By Rick Reid <rick_reid@MENTORG.COM> In an off-hand conversation with a co-worker, I learned that he and his girlfriend collect Star Trek action figures.

He actually puts time, energy and money into gathering small little plastic bodies of Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Mr.Sulu and others. As he told me about this we laughed together acknowledging the fact that as kids, we were clueless about what their future value would be twenty years later.

Such is the collectors mentality, spurred on by the general rule that as something becomes more rare the price goes up, the hunt becomes harder and the competition fiercer. It is a game for fun and profit and those in it take it seriously.

To find these collectables, my co-worker relies on a continual source of tips provided by family, friends and others. When these friends spot a rare figurine or hear about an up and coming limited edition of something, they contact him. He then makes a concerted effort to buy the item, bring it home and pack it away in the closet. As he told me, "It's cheap fun!"

Our Lord is also a collector. As is his enemy. They both are in the game to collect the souls of men. But unlike the cheap fun of locking away the crew of the Starship Enterprise, there are still a significant number of people who are unreached with the gospel. People like the Garhwali's of India or the Quashqai of Iran. For them to face another twenty years of darkness ceases to be a collectors game. It's a matter of life or death.

Fortunately, Jesus too has family, friends and others who are providing a constant source of tips. People like you and me. When we pray for these specific peoples, we are like the collectors friend spying an object of value, often staving off the bidding of the competitor and ultimately resting in the knowledge that soon Christ will come and snap them up -- no matter what the price.