Agencies which serve other missionary agencies, including the provision of training and acquisition of material needs.

QUESTION From: Eddie Payne <> ...Our director is especially interested in finding the kinds of 'cover' agencies which will permit our participation in the non-traditional kinds of work necessary to remain and do effective outreach in Central Asia. Do you have any suggestions as to groups which I might contact?

ANSWER From: (Chris) Any group planning to work in Central Asia should contact the leadership of the Central Asia Consultation administered by Interdev and led by the partnership representatives of over 12 specific unreached people groups of Central Asia. The CAC hosts an annual consultation which provides an excellent forum for reporting on developments in Central Asia and networking with those involved. The last CAC, held in Cyprus from March 8-12, included a Business Track for those seeking to invest or start businesses in Central Asia for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God. For further information on the CAC contact: Mats Tunehag <> and Hazel Tea <>

ANSWER from: Jim Au <>
Check out Venture International, based in Portland, Oregon but working with people from all over the USA and Canada. They regularly train and send people into CA under various agencies and into different roles. They can be contacted at: (503) 872-3740 or by e-mail to Richard Reves at: <>

ANSWER From: "Dr. Jim Romaine" <>
Two resources for you, contact Dr. Robert Douglas, Director of the Central Asian Study Center, at and Mission to Unreached Peoples at


Training and Care
This list was put together for us by David Blankenship of ACMC.


Helps place Christian medical professionals in overseas missions assignments by defraying their school loans. For information, contact or write P.O. Box 1098, Orange, CT 06477 USA. FWD Through the NETWORKING section from the May edition of ADVANCE <>


From: DRDavis@XC.Org (Don Davis) Two months ago in HatYai, Thailand a seminar/consultation was held for those working among one of the largest Unreached People Groups in South East Asia. The delegates unanimously agreed to the need to partner and form a hub that would house some of the existing ministries in HatYai as well as any other ministries that were focusing this people group. This partnership hub is called "The Bridge" and is in the final stage of structuring.

The objective of "The Bridge" is to serve the Body of Christ in South East Asia, helping to accomplish the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) among Ms., focussing on the M. World. Participating in the fulfillment of the Great Commission by:

  1. Providing a safe, economical, transdenominational ministry partnership for training, research, and exposure.
  2. Serving as a hub for communications, training and resources for churches, ministries, organizations and individuals who are laboring in the field and for those who support field workers.


  1. Training - "THE BRIDGE" offers training programs on various levels according to our objective. Such as: Support Training for Field Personnel, Exposure Trips, Field Training, MUPG Awareness Seminars etc.
  2. Resource - "THE BRIDGE" offers an information base of all data and resources that will allow the other functions/ministries to fulfil their goals as well as the ministries on the field. It is developing a library of resources and books. It is also cataloging of strategies, approaches, methodologies etc. that are being used on the field. It is keeping track of their successes and failures in order to report our present position in relationship to our objective (Matt 28:18-20). It operates somewhat as an "intelligence agency" gathering the information and providing a two way street of communication between the field and the support base.
  3. Services - At present we have a guest house with a maximum accommodations for 30 people.

If you would like more information about the Bridge please contact: <>


From: Jason Butler <> The address for Scripture Gift Mission International is: Radstock House, 3 Eccleston Street, London SW1W 9LZ, UK Phone: 44-171-730-2155 Fax: 44-171-730-0240 E-mail: (first letter is "L" not "i")

From: <> SGM International, PO Box 195575, Winter Springs FL 32719-5575 Phone: 407-365-2265 Fax: 407-365-2399 E-Mail:


The World Mission Assistance Agency, based in Nigeria, is a "non-denominational missionary sending agency engaged in evangelism traning, missionary mobilization, mission research, information services, missionary orientation, missionary support, leadership development, literature distrubution, support of mnational churches, relief aid and prayer networking for world evangelization. Our vision is to take he gospel to all the nations of the world especially the unreached in the 10/40 window countries by the year 2000." They are involved in networking mission agencies internationally and also host month-long "Mission Bible Institutes" for training missionaries. For more information, contact: Pastor Daniel Jenusa, World Mission Assistance Agency, P.O. Box 1827, Akure, Ondo State, NIGERIA


QUESTION From: Denis Shuker <> We have a couple leaving for language study in Costa Rica and then for career work church planting in Ecuador. They will need a reliable 4WD Off-Roader vehicle. Can anyone tell us the best place to buy this? USA (if yes - how do we get it to Ecuador?) or Ecuador or ?? Also brand and approx. price.

