Cross-Cultural Church Planting Training Programs and Resources




..A practical activity-based manual. This Guide covers all aspects of missionary training, leading trainers, pastors and candidates step by step through the process of effective preparation for service.

Many people are asking how local churches can participate effectively in missionary training. Although several programmes exist for short- term training, the Missionary Training Guide gives a solid approach effective training of long-term missionaries toUPG's. The Guide is a practical curriculum full of useful information and suggestions. Topics included are:

Ralph D. Winter says, "I am delighted to become aware of the very significant thrust of the new Missionary Training Service, and its program. Here is a set of materials designed specifically for missionary training. Many people study in schools that are not primarily designed for this purpose and do not get as concentrated and as strategic an exposure as is offered in this program".

The Guide has 64 pages. Cost: stlg3.00 for the United Kingdom (including postage and packing) US$7 for other countries (including airmail postage worldwide) Please send cheques to the Missionary Training Service, 18 Aston Way, Oswestry, Shropshire SY11 2XY, U.K. Orig posted on: brigada-projects-training@XC.ORG 5/14/96 Originally From: (Ian Benson)


ACTS 29 Training Course
EMMAUS ROAD'S ACTS 29 Training Course is a ten-week prefield training filled with the practical transitional "stuff" from theory to practice in how to live & minister in a second culture. The next one is scheduled to begin January 14, 1998 in Tijuana, Mexico. To receive a Syllabus that "tells all" including dates of future Courses, request it by e-mail to <>. Be sure to give us your mailing address. Also learn more about it at our WebSite: <>.


TRAINING: India Mission Assoc.
IMA and Al Bashir have sponsored a meeting in Delhi, for Missionary Training Schools and Mission Leaders, from 13-14 November to train missionaries for reaching the Ishmaelites. From: India Missions Association <> INDIA MAIL October 27, 1997.


TRAINING: Partnership Training/ Interdev
Partnership Training
Intensive 8-day leadership development course specifically designed to prepare men and women for servant leadership of Strategic Evangelism partnerships for Unreached People Groups or other population segments such as cities. The Schedule for the next 12 months is: May 13-21--London, England; June 18-25--Missourie, India; Sept 19-26--Pochefstroom, S. Africa; Nov 4-12--Jordan; Nov 28-Dec 2--Budapest Hungary; Jan 1998 Singapore. For more information, contact John Rogers <>

-Regional Partnership Consultations are currently held for mission agencies and churches working in 5 regions of the world, while 5 more regions are in the development stage. For information about dates, locations, and attendance arrangements, contact Mats Tunehag <>

-Three-day Partnership Facilitator meetings are held in several locations annually for fellowship and encouragement among like-minded individuals, allowing them to share insights learned from field experience, and to get valuable in-service training on partnership- related issues. For information about the dates/locations of these special meetings, contact Ernie Addicott <>

-A 30-page "primer" for those considering a role as partnership facilitator or for those in ministry leadership has been published by AD2000 and Interdev entitled "Partnership--Accelerating Evangelism in the 90's." Contact <> to order a copy. Source: Handout at the Apr'97 Gateway People Cluster Consultation, Pasadena, CA


TRAINING: YWAM Foundations in Community Development School
YWAM Strategic Frontiers - FCD will be mobilising, equipping and releasing both individuals and teams with a heart for the least evangelised poor and needy.

TOPICS include: - Biblical community development principles - Church planting among unreached people groups - Strategic intercession & warefare for least evangelised - Biblical Christian worldview for the 10/40 Window - Environmental stewardship & resource development - Water & sanitation, agriculture & health care - Creative access through Business enterprises - Building and maintaining frontline teams - Thinking and planning strategically

DATES: April 7, 1998 - July 3, 1998
OUTREACH / INTERNSHIP: Gateway People Groups of 10/40 Window.
COST: US$ 2,495 (cost includes housing, board & tuition)
CONTACT: The Registrar, YWAM Strategic Frontiers, PO Box 25490, Colorado Springs, CO 80936, USA. Phone: (719) 527-9594 or 1-800-FORYWAM (USA only) Fax: (719) 527-2680 E-mail: Web:


A TENTMAKER STUDY GUIDE Here's an excellent resource to recommend to anyone going overseas as a tentmaker: You can get it through William Carey Publishers (1-800-MISSION) for only $10!--Submitted by DH


QUESTION From: Teri Crowell <> I'm with ISI and we're putting together a strategy to train Christian International Students in the cell church model before returning home. Can you give me insights on who/where are the best resources?

ANSWER From: "JohnJoy" <> Touch Ministries of Houston, Texas is the best resource ministry I know of for cells. You might also get in touch with Larry Stocksdale's Bethany House of Prayer church in Baton Rouge, LA. On the web? Try ! If anyone is near Columbus, Ohio and I believe ISI is, you may want to talk to Jay Firebaugh, cell pastor of East Side Grace Brethren church. Any questions, contact me! I have been a cell leader under Jay for over a year.

ANSWER From: Paul Cull <> I would strongly recommend Ted Stump's High Impact Ministries resources. You can contact Ted on Internet or thru 1-800-72-YOUTH in the US_We're trying to put together youth cell groups with adolescents in Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Please let me know what other resources you come up with.

ANSWER From: (Christopher T. Vannoy) A good starting point I hear is Ralph Neighbours book "Where do we go from here?" Though it is more critical of the current mega church establishment and somewhat exhorting in nature. Also, for House church models, there is a tremendous group in Rhode Island that continues to reproduce and train others through it. Dick Scoggins has been key.

ANSWER From: Robert Schroeder <100714.1660@CompuServe. > May suggest that you get in contact with Touch ministries from Ralph Neighbors. Their home page is Email address is <> Snail Mail: TOUCH Outreach Ministries. Inc., PO Box 19888, Houston TX 77224 Tel: 713-497-7901 Fax:713-497-0904 They have many materials developed for the Cell church and also have contacts and experience around the world.

ANSWER From: (Gene Brooks) The Church Multiplication Guide by George Patterson and Richard Scoggins is in easy-to-read English and is availiable from William Carey Library Publishers, 1705 N. Sierra Bonita Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104; (818) 797-0819; 800-MISSION