Information and resources having to do with advocacy for an Unreached People Group. See also UPG:Adopt

I just read the second edition of Caleb Project's new Advonet newsletter this week (produced by John Hanna, another subscriber to this conference!). If you or anyone you know is in any way involved in adopting an unreached people or "advocating" for a certain people group, be sure to contact john to get on his mailing list! <jhanna@cproject.com> The 6 pages of this Winter '96 Advonet newsletter cover security issues in dealing with contacts in "closed" countries, how to maintain your passion for your adopted people group, and some resources and testimonies for "advocates."


I'd like to respond to Densmoor's testimony in which he said, "I believe that this is a particularly important time to mobilize...new evangelists and church planters. New workers will need training and experience before they will be effective. We need to saturate Christians with information concerning unreached people groups...an Adopt A People group program for mission mobilizers. I am currently developing a presentation in Indonesian focusing on Indonesia's largest unreached people groups."

I wholeheartedly agree! In fact, we have an entire department here at Caleb Project devoted to this very issue. Our People Specific Advocates are devoted to discovering, training and serving people who are mobilizing for specific unreached people groups.

Are there others out there with this kind of focus? Can we work together to raise up and equip an army of unreached people group advocates?--Gregory Fritz <GFritz@CProject.com>

[Editor's note: Caleb Project has just published a brochure on this--10 West Dry Creek Cir., Litleton, CO 80120


This May (7-9) is the ideal time for you to meet together with other advocates to learn about people-specific advocacy. Learn how to form partnership coalitions, how to help churches adopt a people group, how to understand the complexities missionaries face in the 10/40 window. You will hear testimonies of advocates present, as well as others by video. Come away from this time with practical and specific plans! Training will be held in the comfortable rooms of the Littleton MissionPlex, just 15 minutes from downtown Denver and 50 minutes from Colorado Springs... Invited Speakers: Shane Bennett Greg Fritz, Steve Moore and John Hanna <JHanna@cproject.com>.


May 12-16, 1997. Come be equipped to mobilize, coordinate, facilitate and advocate the advancement of God's Kingdom among [an unreached people. Learn how to be] a link from the field to the resources of the Christian world_ Eric Watt is a strategy coordinator for a Gateway people in Central Asia and has trained strategy coordinators from various cultures who now serve across the 10/40 Window. He is the Vice President for CBN International_ Contact Kristen Mustoe at krismus@regent.edu for details. Source: GPC Consultation handout.


Interdev / Strategic Evangelism Partnerships. Interdev is an international agency which specializes in partnership, particularly among unreached people groups. The organization trains facilitators, tracks and encourages the progress of people-specific and regional conferences. These regional conferences are particularly helpful for those wishing to begin working in a specific area. Attending one should take priority over prayer journeys and other short-term trips; at a gathering like the Central Asia Consultation you can meet everyone you'd want to see on your field visit, in a safe and convenient environment. However, these gatherings are by invitation only. Interdev, PO Box 3883, Seattle WA 98103, USA, (206) 775-8330, fax (206) 775-8326 interdev-us@xc.org, or PO Box 47, Ashford, Middlesex TW15 2LX England, 784-420378, fax 784-420378


Issachar A training organization now focused on mobilizing lay professionals and business people to be involved in frontier missions and unreached people adoptions. New "Church Development Cycle" seminar to begin in fall of 1998. Andrew Low, Issachar, PO Box 99647, Seattle WA 98199, 206-285-4366 or 253-318-8777, low@halcyon.com