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Books and reading concerning Re-Entry and home-assignment issues for missionaries.

From: Ernst & Eugenie van der Walt <ejvdwjr@iafrica.com> Friends have just returned from a cross-cultural missions experience with their children and were wondering what resources there were available to help children specifically (adults too) go through re-entry culture shock successfully? Can we get them in South Africa?

ANSWER From: W Scott W <WScottW@aol.com> Recently saw a book, available from WM Carey Lib. (1-800-MISSION) called Re-Entry: Making the Transition From Missions to Life at Home.

ANSWER From: NateWilson@XC.org I just saw this on a recent Brigada Today: A wonderful new resource has just arrived for those working with MKs. _Raising Resilient MKs_ is a comprehensive one-volume collection of the best and most current thinking on a wide range of topics dealing with the nurture and education of "missionary kids" (MKs). This 500+ page paperback was developed by ACSI (the Association of Christian Schools, Int'l), Interaction Inc., and Mission Training International (MTI). It is now available from Mission Training International for $14.95 + s/h. Payment by check or VISA/MC. To order contact MTI via email at <MIntern@aol.com>, fax 719-594-4682 or by phone (in the U.S. or by Net2Phone) at 800 896-3710.

ALSO from the latest EMQ: The February 1998 issue of Interact Magazine features articles on M.K.'s, including "Maximizing MK Potential: Suggestions for Parents, Educators, and Caregivers," by Walt Stuart and "Helping children Handle Stress," by Janet Chapman. Interaction, P.O. Box 863, Wheaton, IL 60189

FINALLY, the following wasn't specifically in answer to this question, but could be of help. It was a correspondence from Ellen Livingood <EJLTEAM@aol.com> letting me know that Paula and I had over-generalized in saying that most mission agencies were not family-friendly! She states, "For years, [Martha Strickland] has been providing personalized assistance to CBI missionaries in MK education, particularly home schooling. She is now involved in MK education projects that go far beyond her own agency. (She could give you a list of others.) TEAM has two people whose job it is to help missionaries and MKs in this area. One assists parents with educational concerns of elementary and high-school age MKs. The other works full time to assist MKs to successfully transition from their high-school experience (wherever that is around the world) to college in North America. This includes crisscrossing the country to visit those MKs, counseling, encouraging, and being a friend. TEAM firmly believes that parents should be free to choose what they feel is the best educational option for each child throughout his/her school-age years.


by Peter Jordan YWAM,1992 This is practical and enjoyable to read. It will help missionaries to prepare and their friends to understand. To order, call ACMC's distributor, Churchmart, at 1.800.798.ACMC


By: <Neal_Pirolo@eri.org> A number of months ago, I was in another state participating in a church's missions conference. On Friday evening I poured out my heart on the vital need for the church to rise to the issue of care for missionaries when they come home. I will save the details of the story that followed that evening for our new book, but it was then that I determined (by God's grace) to present a clearer message on this subject.

Over a period of months (perhaps years) there has been a growing realization that many--too many--in the Church don't understand the impact of re-entry on a missionary. Whether single or married, parent or child--each has special needs.

At a seminar, I cannot share the segment on re-entry without someone (usually more than one) coming to me in tears, trying to express their bottled up emotions. As much as I would like to help, what can be done on a 10-minute break with others all around?

This is a ministry of the sending church. In one sense, I hold them responsible. This issue has been in the "closet" too long; neither church nor missionary, neither agency nor trainer has wanted to face it. On the other hand, because of the ignorance on the subject. NO one is "responsible! Thus the import of this book!

We want to approach this subject through stores told by those who have gone through the re-entry process. We will add some commentary where enlargement is needed. But we believe that if the Church hears these stories, a better understanding of returning missionaries' needs will result in better care.

AND HERE IS WHERE YOU MIGHT FIT IN! Though we have ministered to scores of people needing re-entry care--and we will (with their permission) share a disguised edition of their stories--you might have a story to tell that would help the church better understand this area of need. If so, please contact us for details of how to write your story. If you disguise it, be sure to give us your real name so we can get your signed approval of the final edit of your story.

We believe this resource for cross-cultural ministry will greatly enlarge our understanding on the vital issue of re-entry. For not only is the Church saying, "What's the big deal? They're just coming home!" But often the missionary acknowledges the same sentiment: WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? I'M JUST COMING HOME! If you have a story to tell, help us get it published!