It's the new catchphrase that's become a $30 million product in bracelets, bible covers, and t-shirts (AP News, 3 Jun 98). WWJD sales are now 1.1 percent of the $3 billion a year industry of selling stuff with Christian themes (AP News, 3 Jun 98). WWJD is on billboards, and now there's study books about it!

So what would Jesus do? It's a great question. It challenges our thoughts, our behavior and our allegiences in everyday living. But does it reach deep into the core of our worldview? Does it dare dig into the way we spend our money? Does it challenge our stewardship? What would Jesus do with the $3 billion the North American church spends on "witness wear" alone? (I'm not going to bring up comparison statistics on what Christians spend on pet food, lawn fertilizer, chewing gum, coffee versus their mission and local church giving)

There are still at least 1,739 people groups in the world who don't yet have a chance to ask "hey, nice bracelet. What does WWJD mean?" These people groups don't yet get to ask about Jesus, because there aren't enough people who are actually living among them, loving them face to face, offering them a message of hope for everlasting life and forgiveness of sin.

95% of people who have become consistent, long-term followers of Jesus have done so because they were influenced by a long-term relationship with someone who follows Jesus (Statistic from a mission training seminar). I've heard, but can't validate, statistics from research following up Billy Graham crusades, out of the decisions for Christ made at the crusades, only 5-10% last for the long term (2 or more years), and those that do last, are because people got involved in a local church fellowship and received follow-up teaching and training.

So What would Jesus Do?

After you spend the $1.50 on the nylon bracelet, would you consider giving a matching gift to the local church's mission budget, and to a mission agency that focuses on unreached peoples, and to a ministry that provides support services for frontier mission? (we're up to $7.50 total)

What Would Jesus Do?

$30,000,000 from $1.50 bracelets, means that 20 million people paid $1.50, or perhaps a smaller number bought more. What if those 20 million people gave $7.50 for What Jesus Did? (WJD). He died so the nations of the earth could be redeemed. He died and now lives so that the nations of the earth can even ask WWJD?

What would Jesus Do with $150,000,000 (20 million multiplied by $7.50)? - He'll bless your socks off, and - He might send out for 5 years 1500 missionaries who are ready but can't go for lack of finances (that assumes $100,000 for 5 years to support a missionary family). - Or He might publish scriptures that are translated, but aren't distributed because there's not enough money to publish. - Or He might help emerging indigenous churches to get training, or He might help fund evangelism/outreach efforts by local churches within their villages, towns, cities, counties, and whole countries. Jesus died so that all might have life.

What would you do, knowing what Jesus did?