Continuing Academic Education for Missionaries



ANSWER from Chris
I can suggest the Asian Theological Seminary in Manila, Philippines. Unfortunately I don't have the address. I'm also aware of seminaries in South Africa, Kenya, India, that would teach in English. MARC produces a directory of seminaries and professors that might list seminaries in foreign countries.

ANSWER From Nate Wilson <>
I just visited Sangre De Cristo Seminary (at the feet of the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range in SW Colorado) and was impressed with it. (The name notwithstanding, it is actually a Protestant seminary in the Reformed tradition.) I mention this because it only costs $35/credit hour--an unusually low cost option for the U.S., and they even offer full tuition scholarships to most of their students in full-time ministry. Their distinctive educational focus is on learning Greek and Hebrew and preaching from the Bible. However, it wouldn't give the cross-cultural feel.

ANSWER Originally from: Rob Bialostocki, POB 31 060, Ilam, Christchurch, NZ, Published in the December 1995 World Christian Report, "Studying in an Asian context" [5 Reasons Why and 3 addresses]

ANSWER From: Wesley Paddock <> One of the finest Christian training schools in the world is found in Nairobi, Kenya. In fact there are several excellent schools in Nairobi. Contact Daystar University College, Box 44400, Nairobi, Kenya, for more information.

ANSWER From: Harvest International Theological Seminary in Jakarta, Indonesia, is run by Indonesian Harvest Outreach/Full Gospel Churches of Indonesia. Has full approval from the Association of Theological Schools. Contact

Singapore has many fine institutions: Theological Centre of Asia in Singapore is also approved by ATS in its Bachelor of Divinity and currently meets provisional approval in its M.Div. and Ph.D. programs. Contact its mission professor, Dr. Ed Pousson at

There is also an ACTS in Seoul which teaches in "Englishee," and another approved seminary in Manila--Asian Theological Seminary--though I'm not sure if it is ATS approved, Fuller School of World Mission will transfer credits from there. Someone at the SWM may be able to help: Of course if you want to be historical, there's always Serampore College.

COLUMBIA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY in South Carolina is offering one to three-week courses this Summer on Theology of Missions, Folk Religions, Folk Islam, Intro to Islam, Church Planting, Contemporary Theological Issues in Missions, Sin Guilt and Shame, Progress of Redemption, and Russian Language. For more details, write or call: 7435 Monticello Rd., P.O. Box 3122, Columbia, SC 29230-3122 or 800-777-2227

ANSWER From: mark fields <>
In regards to a seminary in Mexico or Latin America. I was just in Baja California and asked about options and was told there were none at a graduate level...perhaps on the mainland of mexico. I am told there is an excellent seminary in Costa Rica and will try and get an address. There is a solid seminary in Caracas, Venezuela associated with Samuel Olsen. They have been in discussion with Fuller Seminary about ways of working together. I will be in Caracas next week and will pick up some information if you are interested. Hope this helps a bit.

ANSWER From: (Gene Brooks)
Contact Dr. Pablo Deiros, professor of mission history at Fuller Theological Seminary's School of World Mission (800) 235-2222. He should have answers for you.

ANSWER From: Jason Butler <>
You might look into the following (From a September Brigada Today): The Iberoamerican Institute, located in Santiago, Chile, begins its third year of operation in March 1997, and is seeking motivated and qualified students for the nine-month term. The institute is designed to allow the student to test his or her desire to be a cross-cultural minister, without sensing failure if the answer is "no." _Applications and further information are available by contacting Dr. James Green, Director, Iberoamerican Institute e-mail:



ANSWER From (Scott White)
You might want to contact the US Ctr for World Mission in Pasadena, Ca. They have just launched within the year a BA accredited through a number of colleges covering Chr essentials with a world focus. Contact is Dr. Ben Sells, phone 818-398-2184, FAX 818-398-2185

ANSWER From: (Krum, Drew)
>From the Bible Study FAQ - Dec95 (for the newsgroup soc. religion.christian), the following item appears. Hope this helps!!! The following schools have correspondence courses at various levels of difficulty: Emmaus Correspondence School - offers over 75 popular level courses. Regional offices in 105 countries with courses translated into 110 languages. The address of the head office is: "Emmaus Correspondence Ministries", 2570 Asbury Road, Dubuque, IA, USA, 52001-3099

ANSWER From: (Beth Snodderly) What about the World Christian Foundations Curriculum from USCWM available for Masters credit from Pacific Christian College School of Graduate Studies. 2500 E. Nutwood Ave., Fullerton, CA 92631.

ANSWER From: Dr Paul Ferris <>
Master's level distance education courses are offered by Prairie Graduate School, Calgary, Alberta, 1-800-785-4226, Internet address


Hope International University
HIU (formerly Pacific Christian College), in cooperation with the Institute of International Studies, now offers a Master of Arts in Ministry degree with a concentration in Intercultural Studies in a distance learning format. For more information, contact Steve Burris, School of Graduate Studies, Hope International University, 2500 Nutwood Ave., Fullerton, CA 92831 <> For the B.A. version, contact Tim Tomlinson, Northwestern College, 3003 Snelling Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55113-1598


Regent University
Regent University's Center for Leadership Studies is pleased with response from a feasibility study regarding a possible new major in Intercultural Leadership to be available via the internet. This training is for current missionaries/tentmakers. Students will take 15 hours of leadership classes, plus 15 hours of Intercultural Leadership electives (which are essentially missions classes) and a 3-hour culminating project. Advantages: it is a fully accredited 32 semester hour degree, but the degree and transcript will have no overt Christian/Missions terms, and it is done on the internet within a 12-month period. Conditional to board approval, Regent will begin this program in May. To register suggestions and comments, please respond to <>. Please include something about your background and the nature of your interest in graduate studies.


QUESTION From: Scott Wood <>
Does anyone know of a Missions Training by Correspondence Course? ...A 65 year old lady wrote from the U.K. and has done about 10 short term outreaches, and wants to do this kind of a course.

ANSWER From: Bruce Sidebotham <73362.1503@CompuServe.COM> I believe Columbia International University has some good extension courses on missions related subjects like Cultural Anthropology, The Biblical Theology of Missions, Cross-Cultural Communication, Language Acquisition, etc.

ANSWER From: (Art McCleary) Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is offered by correspondence. Whatever else she does she should take this course. Beyond that there is the World Christian Foundations course, which is a masters level assisted correspondence program. It requires lining up a mentor to assist the student. Both are offered by the US Center for World Mission, 1605 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104 USA [Also, check out ]