PRAYING THROUGH THE WINDOW Resources, and suggestions for implementation

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Praying Through the Window is a prayer initiative slated for the entire month of October 1993, 1995, 1997, and 1999. It is coordinated by AD2000 and the Christian Information Network, and the object is to focus prayer upon an area of the world called the 10/40 Window. This "Window" that we pray through is located between 10 and 40 degrees North Latitude, across North Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, where the greatest challenge of mission work still lies. PTTW I (1993) was focused on the 64 COUNTRIES in the 10/40 Window, PTTW II (1995) was focused on 100 GATEWAY CITIES, PTTW III (1997) was focused on 140 PEOPLE GROUPS, and PTTW IV (1999) covers MILLION PEOPLE TARGET AREAS.

Windows International Network, P.O. Box 7287, Colorado Springs, CO 80933 Phone:719-522-1040 FAX:277-7148 Email: is the clearinghouse for everything related to Praying Through The Window. They offer the following resources (add 10% of order total to cover postage & handling):


In 1993, millions of Christians joined together in praying for the 64 Least-Evangelized countries of the 10/40 Window. Steve _______ put together a prayer guide and prayer cards, with profiles on 62 of the 10/40 Window countries, and these were updated by Marti Smith a few years later. Cards (US$2.00) BOOK: Praying Through the Countries of the 10/40 Window ($8.00) from Caleb Project, 10 West Dry Creek Cir., Littleton, CO 80120. Also look for the text of the prayer guide on Caleb Project's website!


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From: Two churches averaging about 1000 each Sunday and a few smaller churches will: put up teaser posters Sept. 10 saying only "Light the Window" October 1-31, 1995 and [make] bulletin announcements on Sept. 10 & 17. On Sept. 24, show 3-5 minutes of the "Light the Window" Video in worship and pass out a legal-size, tri-folded brochure which we have designed describing the PTTW II project for October. It challenges all worshipers to pray for the project and for 1 Gateway city.

To cover all 100 cities, we will run 5 panels of the brochure thru the copier. Then using the information from the "100 Gateway Cities" book, we will rerun all of the brochures, copying 1% of the bulletins with information on each of the 100 cities. As we distribute them at random, each church will be praying for all 100 cities. It will take some time, but well worth the effort! (We have purchased 200 copies of the book from YWAM and asked for permission to copy information.)

We also have a full schedule for October 1-29, including a celebration service on Oct. 29. (What better way to approach Halloween, than to be praying for the darkness in the world? :-) For a bulletin, poster & schedule which you can copy, send a SASE to Terry & Karen South, 16505 Boyle Lane, Evansville, IN 47711.


From: Nate Wilson <> Since my local church is small and the mission vision is low, we're focusing on just one city each week of October--only 5% of the 100 in the campaign, but at least it's something. We'll show the "Light The Window" video the last Sunday in September during morning worship (and make bulletin announcements) to psyche people up for praying. Then, each Sunday during October, a spokesman will share for 5 minutes during the morning worship service about a city and pray for it. (We picked cities that members and friends of the church had actually been to and scheduled those people to be the spokesmen.) Each Sunday, the city will also be featured in the church bulletin with an insert (copied from the 100 Gateway cities book) so that people can take it home and continue praying during the week. (Has anyone figured out how to get their church to really cover all 100 cities during October?)


From: "B.HALL" <> We [have produced] a pamphlet for people to pass on to the newsletter secretaries in their churches. It contains suggested newsletter inserts for the Gateway Cities prayer programme (Pray Through The Window II) covering the last two Sundays in September and the five Sundays in October. We selected out one city for each of the October Sundays. [We could email the text of the pamphlet to you.] (It may need some reformatting)


PTTW II - Music CD
Where can one order the 'Shine Your Light Through The Window" cassette and CD?`

ANSWER From: Jan Bell < Order from The Windows International Network, P.O. Box 7287, Colorado Springs, CO 80933 Phone:719-522-1040 FAX:277-7148 Email:, WEB, then click on "The 10/40 Window". Tapes are $10.00, CD's are $15.00 plus shipping. A source for quantity discounts is through New Life Church at 719-594-6602. Call them to get prices.


