Ministry Opportunities and ideas which a mobilizer could use to involve a group of people in a mission project.

Generally does not include short-term mission projects or long-term vocational positions through mission agencies.

For ideas on fundraisers, see MissionaryCare:Financial and SHORTTERM:Fundrasiers


Contact Reformation Christian Ministries for information on facilitating Bible correspondance courses out of your own home for growing Christians in other countries---1113 So. Cypress Rd., Suite 100, Pompano Bch, FL 33060-8855 Fax: 954-942-8881


MVN is a unique ministry focused on helping to bridge the world-sized gap in Christian radion programming in the USA. One particular focus is its production of the Global Prayer Digest radio spots, heard each day on over 500 outlets nationwide. The target objective of this program is to make listeners aware of the final frontiers of world mission and to encourage them to pray for specific unreached people groups. MVN also produces other radio mobilization spots and features, including the popular "Christmas Panorama" series.

How you can get involved: 1. Encourage your local Christian radio station. If they already carry the MVN spots, let them know you appreciate them. If they do not, tell them you'd like to hear the spots and have them contact MVN for details on this free service.

2. Join the Tape of the Month Fellowship. By investing a minimum of $10 per month to help keep the MVN ministry mobilizing prayer and action for unreached peoples via radio, you automatically receive a monthly audio casette aimed at encouraging you to stay involved in God's global cause. Speakers include well-known mission activists like: John Piper, Greg Livingstone, and George Verwer.

For more information write: MVN, PO Box 1631, Monrovia, CA 91017, Phone: (800) 268-0461, e-mail: [], .
Source: The Mission America Mission Mobilizer's Handbook [].


CARE of IMA began functioning from January 1997, to provide financial subsidy to member missionaries. As on date, CARE provides salary subsidy to 337 Indian missionaries belonging to 37 missions, Church Construction subsidy to 49 churches belonging to 28 missions and death relief to the dependents of the 4 deceased missionaries belonging to 4 missions. It costs only Rs.1000 (US $ 30) per month to subsidise a missionary's monthly support, Rs.18,000 (US $ 500) to subsidise a village church construction, Rs.10,000 (US $ 300) to subsidise a Death Relief or Medical Relief for a missionary. Send your contribution by cheque or DD on "INDIA MISSIONS ASSOCIATION". From: India Missions Association < >


QUESTION From: Linda Pietrzak <> ...We have a strong number of people from India, Pakistan, Japan, Poland, Russia and Mexico in our area---and then of course all kinds of ethnic outreach potential in the city proper. Are there books or ministries out there that help a church develop such ministries from "ground zero?" Any counsel from those that have seen God take a church from apathy and ignorance to effective evangelism and discipleship of ethnic neighbors?

QUESTION From: David Carpenter <> I am looking for a mission trip in the USA, but to a pocket of unreached peoples. This is for a youth trip, so it must be appropriate for teenagers. Do you know of any USA trips that could be possibilities? Thanks for any help.

ANSWER From: Neal Pirolo <> Emmaus Road, International is an educational resource for cross-cultural ministry. A series of essays called, INTERNATIONALS WHO LIVE AMONG US, would provide some insights to the diverse opportunity, some suggestions of approach, and reference to organizations which could help you in reaching out to the various groups. The cost of the set of 12 essays is $6.00 + $1.50 P&H. You can order by e-mail. An invoice would be included with the order. Or, you may order off our website: <> Let's be in touch! For His glory!

ANSWER From: Jim <> Linda, contact Dr. Robert Douglas at the Chicago Center for Urban Mission, Tel. 773-728-8661 or email Tell him Jim sent you. He is near you and this is the purpose of the center.

ANSWER From: Cecily Paterson <> I'm not sure about the US, but in Australia there are some new resources which have come out of my dad's ministry with the evangelical Anglican church in Wollongong. A bible study resource which helps Christians look around them and 'welcome the outsiders' is excellent. He has also developed a thing called 'Easy English Services', which feeds out of ESL classes. Basic outlines, how-to's and raison d'etres can be obtained from him. His name is John Thew: contact at <>.

