By: Pete Holzmann <>

I've recently had some significant mobilization success by taking a different tack. This has worked great with children, teens, and adults. Y'know where the Bible talks about how we must spread the Gospel to every people before Christ will return? Well, keep the meaning, but turn the sequence on its head a bit. I've been calling it THE SCUM OF THE EARTH And here's an outline of how the presentation goes. I can do it in a minute or less if necessary, one on one or with a large group. [NOTE: I tend to use the word "cultures" rather than "peoples" because most folks understand it more quickly.]

==>>At this point, I almost always get the same question. "Wait a minute. You mean to tell me there are whole cultures that we're ignoring? What about all the missionaries out there???" (What an opening!)

"Yup, these cultures really exist with tens of thousands, even millions of people in them. And few or no missionaries or organizations are involved in any of them!" "That's TERRIBLE!!!!" and suddenly I've got 300 teens, or 300 adults, ready to pray, give, learn, etc. It's been very encouraging!