Photographs, Clip Art, and other mission-oriented graphics sources


Corel Stock Photography
If you're looking for photographs of the people group you are focused on, check out Corel's Professional Photo CD-ROMS! I found a whole CD-ROM on my people-group! It cost me about US$50, though. You can see samples of the photos at Or email <> for a list of titles.


The Following People Groups are available at this time: Acehnese, Sundanese, Madurese, Komering, Sasak, Minangkabau, Balinese, Malay, Lampungese, Palembang, Coastal Malay, Banjarese, S.E. Asian Chinese, Manchu, Zhuang, Hui, Uighur, Khazak, Kirgiz, Kashmiri, Urdu, Decanni, Telegu, Hindus, Bhora, Lambadi, Tibetan, Nepalese, Thai, Korean, and Japanese. Each image costs only US$10 (postage and handling inclusive) Please mail your name, address, phone number, email address and picture format (slide or digital image on disk in IBM or MAC format) along with your cheque or money order to: Create International, P.O. Box 6075, East Perth, WA. 6892 Australia.


Jack Arney (Lori Rogers) asked on 27 Sep 1966, "Where can I find the best source of missions/prayer clipart?"

ANSWER From: "Dave Nesmith" <>
For free religious clipart, try the links available at:
Free Christian Software Directory
...Low cost commercial CD's
email: 800-338-3229 (USA only)

We've run this around the misionmobilizers conference and the Brigada Today conference last year and came up with next to nothing. Kingdom Graphics has some clipart, but I didn't find much of it to be very useful to me, since little of it was missions-focused or modern-looking. What I found useful was a couple of globe graphics and a few collages of people-drawings. I think it's somewhere around $10. Call 215-657-5888. Caleb Project's website also has some clipart, but again, not very impressive. In addition, I think most graphics programs that contain clipart will have maps, globe graphics, and graphics of different ethnic people.--Nate Wilson <>

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I know that the SBC Foreign Mission Board has clip art sheets available --some of which are not denominationally specific. Besides individual agencies, The Church Art Works provides commercial clip art for the church -- some of which would be missions related. I know that they can provide clip art in books or on diskette, though I don't have an address handy right now. --John Lochridge <>

There is a great clipart site at <> There is a section of Christian clipart, though I don't know that there is anything specifically oriented towards missions.--Larry Wilson - <>

You might try the following address. I have found some real decent clipart, and there are several pages to link to after..... --David - <>

I (Dave Nesmith) have an ad for Kingdom Graphics from EMQ. The ad specifically mentions "Mission Clip-Art." They may have expanded their inventory since Nate's experience...or...maybe not. Give them a look. Kingdom Graphics Phone: 215-657-5888 2713 Mount Vernon Avenue Fax: 215-657-4847 Willow Grove, PA 19090 CompuServe: 103210.2503

Going off a lead in the recent Brigada Today from Doug Lucas, I found the following additional clip art sites on the web: 903KB of Angels, bibles, blessings, christmas, churches, crosses, jesus, maps, mary, prayer, symbols, tombs, backgrounds... Highland Graphics: Jesus, People, OT Images, NT Images, Family, Church Newsletter, Icons, Jewish Images, Mormon Images, Christmas, Calendars, Wedding, Fancy Letters, Flowers, Borders, Timo's Christian Clipart: Angels, Bibles, Christmas, Church, Crosses, Jesus, Prayer, etc. Fred Krystal Kovach Christian Clipart: Angels, Bible, Church, Holiday, Jesus, Missions (Harvest, People in Circle, man reaping), Nature, People, etc. Christian Webmaster: Christmas, Jesus, Crosses, Angels, Icons, Jars, Backgrounds, etc. The Clip Art Connection