..Do you know of a curriculum that would be culturally suitable for India and could be covered in about 9 1-hour sessions?


ANSWER From: <> Scott White
Sounds like USCWM's Vision for the Nations interactive video series is perfect. Fits into the time perameters, leaders manual, handouts, group give and take, the whole enchalada or should I say Tandoori Nan


ANSWER From: Anonymous []
The USCWM has created...a South Asian version of the Perspectives being tested and reviewed by Indian leaders... The course is 20 lessons, approximately following the Perspectives outline (Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic view of missions)... The 176 page workbook contains readings and questions and takes about 20 hours to complete. For advanced students, an additional 350 page reader will be printed so that the advanced course will end up taking about 130 hours of study.

We have...includ[ed] 20 articles by Indians, and we tried not to including articles that are too American. The cover and illustrations are done by an Indian and we tried to use Indian (British) English.

The provisional version of the course is available free only to those in South Asia who are willing to use it and give feedback. Instructions are in the book. Up to 15 copies will be shipped free anywhere in India. Contact New Life Computers at PO Box 8415 Banagalore, INDIA and tell them where to ship them.

We are excited about the potential of this course for mobilizing some of the 20 to 30 million Christians in South India to reach the unreached people groups in the 10/40 window. For example we hope this course can be used by Bible colleges. The students that become pastors will be inspired and become mission minded pastors inspiring vision to the people in their churches.


I asked TEAM's area director for India and he responded: I think the book What in the World is God doing by Gordon C. Olsen is probably the best text. It is set out so that one could use it as a curriculum choosing the parts he want to teach. It would be a matter of adding some explanation and some supplementary materials from other sources.

He might also check with the International Missionary Training Fellowship, co-ordinated by Dr. Raymond Windsor 707A New North Road, Auckland 1003, New Zealand. This is a WEF related group which I think has ties to the Missions Commission. WEF is certainly another source. Mike Pocock might be another source for advice on this.