One of the interactive demonstrations that Caleb Project uses in a mission mobilization presentation is called "Scenario of the Unreached." In this demonstration, a few volunteers are picked from the audience to represent individuals from an unreached people group. This helps an audience to understand the concept of an unreached people group and to think of them as real people. Each volunteer is given a sign that states "their" name, religion, and country of origin, and they are also given an item of clothing or something that symbolizes "their" people group. The demonstration leader introduces the person to the audience and fill the audience in on some of the details of the life of someone living in that people group. For instance one volunteer will be given a turban and a sign stating that his name is Ahmed, and that he is a Muslim from Saudi Arabia. The demonstration leader would briefly capsulize Ahmed's work in the oil business, his family, and his religious practices as a nominal Muslim.

Wade Harlan has put an interesting twist on the "Scenario of the Unreached." He contacted a local university asking for a breakdown by country of it's international students. The University was glad to oblige, and Wade was impressed that quite a few of the students came from countries with unreached people groups! So he redesigned the demonstration to fit the profile of several of the students from that university. The audience assumes that each person profiled is from a foreign country and would need a professional missionary to reach them as they hear of these strange religions and lifestyles. Then at the end of the demonstration, Wade says, "By the way, all of these people live right here in town! They are students at the University..." Contact Wade Harlan in Pasadena, CA for more information <>