Sources for mission sermons and Visual Aids for use with mission presentations.



GMI Transparencies
The following color overhead transparency sets are available through Global Mapping International, 7899 Lexington Dr., Suite 200-A, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, <> If they don't have what you're looking for, they could custom-make a map set for you, or you can make your own strategic maps using their Global Ministry Mapping System CD! The following list comes from a GMI brochure:


QUESTION From: Rick <> Does anyone know of any MS PowerPoint (presentation) files which have been created to present basic Mission themes? Or are there people who will produce them if provided with a script?

ANSWER From: Denis Shuker <> & Beram <> Rick if you don't have it you need to get it .... the Cd Rom disc by 'Ad2000 and beyond movement' called "Adoption Guidance Program"? There are some excellent Power Point presentations on this. Plus heaps of other good material and its a really low price.


ADVANCE: Front Lines
[Mark Kelly writes a brief essay each month as part of his ADVANCE newsletter to teach people about the biblical basis for mission and related mission topics. They are a good introductory-level tool.~NW]
A catalog of "Front lines" essays is available by sending the following message to HUB@XC.ORG:
get Advance-newsletter Essay_catalog1


QUESTION From: Rick Byham <> Would anyone on the list know of a source for outlines or complete sermons for mission mobilizing messages?

ANSWER From: Neal Pirolo <> Over a period of time, it was my privilege to write an essay every six weeks. I called them CRITICAL ISSUES IN CROSS-CULTURAL MINISTRY. The first Series, MOBILIZING THE CHURCH, has fifteen Issues. Series III, SERVING AS SENDERS, from which came our book by that title, are several other good titles for mobilizing the Church. My "favorite" being, PROFILE OF A SENDING CHURCH. This is a run-through of Acts 11-15, giving 20 characteristics of a sending church, using the Antioch church as a model. These can be ordered through our website: <>. Or give me a mailing address for a catalog. ACMC is [also] in the business of mobilizing churches. I'm sure you could get a wealth of sermon material from them, as well.

ANSWER From: I have a set of printed transcriptions of a series of 10 mission sermons delivered by the late Dr. John Young to students at Covenant Seminary in the early 1960's. I'd be glad to lend them to you. Also, you could look through the anthologies of Urbana conference messages published by InterVarsity Press. Another source would be the book, _Finishing the Task_ edited by John Kyle and published by Regal Books, which has transcriptions of messages delivered at the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Student Foreign Mission Fellowship in 1986. Then of course, there's the Perspectives Reader published by William Carey Library (1-800-MISSION) as well as the book, _Unveiled at Last_, by Bob Sjogren which is also available through the William Carey Library (not published by them). You could lift sermons right off the pages of all of these books.