ANSWER From <> You could also try talking to Rev. Steve Schlissel <> about the ministry of Urban Nations, which is reaching out to Internationals in the city of New York through English classes. Another friend and good contact would be Tim Brown, who runs AmeriTribes Mission among American Indians in Arizona. He'd probably be pretty interdenominational in flavor. You can reach him at: <> In addition, Mission Frontiers magazine highlighted this home-front strategy for missions in it's Jan.-Feb. 1996 issue "The USCWM, Charting a New Course?" To get an electronic version of the lead article, send a message addressed to <HUB@XC.ORG> with the following text: get brigada-pubs-missionfrontiers MF96.01-02.17-New-Course?


SCRIPTURE GIFT MISSION has stock of Scripture portions for free distribution in the following languages which are lying unused: Bhatra, Bhojpuri, Biete, Chin Tiddim, Daphla, Dogri Kangra, Gangte, Hmar, Hrangkhol, Jou, Kachari, Dimasa, Karbi (Mikir), Khasi, Kom, Koch Rabha, Konkani, Kannada, Konkani Roman, Kului, Kuki, Kumaoni, Kunrukh, Ladakhi, Mara Lakher, Mizo Lushai, Mundari, Neihsial, Newari, Nicobari, Paite, Rabha, Santali Oriya, Simte, Sindhi, Sora, Vaiphei, Zou and Zomi. Contact <>


We urgently need Christian volunteers who will send ten Gospel Letters per month to Muslim families in Turkey. We have more than three million current addresses and are praying for Gospel Letter Volunteers to help us reach each one. We provide Turkish letters, a translation, addresses, and instructions. Volunteers are asked to provide the postage and envelopes to send their ten letters monthly. Postage is 60 cents per letter (from the US). The letters are in Turkish and offer a free Turkish New Testament and "Jesus Film" video. An effective follow-up program is underway in Turkey, and Christian workers will reach out to those who show a serious interest in the Gospel. Each respondant will also receive the offer of a free Bible correspondence course. This program is evangelical and non-sectarian, and we work in cooperation with Campus Crusade for Christ and Operation Mobilization, as well as other ministries in Turkey. For further information, contact: Turkish World Outreach Box 3098 Grand Junction, CO 81502 Email: Tel. (970) 434-1942 Fax (970) 434-1461


"to bring life to silent tape recorders and thus present the Gospel message to people who have players but no batteries," continued Mill. "On a visit to Korea in 1995, I was able to stir up interest in this need and unknown to me, one Korean has picked up the design and has had plastic molds made and it is about to go into production." For more information, write to: Stuart Mill, Box 707, Epping, 2121, Australia, or fax 02 9869 0566.


Looking for specific actions you can take to help persecuted believers around the world? Contact International Christian Concern at or write 2020 Pennsylvania Ave. NW #941, Washington, DC 20006 USA. From: November 1997 (


QUESTION From: "Stan Lewis" <> ...What material, on her level, can we get into Min XU's hands that would help her to come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of her life?

ANSWER From: Pam Rogers <> ...ideas for you to reach out to your son's Chinese students. Try the Audio Scriptures web page <>. They have a two-tape album that has Chinese on one and contemporary English on the other, called "A Portrait of Jesus." I have ordered one for my Korean friend. It is designed to give a clear portrait of Jesus from the gospels. I have also used American Bible Society materials. They have an English/Chinese New Testament that is helpful when you are trying to share, because then you can both read it. Here is the web page for the International Bible Society <http://>. They have additional material. If you could find a source for the Jesus film in Chinese, that would also be a wonderful way to share.


"The World at Your Door" focuses on sharing the gospel with the 600,000 international students enrolled in US universities that represent the next generation of world leaders -- the vast majority of whom will never be welcomed into a Christian home or church. For ordering information, write the William Carey Library, P.O. Box 40129, Pasadena, CA 91114 USA or call 818-798-0819 (USA). From: February 1998 NETWORKING


The first trial players have been produced and are about ready for field testing -- to meet the needs for peoples and places where there are no batteries." The Gospel message has now been taped in almost 5,000 languages by Global Recordings Network and can be played with these new "Joytalk" cassette players. For more information, write to: Stuart Mill, Box 707, Epping, 2121, Australia, or fax 02 9869 0566.


Dr. Paul White's stories on filmstrip have been recorded in 800 languages, but demand has fallen as there are few film strip projectors available. Videos have killed off the filmstrips. The tribal people in remote areas who have no electricity have been left uncared for. Mill says, "We already have the equipment in Thailand to produce film strip strips." An inveterate designer, he is now working on a "two-hand" cranked generator for use with film strip projectors in the remote areas of the world. For more information, write to: Stuart Mill, Box 707, Epping, 2121, Australia, or fax 02 9869 0566.


