Dramatic Arts for Mission Mobilization



  1. Caleb Project Dramatic Presentations--15 easy skits, almost no props/staging required, average time 5 minutes, using 2 to 5 people. Includes written scripts and instructional video. Oriented towards frontier missions. Titles include: World View Demonstration, Prayer: satan's undoing, Distractions, Mime: Name Above All Names, Feasability Statistics, Missionary Rap, Priorities, Scenario of the Unreached, 80% Mutual Intelligibility, Psalm 23, It's A Wonderful Life, What Am I, and Choral Reading: God's heart for all nations. $29 (incl. U.S. postage) 10 W. Dry Creek Circle, Littleton, CO 80120 Fax orders: 303-730-4177 Email orders: <> HTTP://
  2. Who Will Fill Our shoes?--13 Skits about missions. US$5 (plus postage), contact ACMC at 135 East St. Charles Rd., Suite E, Carol Stream, IL 60188 Fax: 708-260-0285 Email: <>
  3. From: KidsCan@XC.Org (Jan Bell) Check out "Who Will Fill Our Shoes" by Glen Post, New Hope Publishers. Available from Kids Can Make a Difference (, ACMC, etc. 13 dramatic sketches, few props needed. Some titles include: One Man's Trash, Jesus Saw a Person, Missions Is, I'll Go, Missions: How Exciting, My Tomorrow. These are excellent for youth and adults to perform for the whole church.

  4. Mission Melodrama--a 30-minute fun drama by Tom Farault involving 12 people from your fellowship. Tom can train your actors with a 1-hr. rehearsal (probably easiest for him if this is done in the Los Angeles area--unless you want to fly him out to your fellowship). Contact him at 1605 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104
  5. From: ChrisBushnell@XC.Org A great resource for mission skits - dramas, mimes & puppet skits is the Teen World Outreach Drama Manual. My manual doesn't have an address but according to our copy of Mission Handbook their address is: 7245 College St. Lima, NY 14485 (716) 582-2790
  6. Three Missionary Profiles by David Prata. This play was originally performed as a single play in three acts. It profiles highlights of the lives of Lottie Moon, C. T. Studd and the Hudson Taylors. It is just as easily broken into its' component parts and performed as three separate one act plays. These portrayals show these stalwart missionaries as real people, with all their warts and frailties. It is hoped that real people, on seeing these performances will realize that you need not be a saint to go into missions work. This play may be performed, without charge, by any church or religious group, provided no more than 5% of its' original content is changed. Copyright 1996 David Prata e-mail to To get a free copy by email, send a message to <> with the following line in the message: "GET Brigada missionplays"


A new theatrical production has begun it's 20-city tour of the United States to tell in a fresh way the inspiring story of Jim Elliott, Nate Saint, Pete Fleming, Roger Youderian, Ed McCully. It features a remarkable girl named Dayuma and her story of how God reached a stone-age tribe with the Gospel. Wycliffe Bible Translators, in cooperation with International Festival of the Arts and Impact Productionstook DAYUMA on a seven-month 20-city tour across the country from September 1996 to March 1997. contact Impact Productions at 1-800-422-7863--Reprinted from Wycliffe's June 1996 IN OTHER WORDS magazine <>


The Mission Frontiers Magazine for March-April 1997 covers several Dramatic resources for Mobilization, including:


Source: Unknown. Forwarded through (, and

Culture & color are God's gifts, No longer causing hate or rifts. One in body, one in spirit, We live united in God's name, Together Christ our Lord proclaim, Alleluia!

Responsive Prayer for Three Readers:

Reader 1: Lord, it's all changing. It's happening so fast. It's different, so different.

Reader 2: I know you said, "Go to all nations," but this is different. Lord, you didn't say you were going to send all the nations to us. It was easy to send in my mission dollars so missionaries could go over there, but, Lord, these people are coming over here, into our towns. They are taking over our schools. They are taking over our grocery stores. They are taking over our neighborhoods, and now, Lord, they want to come into our church.

Reader 3: They're different. I can't tell you how diffferent! They look different. They talk differently. They dress differently.

Or is it I who am different?

Reader 1: Lord, help me to take off my selfish, rose-colored glasses. Help me to see other people through the open tomb. Whether they are black or yellow, brown or white, Remind me again they're all the same in your sight.

Reader2: Open my eyes to see your cross and then hear your words again, "My son, I forgive you for your selfishness, for your prejudice, for your lack of concern, for your human weakness. I love you and will always love you as much as I love all those people who are moving into your neighborhood."

Reader 3: As my heart is filled with your love and forgiveness, Lord, let me see people with the eyes of my heart. Let me see people as you see them. Touch my eyes with a "second touch," that I may see people more clearly, that I may see people the way you see them.

Reader 1: Now it makes sense, People say the world is shrinking. "All nations" has suddenly become my doorstep, my neighborhood, my church.

Reader 2: If the schools can open their doors to accept them, if the grocery stores can open their doors to accept them, if our neighborhood is opening its doors to accept them, then I think we better open the doors of your church to accept them.

All Readers: We know that's the way you want it. Help us to want it that way, too.

Rev K. W. Behnken Pacific Southwest District, LC-MS Reprinted by permission