Unreached People Group Adoption Information and Resources.

I'd like to respond to Densmoor's testimony in which he said, "I believe that this is a particularly important time to mobilize...new evangelists and church planters. New workers will need training and experience before they will be effective. We need to saturate Christians with information concerning unreached people groups...an Adopt A People group program for mission mobilizers. I am currently developing a presentation in Indonesian focusing on Indonesia's largest unreached people groups." We are just getting started with a conference to discuss the adopt a people movement from the standpoint of mobilizing churches and mission agencies to link together to reach unreached people. To join our discussion, send a message to xc.org and in the body of the message say: subscribe brigada-peoples That will get you into the conference. David Dougherty, OMF International <71220.2600@Compuserve.com>

I need ideas for a kick-off ceremony, raising and keeping congregational interest, and possibly fund raising (and anything else you've tried that worked). ANSWER From: Ian Benson <ian@benson.omico.om.org> The Missionary Training Service has produced a booklet on these issues called Unreached Peoples of the World. It gives practical ideas for most of the things you mention. Price including packing and postage to the USA: One booklet-$5, Five booklets-$18, Ten booklets $30 ANSWER From: NateWilson@XC.org If you haven't done so already, be sure to get the recently published book, "ADOPTION: a Practical Guide to Successfully Adopting an Unreached People Group" US$9.75 including shipping in the U.S. from William Carey Library, 1605 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104. The Adopt-A-People Campaign there has several other resources; their email address is <aap.campaign@wciu.edu>

A sharp-looking color brochure is now available cooperatively from AD2000 and Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse. It lays out in one page an overview of what might be involved in adopting an unreached people. Contact <AAPC@XC.ORG>.

A supporter of mine called a couple of weeks ago saying he wanted his church to adopt a people group. When I started mentioning various resources and organizations he could connect with, he became a bit overwhelmed. Is there a single source that we can all trust to give a comprehensive introduction to people group adoption?

Perhaps the following website can help. Tom Wood of the AD2000 International Office, inspired by the PACE program designed by Doug Lucas and Eric Watt, drawing upon many key resources, such as Bruce Camp, Stan Yoder, US Center for World Mission, and Adopt a People Clearinghouse, has created an Adoption Guidance Program to aid churches and individuals wishing to learn more about people group adoption. It may be found on the World Wide WEB at http://www.ad2000.org/adoption/index.htm Beginning with an initial section of foundations such as "Terms and Concepts" and "Biblical Basis for Adoption," the program presents five aspects of adoption, with resources for each one 1. Selecting a People Group 2. Organizing Prayer 3.Conduction Research (at home and on site) 4. Networking 5. Church Planting. The final sections cover "Keeping the Adoption Alive" and "Individual Involvement" (becoming an advocate for a people.) Forwarded from Greg Fritz GFritz@CProject.com. Originally, I think, from AD2000.

For those of you mobilizing Christian & Missionary Alliance churches, the October 15, 1997 Alliance Life Magazine has a couple of good articles introducing the adoption of unreached peoples. P.O. Box 35000, Colorado Springs, CO 80935-3500

If you want to see a church become a reality among an unreached people group, the AAPC has tools to help you. _Seven Steps To A Successful Adoption_ is available for $5.25 plus $2 shipping. Adopt-a-People Clearinghse, POB 17490, Co Spgs, CO 80935 <AAPC@XC.ORG>



Barb Bills, AD2000 and Beyond Movement. Tracks which unreached people groups on the Joshua Project 2000 list have been adopted or targeted by churches and mission agencies. Ask for Barb Bills, who can help you find others with an interest in your group. 2860 S Circle Dr Suite 2112, Colorado Springs CO 80906, 719-576-2000, info@ad2000.org, <www.ad2000.org>

Dave Nesmith, Dave has made it his ministry to gather and disseminate information about who is working where. EMAIL <DN@XC.org>

Interdev / Strategic Evangelism Partnerships. Interdev is an international agency which specializes in partnership, particularly among unreached people groups. The organization trains facilitators, tracks and encourages the progress of people-specific and regional conferences. These regional conferences are particularly helpful for those wishing to begin working in a specific area. Attending one should take priority over prayer journeys and other short-term trips; at a gathering like the Central Asia Consultation you can meet everyone you'd want to see on your field visit, in a safe and convenient environment. However, these gatherings are by invitation only. Interdev, PO Box 3883, Seattle WA 98103, USA, (206) 775-8330, fax (206) 775-8326 interdev-us@xc.org, or PO Box 47, Ashford, Middlesex TW15 2LX England, 784-420378, fax 784-420378

Windows International Network.WIN organizes prayer journeys and facilitates prayer movements for the 10/40 Window. Now distributing the "Bethany Profiles" linked to the Joshua Project List of unreached peoples. P.O. Box 7287, Colorado Springs, CO 80933 Phone:719-522-1040 FAX:277-7148  Email: 74322.3471@Compuserve.com

Manna Church. This church in Fayetteville NC is running an AD2000 Prayer Network Center, is registering the churches to pray for the peoples of the Joshua Project List. Contact them about yours. Dick Gaffney, from the office there, writes "If you'd like to report an adoption in your church or group, include a mailing address so we can mail an info packet explaining the project." Mannachurch@compuserve.com


List compiled by Marti Smith, Caleb Project, Feb.2000
How Can My Church Learn About "Adopting" a People Group?

