From: George Beals <> As the Missions Pastor for a local church we have helped to direct many people onto the mission field. From my observation it seems that missions boards don't do (and possible can't do) a lot to fully prepare people for service on the field. There seems to be a gap between Bible College or Seminary training and doing the work of the ministry on the field. The only other option to fill the gap would then be the local church. Our church is exploring a program to list out books, tapes, class to take (Perspectives), being involved in evangelism and cross- cultural ministries and other things we cannot think of yet. I know there must be other churches out there who are doing this type of program.. Any help?

ANSWER From: Amy E. Barstad <> I'm thankful for your desire to mobilize and train laborers for the harvest fields. You have noted a real weakness in the body of Christ today. I'm on staff with Caleb Project. We are dedicated to help mobilize the church, to discover and fulfill their role in completing world evangelization. Here are some resources, brochures and ideas.

Of course there are many theories on how to envision and mobilize a church for the nations. I believe education, prayer and exposure are all important to see individual and corporate paradigm shifts for people to be filled with God's compassion for the nations. Some think the church only lacks education, others feel people simply lack exposure so they focus on short term trips, while still others are convinced the problem is prayerlessness.

I believe firmly in all three elements. I have seen short term trips fail miserably because when circumstances are hard overseas and there is no Biblical grounding or understanding, the divine "call" is quickly forgotten and perseverance is lost. I have also seen through the Perspectives course that education is not enough to propel people to follow a life long commitment to make a difference among the unreached. Prayer is key to receiving God's compassionate heart for the nations, but when you combine this with exposure in a prayer journey, the outcome is powerful.

Hopefully the following materials will help you in these three areas:


A. Curriculums for Home Groups/ Sunday Schools/ Bible Studies`

a. Start I & II (see brochure) - 9 studies, 2 messages by Bob Sjogren (video or tape) & a book The Great Omission, covering the Biblical basis of missions and how God wants to involve every believer.`

b. Destination 2000 for adults and children (see brochure)`

c. Catch the Vision 2000 , by Bill & Amy Stearns (719) 635-4567 - a book study of missions`

d. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement - Caleb Project or USCWM


A. October 1995 prayer "The Gateway Cities" `

a. Brochure`

b. Prayer book - $6 from Caleb Project (20+ $5 each)`

c. Video - $7 (book and video together $10)

B. Prayer Journey`

a. Brochure "Praying Through the Window II"`

b. Prayer Journey Manual - How to lead a Prayer Journey ($5 Caleb Project)`

C. Operation World, by Patrick Johnstone ($8 Caleb Project)


A. Research Expeditions`

a. Book Exploring the Land - ($25 Caleb Project)`

b. Caleb Project Research Expedition`

B. Short Term Mission Handbook - thorough guide of trips available ($10 Caleb Project)`

C. Ministry to Internationals`

a. ISI (International Students Inc. (719) 576-2700`

b. "Local Church Based Ethnic Ministry Manual" - Interserve (909) 945-1424`

4. Other Resources`

A. Caleb Project Media Resources - (contact:Gwen Hanna:`

B. Avenues for Involvement in Mission - Nate Wilson, Caleb Project

ANSWER From: Ian Benson <>
The Missionary Training Service has developed a training program in which a local church can give practical experience to a missionary candidates, especially in the area of beginning house churches and training their leaders - in methods applicable to the unreached world.

ANSWER From: Alexander Mares-Manton <>
I have been really impressed with the missions training program that our missions pastor has put together. It sounds very similar to what you have in mind. It has been in the works for about 2-3 years now and is about to undergo its first major revamping over the next few months. I'm am currently working through it and my wife and I will be sent out from this church quite soon. I can't tell you how important going through the training program has been for us. They really have thought of (almost) everything and have done a great job. For more information, contact Tom Adelsman at Overlake Christian Church at 206-827-0303. Please tell him that Alex Mares-Manton passed you his name. He is a great guy and would be glad to help.

ANSWER From: <>
I'd reccomend you contact Phil Elkins of Mission Training and Resource Center in Altadena ,Ca. He along with a distinguished staff head up an LA based internship and prep program for cross cultural workers. It operates in and around Church on Brady, one of the most dynamic multicultural churches in America, and puts the trainee in an urban enviroment. The program seems quite comphrensive in scope and a good tool for a church not looking to reinvent the wheel or in an area where resources are limited. You can contact them at 818-797-7903 or e mail: philelkins@

ANSWER From: Nate Wilson <>
In addition to the above resources, I'd recommend talking to Wade Harlan, who is coordinating a church-based missionary cultivation program for Church On Brady in L.A. His email address is <> and his phone # is 818-398-2371 (He's pretty busy, so expect some delay in his answers). Jim Camomile, mission pastor of Bible Church of Riverside, CA is also managing a good church-based missionary development program--contact him at <> or call 909-782-0200.

ANSWER From: (Meg Crossman)
When Walt Edman was Missions Pastor of Scottsdale Bible Church, in Ariz he developed a very extensive 3-yr program for candidates. Among its features: Every potential candidate was mentored throughout by a returned missionary from the church; each candidate had to demon- strate their ability to disciple another person using only the Bible; each one had to do several months of supervised internship in an inner city ministry (which, by the way, was run by another church in our city). They were also assigned books to read, etc. Walt is now working with Pioneers in Indonesia. You could contact his successor, Gil Crowell, at Scottsdale Bible Church (602) 948-7810 or get Walt's email address in Indonesia and be in touch with him. If I remember correctly, Walt got this idea from the program that is still running at EV Free Fullerton.

Harry Larson, Missions Pastor at Emmanual Faith Community Church in Escondido, CA (619) 745-2541 has also developed an extensive training program. In both these programs, PERSPECTIVES classes are a lynch pin for their training.

ANSWER From: David L Mays <>
The 1995 ACMC Networking Guide lists 53 churches who are actively involved in training their own missionaries. The Networking Guide is available to all ACMC Members. Contact ACMC at <76331.2051@Compuserve .com> or at ACMC, Box ACMC, Wheaton, IL 60189, 708-260-1660

ANSWER From (John Hanna)
Trinity Church (Lincoln Murdoch) ...I have their missions training materials & policy stuff... It's a nifty book and work-book combination. Top Quality stuff...a lot of churches are trying to reinvent the wheel... Pastor Lincoln Murdoch; Trinity Church ; (Interdenominational); 15555 W Dodge Rd; Omaha, NE 68154-2099; 402-330-5724; 402-330-2084 (fax); <>

ANSWER From: BillTaylor@XC.Org (Bill Taylor) Since 1988 WEF Missions Commission (a global network of national and international missions leaders) has dedicated much of its time and resources to missionary training issues, with world-wide application. Here are some of them:

*[the above items are available through] WEF Missions Commission, 4807 Palisade Drive, Austin, Texas 78731. Postage and handling: none for PROFILE, $3.50 for the first book and .50 for each additional one. Get all 5 publications for $50.00, incl. postage costs. Make Checks to World Evangelical Fellowship on US $ checks.

ANSWER FROM Ian Benson <>
The Missionary Training Service has developed a set of training materials to help a church prepare missionary church planters. The Missionary Training Service, 18 Aston Way, Oswestry, Shropshire SY11 2XY, United Kingdom Tel./Fax. National: 01691 653619 International: +44 1691 65361