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Ideas and projects for showing missionaries on the field that you love them.

AARON & HUR CLUB--A Missionary Prayer Support Team
My home fellowship back in Birmingham, Alabama, Briarwood Presbyterian, is famous for its world missions conferences. While gearing the congregation up for the most recent conference, they included the following article in a special world mission newspaper distributed to the church mailing list:

"This year, the World Missions Committee and the Prayer Committee have joined together in an effort to provide [our] missionaries with year round prayer support. This effort entails the development of prayer support teams for each missionary at the World Missions Conference. We would like you to consider being a part of an Aaron and Hur prayer support team.

Because if you ask any missionary what they really need more of, they will tell you, 'PRAYER,' Yet this kind of support is often difficult to get and hard to keep. We often will tell a missionary that we will pray for him, but do we? The problem is often a lack of accountability and too little knowledge of how to pray more specifically.

Our goal is to have two or three individuals or families who will covenant to pray 5 minutes a day for their missionary. If you want to pray more, that is encouraged; but the commitment is for five minutes. Once every 3 months, the Prayer Team should get together (perhaps for dinner) to 'catch up' on their missionary and to pray fasis as a travel agent, and I often wonder how big a sacrifice is being made to purchase the tickets I'm offering. I tell all my missionary clients that we accept credit cards (most pay with personal cards), checks from either their church, mission organization, or personal. About 3 in 10 send a check, and most of them are personal. I noticed a check the other day from a church that had "mission fund" on it.... first one I've seen in a long time....Praise the Lord!

As I see it, the church at large needs to be informed and motivated to support missionaries.... our mission conferences are great but usually attract mostly the mission-minded. How do we reach the general church population? Seven, yeah, eight things to increase mission awareness:

  1. 1.Get some ideas... don't despise small beginnings... no idea is too small... a forest fire starts from one spark. Start a bulletin board... missionaries pictures & newsletters... pick a people group and post information about them... find someor them as a group...

    There are at least three good reasons for your involvement. First, you will grow in your understanding of what God is doing in the world through missions. Secondly, you will have a change to enjoy deep fellowship with other Briarwood members and your missionary. Thirdly, you experience the 'front line' with one of God's warriors in the battle for HIS kingdom..."

    The article also touches on getting prayer request material from the missionary, how long a commitment to make (one year), and how to sign up for a prayer team. Contact Tom Cheely at <72702.2740@Compuserve.com> for more information.


    Source: Oct./Dec. 1997 OMS OUTREACH Magazine <editor@OMSInternational.org> By Ruth Hunter

    Have you ever wanted to send your missionary something special for Christmas, but you weren't sure what to send? Perhaps the 11 suggestions below for "gifts of love" during the holidays will help you.

    1. Send a FINANCIAL GIFT. Today missionaries can often buy the same products in their country as we can here. This can save them the expense of paying duty upon arrival. Mail early--that way they can purchase their gifts before Christmas.
    2. Church groups could PHONE patch a call during a Sunday service. Let your missionary know ahead so he/she will be home.
    3. Is there a new BOOK, CD, or TAPE you have enjoyed? Your missionary will, too!
    4. Sit down today and write a LETTER. Letters from wonderful friends are always welcome!
    5. Find out how Christmas is celebrated in the country where your missionary is serving. Perhaps your family could do this together and then PRAY for the country and your missionary.
    6. All missionaries appreciate small PERSONAL ITEMS: new soap, bath sponge, cologne, a box of "thank you" notes. [Make the personal items appropriate; Once when I had a full beard, a church gave me a care package containing half a dozen different brands of aftershave lotion...~N.W.]
    7. Send a RECIPE for a Christmas snack that's not only popular at home, but yummy!
    8. Flavoured COFFEES or TEAS can provide a nice change from what they are drinking.
    9. Subscribe them to a MAGAZINE in their names that will help to keep them informed.
    10. Perhaps a Sunday school class, ladies' group, or children's choir could SING and GIVE GREETINGS on tape.
    11. If your missionary entertains a lot, send some CHRISTMAS NAPKINS, good CANDIES, or some cute DECORATIONS.

    REMINDER: Be sure to check with the post office regarding the best way to send your package with the least amount of expense to you and the missionary, and notify your missionary to watch for a gift that is coming.


    From: David Tinney <dlt@server.greencis.net>
    I am glad Mrs. Nesbit had the courage to write the truth... missionaries are treated as "step children" by a large portion of the church. I deal with their finances on a daily b