1. Your Denomination
If you belong to a denomination, check first to see if they have an "adoption" program. If they do, start there. This will save you some trouble for the leaders and members of church to accept adoption as a worthwhile pursuit!

2. AD2000 and Beyond Movement
Among many other ministries, tracks which unreached people groups on the Joshua Project 2000 list have been adopted or targeted by churches and mission agencies. AD2000's Adoption Guidance Program & Mission Resource Kit are on the web and the Light the Window CD-ROM. Highly recommended! Hurry, they are closing their doors at the end of 2000 as promised. 2860 S Circle Dr Suite 2112, Colorado Springs CO 80906, 719-576-2000, barb@ad2000.org, <www.ad2000.org>.

3. Adopt-A-People Campaign
Has a helpful packet of information on adopting an unreached people group. Part of the US Center for World Mission, which is also home to dozens of mission organizations (including the William Carey Library). US Center for World Mission, 1605 Elizabeth St, Pasadena CA 91104, 626-398-2200, aap.campaign@uscwm.org, www.uscwm.org.

The following resources are available from the William Carey Library (1-800-MISSION): Adoption: A Practical Guide to Successfully Adopting an Unreached People Group, Bruce Camp, editor, USCWM Mobilization Division, 1993, manual, 52 pp. This manual gives practical steps for incorporating your adopted people group into the life of your church and contains the nuts and bolts information your church will need to help reach your adopted people. Doing Your Bit. Adopt-A-People introductory video, 1991, 9 minutes. This video is not only great for showing what Adopt-A-People is and how it works, but also explains why people groups, rather than countries, are our church planting target.

4. Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse
A clearinghouse for unreached people group adoption information. Can helpful information and ideas on adoption. People group profiles for sale. PO Box 28000, Chicago, IL 60628, 708-367-8513, aapc@xc.org, www.adoptapeople.org. The "Campaign" and the "Clearinghouse" offer joint training for agency UPG adoption coordinators.

5. Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment
(formerly, "Association of Church Mission Committees") ACMC is a network of missions-active churches through which your church can get specific, practical assistance tailored to your church's global outreach needs. ACMC will help you mobilize your congregation, build vision, and help you become strategically involved in world evangelization.. Conferences, vision seminars, regional staff all very helpful. Also publish and distribute a wide variety of resources. PO Box ACMC Wheaton IL 60189, 800-798-ACMC.

6. The Antioch Network
A fellowship of local churches which share ideas and strategies for initiating church-planting movements among unreached people groups. Annual Gatherings (August/September) are an excellent place for churches to learn and network with others interested in the same part of the world. 5060 N 19th Ave #312, Phoenix AZ 85015, 602-242-4414, antiochnetwork@xc.org, <www.antiochnetwork.org>.

7. Accelerating International Mission Strategies
AIMS is a ministry that encourages, trains, mobilizes, networks and facilitates the world-wide community of churches, agencies, other organizations and individuals for strategic global evangelization. AIMS currently has 10 alliances, seven of them focused on the 10/40 Window. AIMS offers seminars that focus on training to become more missions minded and a new seminar whose focus is on prayer and how to better pray for the unreached peoples of the world. PO Box 64534, Virginia Beach VA 23467, (757) 226-5850, aims@aims-usa.org, <www.aims.org>.

8. Caleb Project
Caleb Project staff are knowledgeable and well-connected in the larger missions community and serve the Church in taking her part in the Great Commission. Ministries include speaking and teaching, publishing book and videos, research and advocacy for specific peoples. Contact information below. Caleb Project has a 30-minute video on adopting unreached people groups, called Ordinary People / Extraordinary Love: Building the Kingdom of God Through Adopting Unreached Peoples. Co-produced with the AD2000 & Beyond Movement, this video profiles churches which have adopted unreached peoples and how God has used them. CP also offers Keys to the Nations: Articles to Inform, Guide, and Equip Advocates for the Unreached (1998), a 250+ page notebook with more than 100 articles covering a broad range of issues related to understanding unreached peoples, establishing effective partnerships, facilitating people-group adoptions, maintaining security, and fundraising.

9. Interdev / Strategic Evangelism Partnerships
Don't make plans without linking to existing field workers and partnerships! To learn if there is a strategic evangelism partnership for your people group or their region contact Interdev, PO Box 3883, Seattle WA 98103, (425) 775-8330, fax (425) 775-8326 interdev-us@xc.org, or PO Box 210, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 8NN, United Kingdom. Tel +44 1895 438321 or fax: +44 1895 438323, interdev-uk@xc.org.

10. Team Expansion
This mission-sending agency is also committed to mobilizing churches, through a helpful seminar called "Pit Stop" for adoptive churches in the "PACE" program. Seminar tapes, online versions are also available. 3700 Hopewell Rd, Louisville KY 40299, 502-297-0006, DL@xc.org, <www.brigada.org/pace>.