From: Maurice Antonelli, Target 2000 Global Evangelisation/mobilisation, YOUTH WITH A MISSION Newcastle Australia <>
Our primary aim here at T2000 is to mobilise people to the unreached of the world. We have an emphasis on several areas, but our main focus lies in the 10/40 Window region (North Africa, the Middle East and large sections of Asia, including Indonesia...) We put out a lot of information and resources out for these areas. We speak in churches.
We conduct seminars
We're involved in state wide, multi-media Mission awareness tours.
Global Missions breakthrough radio reports.
Global News report publications.
Encouraging Pastors, churches & groups to...adopt Unreached People Groups
Teaching at Bible Schools, YWAM Schools...
Bible study groups/ Fellowship groups
...Facilitate churches [with] short term mission trips in 10/40 Window.
Networking local churches...with existing 10/40 Window.
We have also seen recently that there is a need in the area of electronic resource compiling and distribution of mission information, gospel breakthroughs, prayer needs, awareness, etc. At the moment we are gathering from various sources...

Prayer points:
Staff increase (Office, Email and internet operator, public relations, prayer mobiliser, unreached people group advocate.)
Finances and resources.
Greater local church and ministry involvement.
More churches responding, adopting and sending, their prayers, finances/resources and people, to the 10/40 Window.

Training Opportunities:
-Discipleship Training School (DTS)for ages 18-35 Jan, Apr, & Sept.
-Crossroads D.T.S. (for ages 35+) Jan., Apr., Sept.
-School of Worship, Warfare, & Intercession (Apr., & Sept.)
-School of Strategic Missions (in the 10/40 Window) Apr. & Sept.
-Foundations of Community Development (Sept.)
-School of Worship (Sept.)
-School of the Bible (Aug.)
Outreach Opportunities:
-10/40 Window Exposure Tours
-10/40 Window Worship, Warfare, & Intercession Teams
-Joshua Project Research Teams
-Summer Youth Outreaches
-Long-Term Church Planting teams in the 10/40 Window
Local Church Mobilization:
-10/40 Window Mobilization Seminars
-Mission Challenge School (Mini-DTS in your local church)
-Watchmen International
-Special speakers for conferences and seminars
Kings Kids: -Sports Teams, Dance Teams, GO Camps, NIKO Camps, Perfrm.Arts
For more information, contact YWAM Strategic Frontiers, P.O. Box 25490, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 or call 719-527-9594 or fax 719-527-2680