait of the World") (US$29.95))


Nota:  De las fuentes que hemos encontrado, Video-Com Resources tiene los mejores precios para videos y peliculas en espanol.


6.  Pelicula "Mirad Cuanto Amor" ("No Greater Love"). 

La historia veridica de Ricardo Garcia, quien fue alcoholico y asesino y abusaba a su esposa.... pero por medio de la gracia de Dios se convertio en uno de los grandes lideres cristianos de Mexico, un misionero que fue martirizado por su fe. 

Duracion:  65 minutos.  Costo:  US$19.95, mas envio.  Pidalo de Video Outreach, 14536 Roscoe Blvd., Panorama City, CA 91402  E.U.A.  Tel (818) 891-5893.


For other videos contact YWAM Procla-Media at :

YWAM \ Proclamedia \

World Christian News

P.O.Box 26479

Colo Spgs,CO 80936-6479

Phone#= 1-719-380-0505

FAX  #= 1-719-380-0936


Greetings from Youth With A Mission in Oaxaca, México!  We are pleased to announce the availability of the prayer guide, "30 Days of Prayer for the Muslims", for Ramadan of 1998 (Jan. 1-30), IN SPANISH!! 


This guide is designed for intercession for the Muslim world during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.  Ramadan is a time during which over one billion Muslims around the world join together in fasting and reflection.  During this same month (January 1-30, 1998), the Body of Christ, His Church, will join together to intercede for the salvation of these Muslims.


Send your order now to our postal address (please, no e-mail orders!).  Don't forget to include how many guides you would like, your name, and the address to which to send the guides.


        Center for World Missions

        Juventud Con Una Misión

        Apdo. 1352

        Oaxaca 68000




Fax number:  91 (951) 5-79-27.


Originally from: Linda

Originally dated: 13 Nov 1996.

Videos en espanol del "Global Countdown 2000," los cuales se pueden conseguir in el USCWM en Pasadena, llamando por telefono en (818)708-0819.  O pueden obtener informacion en espanol por medio de e-mail mandando un mensaje a Rigoberto Diquiero a la direccion:


Tienen en esta serie videos de Mexico, la India, Cambodia, y uno de la parte central de Asia.  Son bastante buenos, y animan mucho para sequir fieles en la oracion y evanzelismo hasta que todo el mundo tenga el evangelio. 


12/28 - From: Moises


Apdo 6-55

Toluca 50091, MEXICO

Fono= 52 72 16-20-11


Brigada Latin America - <>


I am actually working in promoting Adopt-A-People in Mexico and LAM through COMIMEX --Cooperacion Misionera de Mexico. We have a book in Spanish entitled "Alcancemos las Etnias de Mexico" with much of the findings of the research we did on unreached people groups in Mexico.


We translated and printed the USCWM pamphlet "The Amazing Countdown" --"La Sorprendente Cuenta Regresiva". We also have re-done their Adopt-A-People set of transparencies. Ours is full color. They have a lot more to offer you. Contact Rigoberto Diguero, Latin American Division.

There are some videos like “Peace Child” and others that have been translated into Spanish available from almost any Christian bookstore. You can also contact Global Mapping Intl. (GMI) and ask about their sets of maps in Spanish.


COMIBAM printed a set of cards to pray for the unreached.


From: Neal Pirolo <>

In addition to Spanish House, there is the Christian Literature Crusade press in Colombia,

They carry a good number of titles:

Editorial Buena Semilla, Carrera 31 #64A-34,

Santafe de Bogota, D.C., Colombia

Tel: 571 630 0100   Fax: 571 225 5227


From: Denny

Contact the Navigators for excellent discipleship materials





The NW regional Director of COMHINA (Cooperacion Misionera de Hispanos de Norteamerica), has asked me if I could get him a list of all the Hispanic Missionaries ministering on the foreign fields right now. He would like to know who they are, and any pertinent information about them or their ministry that could be used in his COHMINA presentations and missions prayer meetings...


ANSWER From: Bruce

Alfalit is active throughout Central & South America plus the one Spanish-speaking country in Africa. Their US address is: Alfalit International, 3026 NW 79 Ave., Miami, FL 33122 305-597-9077


ANSWER From: Jason

There are probably 2000 Brazilians ministering cross-culturally outside of Brazil, and at least 500 more ministering cross-culturally within Brazil. And that's not to mention the rest of Latin America! Your best bet is probably SEPAL in Brazil. He can tell you which Brazilian organizations are sending missionaries, and to where. You can then follow up and get specific names if you wish. By the end of this year he'll probably be able to give similar info for most or all of Latin America. He's at:


SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology)  is a non-profit, interdenominational, ecumenical, Christian based organization.  Founded 17 years ago, SIFAT provides holistic Christian community development training.  In recent years, SIFAT has helped to establish appropriate technology and Christian community development training centers in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador.  SIFAT organizes medical and construction work teams to complement the existing community development projects in these countries and to share in a cross-cultural experience.  In addition, SIFAT responds to requests by individuals and organizations from all over the world for information on specific appropriate technologies of interest.... SIFAT's central goal is to follow the example of Jesus, demonstrating the love of God in practical ways by meeting physical, social, and spiritual needs of the people. This is primarily accomplished by working through indigenous Christian organizations in developing countries to better equip them to address the needs in their own communities.... SIFAT has a number of courses this year, including one on Aquaculture, that would be good for you to check out. Although they have their training centers in Latin America, the information you pick up from these courses could be used, with adaptation, in any World A situation.