ANSWER From: Perhaps MATS could help: Missionary Auto-Truck Service is a network of non-profit Christian ministries and auto dealers who serve the Lord by helping those in Christian ministry. MATS provides special low ministry prices on rental, lease, and purchase of vehicles. 6925 Glenellyn Drive, Loveland, OH 45140-9496 <>. I've heard of another similar ministry in Europe, but don't have contact information for them.


Missionary Auto-Truck Service is a network of non-profit Christian ministries and auto dealers who serve the Lord by helping those in Christian ministry. MATS provides special low ministry prices on rental, lease, and purchase of vehicles. 6925 Glenellyn Drive, Loveland, OH 45140-9496 <>


QUESTION From: Larry Chkoreff <:ISOB@XC.Org> We are planning to form a partnership with a native missionary in Tanzania. Do any of you know of a good way (economical) to have a fax communication procedure open between Tanzania and the US? For instance, polling from the US to save on ld. charges in Africa. Are there any services? We are also considering email, but we are not sure that is the most practical way right now.

ANSWER From: Rick Reid <rick_reid@MENTORG.COM> You might want to check out the faq on fax services at I've not used any of these so I won't comment on them.


[John Hanna forwarded an article to me from Rhode Flores in which she admonished us to use Spanish on the Internet and in which she offered her services as a translator. She has done this for free on occasion to help Christian ministries, but she is trying to support herself financially through this. ~NW]
From: Rhode Flores <> ...There are two ways to charge for work: by the word or by the page. I charge around $ 13 to 15.00 per computer typed page in Microsoft Word 6.0 at space and a half. I use Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 (you can download it FREE from Internet) to receive and send translation back.


The publishing arm of the China Christian Council, archives the PRC's official religion policies at its Web site:


"Reach the world from where you are, by sending God's Word to families in foreign lands... Since the invention of the printing press, more than 2 billion bibles have been published. But 85% of these were printed in English, while only 9% of the world speaks English. Although most Americans own several Bibles, elsewhere they are scarce. In India, there's just one copy for every 320 people... In 1971, God interrupted the prayers of Dr. Rochunga Pudaite with the telephone jingle, "Let your fingers do the walking." Suddenly, the strategy was revealed - the world's telephone directories could be used as mailing lists to send Bibles to families around the world...

Bibles for the World provides the New Testaments, wrappers, and address labels. You and your family simply wrap the Bibles and affix the address labels. Then, apply the postage, and drop them in the mailbox..." Contact Bibles for the World, P.O. Box 805, Wheaton, IL 60189-0805 (708) 668-7733


I have got some hot leads on water purification. There is a Christian group called Lifewater that is wholly devoted to it. Great home page: From Terry Steinhoff <>


Sixteen-page June, 1996, "MARC Publications Catalog" available. MARC, 121 E. Huntington Drive, Monrovia, CA 91016-3400. Call 800-777-7752 Email <>


From: <> Multi-Language Media is now on line. Their E-Mail is <> Their web address is <>


From John Cooke <> White Harvest Foundation, 1040 Commercial SE, Suite 155, Salem OR 97302 White Harvest is an inter-agency service for missionaries and Christian workers involved in the white (ripe) harvest fields of the world. White Harvest is dedicated to releasing as many workers into the harvest as possible, by providing then with fair wages and freeing them from support raising. The White Harvest Fund is built by donations from businesses, churches, foundations, and individuals committed to the completion of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. WHF does not employ or supervise missionaries. Our goal is that each worker we sponsor will be fully supported at 100% of budget.

Are you a missionary or candidate with a reputable Christian sending agency? do you need help raising support? Write and ask for a worker application today. [John Cooke clarified for me that faith-supported workers in the U.S. who are support personnel for frontier mission work are just as eligible for support from WHF as those living overseas.-NW]

Are you interested in sponsoring a worthy White Harvest worker? We can introduce you to one or more workers and keep you up-to-date on their ministry. All donations to the White Harvest Fund will go to placing and maintaining missionaries in the least evangelized places on earth.

White Harvest Foundation works primarily to help missionaries with contact management. There is no "free money" here.