The Mainland Chinese Literature Dept. of Ambassadors for Christ has a large selection and supply of Bibles and other materials (Bibles, books, booklets, tracts, and audio and video cassettes) for Mainland Chinese. The literature is primarily in simplified script (used in Mainland China), but also includes some well-chosen traditional script materials. Also, the AFC Bookstore, which is distinct from the MC Lit. Dept., carries a lot of additional materials in traditional script. A complete list of about 300 items on hand can be requested from: MC Lit. Dept. Ambassadors for Christ 21A Leaman Road, P.O. Box 280 Paradise, PA 17562 Tel. (toll free): 1-888-462-5481 (1-888- 4-MCLIT-1) E-Mail: <> The book, in addition to a Bible, which has been perhaps the most effective for most educated Mainland Chinese, is _Know the Truth_ (Renshi Zhenli). Chinese Christians the world over know this book and use it extensively. This 239 page book is available for a suggested donation amount of just $1.00 each, plus the actual shipping cost and $1 handling. One can also request a short summary in English.


"The Macedonian Project" is a new effort of Agape Europe, the European ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, that offers short-term opportunities to take the gospel to unreached people groups. For information, contact Nigel Spencer at Macedonian Project, a Jfilm coverage strategy whereby individuals adopt an MPTA (million people target area) and commit to going there at least once from 2 weeks to 2 months within 2 years of their commitment. J film office will provide all the equipment necessary to cover these areas with the film. Have you heard of this? I thought it'd fit in well within the PSA model. Maybe PSA's could utilize this project to recruit a bunch of laymen to show the film and get involved with their unreached people. You can contact the office and have them send you a packet that explains the strategy more. Write Milt Monell at <>. Source: (Brian W Burchell)


From: Bruce Sidebotham, <> This is an excellent opportunity to recruit rugged young men who understand all or nothing commitment for missions involvement...
"You have missionary speakers in our area, have them stay with us to share the vision and challenge of missions with the marine community. I will seek through prayer and asking various churches and the chapel activities for an opening to share the need of missions and the Gospel. I probably cannot work them into a chapel service, not even to share a testimony, but I will seek to have them share at the various Bible studies, Promise Keepers meetings, and other opportunities." Ralph Porter Director, Hospitality House at 29 Palms, 5610 Mariposa Ave., Twentynine Palms, CA 92277-1444, phone: (619) 367-7268 []


Voice of the Martyrs produces a 60-second daily radio program on the persecuted church called "The Overcomers." Contact [] to request a free demo tape, and ask your local radio station to consider adding these spots to their regular programming.


Amazon Fellowship, a ministry of ASSIST (Aid to Special Saints in Strategic Times,) has issued an urgent appeal for American Christian pen pals to correspond with Brazilian missionaries working in the Amazon region of Brazil... Because many Brazilian missionaries live at sub-poverty levels, and often are without the encouragement and support they need, American believers can bless them with friendship, prayer, financial support and material resources... Because many American believers have a limited exposure to God's workings in a Third World country like Brazil, Brazilian believers can bless them with their "friendship, prayer partnership, and unique spiritual insights..." {Members are] given a packet of materials which includes a letter of welcome, a detailed explanation of AF, a fact sheet introducing the Brazilian and his or her ministry, and a photograph of the missionary with whom they have been linked," she said... All correspondence from both the Amazon Fellowship member and their Brazilian friend is to be sent to the AF office for translation... For further information on how to become involved, write: Jeanette Wayne, Amazon Fellowship, 1608 Saint Vincent Street, Gonzales, TX 78629, or phone: (830) 672-3379. Jeanette's e-mail address is:


"We call the aim of the project 'Love Tucked Inside An Envelope,'" said Wooding, a commentator on the UPI Radio Network in Washington, DC. and author of some 34 books. "This is a wonderful 'peace dividend' that has come our since the fall of communism in the Soviet Union. This is a 'Bridge of Friendship' we need to walk across." For those who would like to be involved in writing to a new Christian through "The Bridge of Friendship," and would like to receive a packet of information, they should write to: ASSIST, PO Box 2126, Garden Grove, CA 92842-2126, USA. "I truly believe that their are many Christians in North America that would love to have the opportunity to help make a difference in the life of a new Christian in the former Soviet Union," said Dan Wooding. "Now is the time to act -- as the doors could soon be slamming shut again for much missionary activity in Russia!" From: Dan Wooding []


