QUESTION From: Jon, from an Unreached village`

I attended an 'Adopt a People Conference' in 1993 as a UPG representative. At that point the unreached people group we work with had been adopted by two churches, on the basis of 'home-side' information but with minimal interaction with the 'field-side'. I remember feeling a bit like a 'shot-gun' bride at a forced marriage. I know that one adopts the people group, not the workers but we are part of the 'Kingdom package' in that we all serve the same Lord of Harvest.

Four years of hard work and intense communication with one of those churches has resulted in an exciting and healthy partnership. The missions committee has visited and monthly prayer meetings (praying for people by name now) are going on. Finances are being sent on the basis of real need. Good stuff... but it took work. We have made similar efforts with the other church with less success.

Money is a big issue. At one point we had to tell a church to stop sending money as the workers weren't ready to use it wisely and the temptation was growing for us to use it unwisely... so that it would keep coming.

So, praise the Lord for fantastic mobilizing conferences, but does anyone out there have a 'read' on how we are doing at ground level in UPG villages where the gospel must be lived out over time with blood, sweat and tears (Christ's first and then ours)?