PTTW III - Book & Video
If a Christian bookstore has PTTW material in stock, you can get it from them immediately, without having to wait for a mail order. However, if economy is more important than immediacy for you, run orders through Caleb Project.--NW


PTTW III - Sheet Music
From: Kathryn Carlton <> Someone in the office asked me the other day about where to get the Scott Wesley Brown music (not the CD, but sheet music to teach to a congregation) from the two songs at the end of the video "To the Ends of the Earth." ..The songs "You are Holy" and "To the Ends of the Earth" have now been published by Integrity music in their latest Hosannah! Music Songbook #10. It also has all the other music from Scott's album "Mission of Praise," as well as the songs from 4 other Integrity albums. You can order this directly from Integrity Music by calling 1-800-240-9000, or thru your local Christian bookstore. The price is around $9.00.


About 25 churches in the city are doing this. I also put together a transferable packet which we mailed out to all the "Perspectives" coordinators in the Southeast. We gave them a video and a prayer guide. A Perspectives alumni donated money to cover all the costs. This is reaping dozens of churches becoming involved. It will probably produce the best Perspectives crop this January. All our coordinators are using this during the Fall for promoting Perspectives. Over 100 videos have gone out to key black pastors at the national and state levels of the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship. A local pastor who went through Perspectives is the National Missions overseer for the fellowship and is following all those videos up.


>From: (Bill Kelley) (some of the creativity comes from my wife, Betty; and my 9 year old son, Joel.)

>suggested sub-theme: "Breaking the Panes"

>skit plot: two people are working with a window, smashing the panes with a hammer. They tell a passer-by they are doing missions work. The hammer is their prayers, the panes are the gateway cities or people groups. The passerby leaves to get his hammer (This could be adopted to a gate and a pry bar).

>Visual: Place a window - real or fake - in a prominent place in the sanctuary. For each week that goes by, break another pane of the window (Again, this could be adapted to the gate theme). Hand out small hammers, charm bracelet size. If you can't find a cheap source of hammers, make them out of cardboard or use a graphic on a button.

>Climax: At the end of the month hold an adoption cermony where your church adopts a people. Break the final pane of the window. Or you could break (don't ask me how!) the gate off it's hinges.


From: Bob Stevens <> We showed the Light The Window video in every adult Sunday school in a 1700 member church. We had a specific challenge for them to sign up to pray every day during October. In evaluating the 30-Day Muslim prayer time, we found many strong mission people did not complete the prayer time and felt defeated. We recognized that accountability, training and encouragement would help people complete their commitment. We asked each committed intercessor to form a prayer triplet that would meet once a week and also encourage one another on the phone during the week. They are to check off their prayer calendar every time they complete a prayer day and turn that in at the end of the month to our missions committee. Also we required them to purchase a copy of the Praying Through The 100 Gateway Cities book.

The key for missions mobilization is the required training. We ask people to come to a 3-hour training that involves a Biblical and historical overview on missions, putting the 10/40 Window in context and another block on how to pray for cities. I taught the first part and my wife did the next section...She learned a lot from T.W. Hunt's Prayer Life Study. T.W. Hunt is one of the most humble and godly teachers I've ever heard, and has had a profound influence on the prayer life of our church. Ellen incorporated those principles with a heavy missions emphasis. Lastly, our associate pastor over prayer and shepherding gave an encouraging and practical message on worship, warfare and intercession. We had about 80 people at the first training, and the impact was powerful. I have been waiting for 10 years, patiently sowing through Perspectives and Perspectives Sunday school classes etc. to get vision across to the congregation. But this netted in key pray-ers of the church that had never been exposed. We will do another training in Sept. and our goal is to get 300 people signed up to pray. This has been the best missions mobilizing tool for awareness I have used in terms of response.