V.O.M. has started a campaign to keep the suffering church in the thoughts of people everywhere. The red and black signs say simply "remember the PERSECUTED" and have Voice of the Martyrs' web address "" with a barbed-wire design. 18 X 24 inch sign is $15; 24 X 30 inch sign is $18; 3 X 10 foot banners also available. Bumper stickers are $4 for a pack of ten. Discounts are available for quantities of 10, 50, or 100. Add US$3 for shipping & handling. Voice of the Martyrs, P.O.Box 443, Bartlesville, OK 74005


QUESTION From: George Beals <> Some people in our city are interested in beginning a "Tall Ship Ministry." A place where low-income kids could come for a few days of a totally different experience, where youth groups could come for a retreat and where pastors could come for retreat and refreshment sailing on the open water. We are looking for any leads of anyone doing this type of ministry so we can learn from their experience.

ANSWER From: Peter Nicoll <> For the last Five years I have been involved with one Of Operation Mobilizations two ships which provide a two year training program in Cross-Cultural Missions. I have a friend in Nanaimo that used to have a similar ministry to what you envision. His name is Ross Harris and his email address is <>

ANSWER From: Michael Fast <> Quite some time ago I received the following info from Paul R. Johansen <> about a ship-related opportunity for youth. They have a WebSite at <> "The trip basically consists of 42 students and 4 adult supervisors(this can vary) signing on as crew aboard the M.V. Edgewater Fortune(a converted Canadian Mine Sweeper). As part of this exciting maritime experience the students and supervisors... participate as ordinary seamen and ship officers aboard the vessel. Trips vary from four to five days through the Gulf and San Juan Islands off the West coast of British Columbia and Northern Washington State. Activities on board the ship include; basic seamanship, an on board marine biology program, tidal studies, marine navigation and general marine knowledge and bible studies."

...In addition to this, a fellow labourer for Christ located in Tierra del Fuego runs a Yacht Cruise Company that he uses to support his ministry. He may also have some answers for you. Contact Ben Garrett at<>.

ANSWER From: <> Here is contact information on the Caspian Project, 7648 S. Cedar Cir., Littleton, CO 80120, 303-798-9322 Fax:303-795-9543, Organizing the launching of a Christian Humanitarian Aid ship in the Caspian Sea.


For information on relief projects targeting people in southern Sudan suffering at the hands of Islamic government oppression, write SIM, P.O. Box 7900, Charlotte, NC 28241 USA; telephone 800-521-6449. Source: October <> Networking Section


Aimed at illiterate or non-literate people. It is a full-color illustrated series of pictures of the Gospel message with spaces left for the text to be printed in any language. "The One Page Bible" is reduced to A4 size (printed on both sides) with four main themes with ten illustrations. For more information, write to: Stuart Mill, Box 707, Epping, 2121, Australia, or fax 02 9869 0566.


Your Vacation Bible School or Sunday School class could equip an indigenous evangelist with a Flashlight/Torch "slide-projector." Contact Margaret at for a brochure with the details. Source: April 1997 TORCH newsletter.


Trans World Radio offers a Global Challenge ministry that helps church members make a commitment to world evangelization and get personally involved in God's mission of bringing a lost world back to himself. For information on Global Challenge and missions mobilization resources available from TWR, contact <> or write P.O. Box 8700, Cary, NC 27512 USA.

Churches and individuals can help establish a gospel radio witness in a "World by 2000" language -- one of 370 language groups that have a million or more speakers and little or no exposure to the gospel message -- by contacting: Trans World Radio, P.O. Box 8700, Cary, NC 27512 USA.


As mission leaders, we can challenge Christians to include missions on their Christmas shopping list!


We Need You! Brigada connections is one of the most strategic things that Caleb Project has done for mobilization since the invention of traveling teams. Yet today it is languishing because Marti and I don't have the time to poperly invest in it. If God is calling you to set aside 5 hours a week to help with this strategic project, please let me know. It is entirely done by e-mail and can be done from anywhere. Contact:


Among mission mobilizers and unreached-focused missions, the concept of supporting nationals has gotten a bad name from well-meaning men who have taught that Americans should stop becoming missionaries and only support foreign nationals. But shouldn't a good and balanced church mission program incorporate the support of some foreign nationals alongside the programs we have for sending out American missionaries? Here are a few agencies that facilitate such partnerships with foreign national missionaries: