Printed booklets, cards, profiles, etc, to guide people in praying for Mission work.

See also MULTIMEDIA:VIDEO and UPG:Profiles

From: Asian Minorities Outreach <> We are a small ministry based in the center of the 10/40 window who reach out to see churches planted amongst the Unreached Peoples of China, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. These four restricted access countries contain more than 500 distinct Peoples. We produce a bi-monthly People profile on a different group which we send out to raise prayer support and awareness for the groups situation, and also to report first-hand on what God is doing in the region. The profiles include pictures, maps, historical information and ways to best pray for the salvation of the group featured. As of now we are only able to send the profiles out by regular snail-mail. If you are a praying person or if you feel these could benefit your own ministry for the Lord we would be happy to send them to you (free). If you would like to get them, send a message along with your address to: <>

on Albania, Russia, Suriname/Guyana, and Southern Africa are available from Reformation Christian Ministries, 1113 So. Cypress Rd., Suite 100, Pompano Bch, FL 33060-8855 Fax: 954-942-8881

We are offering free 1Timothy 2 prayer cards "praying for those in authority". The card is small, bookmark size to fit in your Bible. On the front we list the current names of our U.S. President, His Cabinet and the Supreme Court Justices. The reverse side gives a summary of 6 scriptures to use when praying for political leadership plus 6 scriptures to pray for spiritual leadership. We give cards to churches, ministries, individuals who will use them. We do ask that large bulk orders pay the postage, about $5.00 - $6.00 per thousand cards. Send orders e-mail to <> Tryna Bahl, USA Lydia Fellowship Coordinator, 2140 Garden Terrace, Mt. View, CA 94040

As part of a global effort to see churches planted among every people group and the Gospel preached to every person, Bethany World Prayer Center is producing Prayer Profiles for the approximate 1,700 unreached peoples on the Joshua Project List.The most comprehensive prayer and resource material ever produced on the Unreached Peoples is now available through Bethany World Prayer Center. The Unreached Peoples Prayer Profiles are 4 pages of quality information that include a map, up-to-date political & cultural data and a concise, well-researched write-up that explains who the people are, what their lives are like and how to pray for them. 12 c per profile (price breaks at 250 and 500) Complete sets available for $99 plus shipping (over 15 pounds!). Bethany Missions Distribution Center 13855 Plank Road Baker, LA 70714 Please call 504-774-2002 for an order form or catalogue. Check out our new website at the following address:

From: "B.HALL" <> For the benefit of missionmobilizer subscribers who are "down under" you might make mention of the fact that all of this Praying Through The Window material (plus WindoWatchman) will be available through Centre for Mission Direction as soon as it becomes available in the States. I have already been in touch with Bob Carlton and Beverly Pegues to ensure this happens. We also distribute material for the 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus and have specially prepared material available for The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (Sept 29). We also distribute Global Prayer Digest. But the main thing, given your most recent posting, is to let them know this material will be available down here.

PRAYER Guide: 30-Days for Hindu World
Author: 30-Days of Prayer for the Hindu World...South Asia Concern <> are the people promoting it. It took place in November last year.

Praying for Muslims during the month of Ramadan. This would be a fantastic mission emphasis at your church for January. Have you considered it? You wouldn't even have to fast all month like the Muslims do (during daylight hours)--although many Christians do fast during this time. Missionary friends tell me that the month of Ramadan is always a spiritually oppressive and discouraging time. Let's mobilize our constituencies to pray for Muslims and missionaries to Muslims this January!
The 30-Day Prayer Guides for Ramadan: Each day focuses on a specific area of Islam and Islamic life. Prayer needs are highlighted. Also included is testimonies and teaching on intercession. The Children's edition is filled with pictures, activities, and interesting graphics designed to motivate elementary- age children to pray for the Muslim world. Cost: $3 (adult), $3.50 (children)

DUTCH version of both editions can be obtained at: Frontier Missions Centre, YWAM Heidebeek Mussenkampseweg 32, 8181 PK Heerde, The Netherlands tel# (31) 578 69 1534 fax # (31) 578 69 4276 Email: 100645,

The 1998 "Intercessors for China" Prayer Calendar, developed by Silk Road Ministry Staff, is designed to help you focus on the people in 40 Gateway Cities in North China. This calendar is intended to help Christians outside China pray strategically, comprehensively, and specifically for the people and country of China. Calendar includes: historical background of 11 northern provinces, beautiful depictions of Chinese characters, the names of individuals or concrete facts about the city or province. The six "Focus" themes are: Church, Family, Youth,Government, Demonic Oppression, and Evangelism. These full color, informative wall calendars make wonderful gifts for your ministry partners! The price is $4 per individual calendar or $10 per bundle of 5! To order, call Integrated Resources at 1-800-729-4351 and ask for item 7707e.

Lorna Windmill compiles a monthly prayer calendar for the European Union. If you feel God calls you to pray for the EU, you can subscribe to this free prayer calendar by sending an e-mail to <> with the following command in the body of your mail: subscribe eu-prayer

Two prayer booklets on India -- "30 Days of Prayer" for the Hindu world and "To the Uttermost Part, The Call of North India" -- are available from South Asian Concern. For information, contact <>.

India Missions Association has an excellent series entitled, Let My People Go. You can reach them at 48, First Main Rd., East Shenoy Nagar, Madras 600 030 INDIA. They have a prayer guide for Orissa ($6US), Bihar ($4US), Gujarat ($4US), and India's unreached northern states ($4US).

Tom Hess of the Jerusalem House of Prayer for the Nations compiled a prayer calendar 'for the peace of Jerusalem, Israel and all nations. This calendar can be retrieved by sending an e-mail to <> with the following command in the body of your mail: get joel-news-international all-nations-prayer-calendar Source: Hope for Europe

Moktar Essid <> publishes a monthly prayer calendar for Northern Africa. It can be used by prayer groups and individual intercessors. Contact Moktar for more information.

OAXACA, Land of Intrigue, 30 Days of Prayer:
From: Mark and Gina Fadely <75713.3654@CompuServe.COM> The greatest concentration of unreached peoples in all of the Americas lies in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca! Oaxaca is a rugged land full of diversity and contrast. It is made up of over 150 different languages... cultures.... ethnic people groups. This prayer guide highlights the most spiritually needy of these. It is available in English and Spanish. Contact: YWAM, Apdo.1352, Oaxaca 68000, Oaxaca, Mexico e-mail:

This one-page pryer guide comes out monthly with information and prayer requests from literally hundreds of different mission agencies with indigenous staff. One ministry is highlighted for each day of the month. Includes pictures of mission work being done around the world as well as requests for financial support. I've never seen anything like it; it looks like it would be a great tool for any prayer ministry! Contact: Christian Aid Mission, 3045 Ivy Rd. Charlottesville, VA 22903 or <> Web Site:

Aimee Hennen <> from the Russian House of Prayer compiles an excellent prayer calendar for Russia every month. The calendar for April can be retrieved by sending an e-mail to <> with the following command in the body of your mail: get joel-news-international russia-prayer-calendar-Apr98

A prayer guide for spiritual awakening designed to focus prayer for the whole city during the fourty days leading to Palm Sunday. Every day has different scriptures and prayers which will encourage your heart to hope. WayMakers publishes a revised edition annually. US$11 for ten copies (Postage included), from Waymakers, Box 203131, Austin, TX 78720-3131.

"Tibetan Peoples, How Shall We pray?", a 31-day prayer guide, which can, of course be used over and over again. Each day has a theme, picture, Scripture, explanatory text and four to six prayer points. The 34-page booklet is available for $3.00 plus shipping from: Kingdom Building Ministries, 14140 E. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80014 or call (800) 873-8957 or email

Once predominantly Christian, Turkey is now among the world's least evangelized countries. Ninety-nine percent of its 65 million people are Muslim. Most have never had a chance to hear the gospel. Yet God is bringing Turks to Himself through His Word. Truly, it is a time for harvest in Turkey. "Turkey: A Time for Harvest" is the newest in 'The Unreached Peoples' video series produced by Caleb Project. By the same title comes the newest of Caleb Project's 'People Group Prayer Guides'. The video ($12) contains a full-length version (12 min.) and a condensed version (3 min.), excellent for use on Sunday mornings to help lead you in prayer for an unreached people. The prayer guide ($3) has 20 pages of current information and prayer requests. Interesting insights into the lives of the Turks and their history. Shipping and handling is additional. Pre-payment by cash, check, Mastercard or Visa only. Bulk discounts available. Send inquiries to: Caleb Project, 10 W. Dry Creek Circle, Littleton, CO 80120 Orders: Web Site: [Caleb Project has also just revised the Book on the countries of the 10/40 Window--ask about it too!]

A prayer bulletin is available for persons interested in praying regularly for the Turks, including the Turkic republics of Central Asia. From: Turkish World Outreach Box 3098 Grand Junction, CO 81502 Email: Tel. (970) 434-1942 Fax (970) 434-1461

VOM 1998 Global Prayer Map
In their "1998 Special Issue" of VOM Magazine, Voice of the Martyrs included a color fold-out wall map of persecution hot-spots across the world and a summary of persecution in over 40 of the "hottest" countries complete with full-color flags. This is an excellent resource for focusing prayer on the persecuted church around the world. One caution: the country summaries are focused on persecution, so they may need to be balanced with other positive information about what God is doing in that country to give a wholistic picture. Send a donation to Voice of the Martyrs, P.O. Box 443, Bartlesville, OK 74005 for a copy.

We have recently translated all the Bethany profiles on Yemen into German and are now working on the final check + layout, but you can tell people that they are available from us.

Kerstin Hack, AIMS Deutschland, Postach 450129, D - 17171 Berlin, Germany E-mail: