Training courses offered to equip mission mobilizers, Prayer warriors, and Unreached People Advocates

TRAINING: Advocate/Key Contact (Watt) 1997
May 12-16, 1997. Come be equipped to mobilize, coordinate, facilitate and advocate the advancement of God's Kingdom among [an unreached people. Learn how to be] a link from the field to the resources of the Christian world_ Eric Watt is a strategy coordinator for a Gateway people in Central Asia and has trained strategy coordinators from various cultures who now serve across the 10/40 Window. He is the Vice President for CBN International_ Contact Kristen Mustoe at for details. Source: GPC Consultation handout.

TRAINING: Resource Advocate Training Seminar
This May (7-9) is the ideal time for you to meet together with other advocates to learn about people-specific advocacy. Learn how to form partnership coalitions, how to help churches adopt a people group, how to understand the complexities missionaries face in the 10/40 window. You will hear testimonies of advocates present, as well as others by video. Come away from this time with practical and specific plans! Training will be held in the comfortable rooms of the Littleton MissionPlex, just 15 minutes from downtown Denver and 50 minutes from Colorado Springs... Invited Speakers: Shane Bennett Greg Fritz, Steve Moore and John Hanna <>.


Training: PRAYER: EHC courses
Available through Every Home for Christ, P.O. Box 35930, Colorado Springs, CO 80935 <>

* Harvest Warrior Mentoring Series: Be personally mentored in prayer. Learn how God wants to help you tap your full potential in Jesus through the principles he has taught Dick Eastman in prayer--especially as it relates to gathering in His harvest. Inspirational lessons on audiocassette come with a tape outline. $10/month

* The School of Victorious Warfare: This 12-lesson workbook will equip you with the insights you need to pray with understanding and victory over nations beyond the present reach of the Gospel. ($5)

* Change the World School of Prayer: You can learn to pray more effectively through this life-changing course. Includes tapes, resource manual, and workbook Audio Edition $35, Video edition $129, Group Edition (includes videos, overhead transparencies, coordinator's guide, and 50 workbooks) $199

* The Journey of Power: Based on the Book _No Easy Road_, this 13-lesson course provides the encouragement and inspiration to pursue a path of power and excellence in prayer. Includes instructor's notes, audio cassettes, overhead transparencies. ($60)

* The Practical Prayer Life: Available in adult and youth editions, this 13-lesson course brings a step-by step plan to develop the dynamic of daily devotions. Based on the book _The Hour that Changes the World_, this course includes an instructor's manual, 6 audiocassettes, and overhead transparencies. ($80)


TCMC (Training Church Missions Champions)

Phase I Includes:
MOBILIZATION 101-This three-hour workshop introduces basic concepts relating to missions mobilization for those who are just getting started in mobilization. It is scheduled for the first evening of Phase I.

GAP WORKSHOP-This day and a half workshop will train leaders to use Bruce Camp's Global Access Planner to analyze a congregation's missions involvement and develop goals for the missions program. Participants will observe a live GAP session with a missions committee. It is scheduled for the first full day and a half of Phase I.

FACILITATION SKILLS-This four hour intensive workshop develops the skills of helping others to learn, plan, choose and grow. It is scheduled for the second half of the second day of Phase I and is normally taught by Steve Hoke.

SEVEN DYNAMICS-This six hour workshop Seven Dynamics For Advancing Churches Through Mission is an adaptation of Larry Walker's seminar for mobilizers, with an emphasis on changing paradigms of mission mobilization for a post modern world featuring the Joel Barker video series Discovering the Future. Scheduled for the last day of Phase I...

This four day session emphasizes the application of mission mobilization principles and learning to use a five step process in consulting with local churches... Mob 301 workshop helps church missions champions put missions ministry in the perspective of the church's overall purpose, vision and strategy. Participants in the two-day Consulting Impact seminar will learn to use a five-step process in consulting with local churches and other clients (negotiating expectations, collecting data, analyzing and diagnosing, making recommendations, and implementing decisions).

COSTS: Phase I - $200, Phase II - $200 Includes tuition and materials. (Meals and lodging extra.)

Write Larry for more information and a registration form. From: Larry Walker <102003.317@CompuServe.COM>


TRAINING: YWAM School of Frontier Media
YWAM's School of Frontier Media, a three-month program that offers hands-on training in the use of audio and visual communication for frontier missions, will start Jan. 11 in Perth, West Australia. For information, contact or write P.O. Box 8501, Perth Business Centre, Perth, Western Australia 6849. From: September 1997 <> Networking Section