AGENCY: Relief & Development

Agencies (Not necessarily religious) which assist in relief and development work

A.I. Works to promote religious liberty in former and current totalitarian societies by encouraging and equipping national leaders to promote religious liberty, justice and reconciliation. For information, write 7002-C Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003 USA. FWD Through the NETWORKING section from the May edition of ADVANCE <>

Assists with international adoptions and provides relief assistance in orphanages in Russia and Albania. For more information, write P.O. Box 25466, Chattanooga, TN 37422 USA; telephone 423-478-1169.

My name is Andy Sturges and I am...helping missionaries get more funding. I am supported by my church to help the poor around the world by distributing their handicrafts in the U.S. Through our non-profit organization, Concerned Crafts, we supply these popular selling handicrafts on consignment to church volunteers who use some of the proceeds for supporting missionaries. Whatever goods do not sell are returned to us so there is no investment needed on the part of the volunteers. Due to the help given to the poor by the distribution of these crafts, many churches have participated in this valuable ministry by allowing these crafts to be sold at church picnics, annual meetings, etc.

Most missionaries have supporters that would love to put in some spare time to help missions. All the missionaries (or their agencies) would need to do is let their supporters know about this program and the supporters can contact us to be supplied with crafts and our self-explaining literature. Then, after the sales are held, support for your outreach is increased. We can supply self explaining literature to be sent out with your regular mailouts so that there should be no additional cost for you to increase the level of support your outreach usually receives. (312) 271-8950 <>

ECPAT offers resources and information for eliminating the abuse of Asian children by sex tourists. For information, write 475 Riverside Drive, Room 621, New York, NY 10115 USA. FWD Through the NETWORKING section from the May edition of ADVANCE <>

QUESTION From: Marlene Etter <> Has anyone heard of an organization called Friend Ships, based in Wilmington, Calif? A girl from my church is asking if I've heard of it and know if it's an ok organization.

ANSWER From: <> I was at the Long Beach ACMC Annual Conference in March, and I visited the FRIENDSHIPS display can contact FRIENDSHIPS at...
Carla Sholin, Public Relations, "FRIENDSHIPS", Park West Children's Fund, Inc., 245 N. Fries Ave., Wilmingtion, CA 90744-5717 Phone: 310-830-4433

ANSWER From: Neal Pirolo <> YES! I have heard about this organization. Some friends of some friends have worked with them. And I have displayed at the BIOLA Missions Conference next to them. From what I hear and from what I saw, I would say they are a good organization. BUT, as with any organization with which you might wish to work, it demands a real close look at what they stand for, what they do, how they go about doing it, etc! Happy researching!

ANSWER From: <> ...I saw a presentation by them at an ACMC meeting or convention. As I recall, they do medical projects, provide emergency supplies etc...

Project Hope helps Russian churches understand the needs of street children and find ways to minister to them. For information, contact Jerry Calcott at Source: ADVANCE! August 1997 <>

"Rainbows of Hope" is a ministry aimed at touching the lives of children at risk with the good news of God's love. For information, contact Phyllis Kilbourne at <> or write P.O. Box 1766, Fort Mill, SC 29716 USA.

international non-profit organization specializing in medical relief to developing countries and disaster areas. For more information, contact Wolfgang Gross at

advocacy group focused on religious liberty concerns, has a new Web site: Written inquiries may be addressed to International Christian Concern, 2020 Pennsylvania Ave. NW #941, Washington, D.C. 20006.