Books, Videos, and Websites about the Persecuted Church


BOOK: By Their Blood 2d ed
Christian Martyrs of the Twentieth Century American Christians need By Their Blood to learn about sacrifice and spiritual warfare, according to Dick Hillis, founder of Overseas Crusades. Ages twelve through adult will be inspired by stories of heroic faith in the face of persecution. Accounts that have surfaced from once-closed Communist countries are part of this greatly expanded edition. From: Baker Book House 1-800-877-2665 <>

BOOK: In the Lion's Den
A new book by Nina Shea of the human rights group Freedom House, uses eyewitness accounts to expose the systematic persecution of Christians around the world. Broadman & Holman of Nashville, Tennessee (USA), published the book.

VIDEO: China: More Persecution...More Growing
Representatives of the Voice of the Martyrs visited Pastor Samuel Lamb...pastor of a large and famous house church in Guangzhou. He speaks on this video, challenging and encouraging his brothers and sisters in the West. Pastor Lamb's message comes from twenty years in prison... $15 from VOM, 1-800-747-0085

VIDEO: Faith Under Fire
Brings to life interviews with Christians who face persecution head-on. You will meet Zahis, once a persecutor of Christians until God gave him a "road to Damascus" experience and allowed his faith to grow under persecution in his Muslim homeland. You will visit China and learn of the events leading up to the "strike-hard" policy that Christians now face. And you will gain insight from the plight of Linh Dao, a Vietnamese teenager dealing with the arrest and imprisonment of her father for his work in the underground church... 30 minutes, $15, call 1-800-747-0085

VIDEO: Pakistan: More than Conquerors
Narrated by members of the persecuted church, walk the streets of Pakistan, where men and women have been stabbed, beaten, and publicly scorned for their testimony of Jesus Christ. 30 Minutes, $15--free of charge for group presentations. Call 1-800-747-0085 for details.

VIDEO: Stephen's Test of Faith
Twelve-year-old Stephen is mocked and ridiculed for his faith. He shares this humiliation with his parents at home. That night Stephen takes a faith-building journey during a dream. He travels through history meeting Jesus, Stephen the martyr, families about to enter the Roman coliseum, Willima Tyndale, Christian children in today's Middle east, and others who dare to share their faith... This walk with faithful heroes encourages us with their historical call to continue following Jesus Christ when we are put to "the test." 22 minutes. US$15 + $3 S&H from Voice of the Martyrs, P.O.Box 443, Bartlesville, OK 74005 For credit card orders, call 800-747-0085.