AGENCY: ChurchPlant

Mission agencies involved primarily in evangelism and church-planting.

From: Mike Clinton
Himalayan Mission, 4345 Charleston Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80916 []
Himalayan Mission is focused on the Himalayan region including Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Bangladesh, Northern India, and Pakistan. Pastor Lok Mani Bhandari, of Bethel Church in Kathamandu, is the founder of this ministry which will be based in Colorado Springs. The purpose of the ministry see the unreached of the Himalayan region reached with the Gospel. This will be done through short term research and ministry trips, prayer trips, pastors teaching in the ministry's seminary in Kathmandu (the only accredited seminary in Nepal by the Asian Theological Association), and of course by teaming with national workers and seminary students in that region - who will actually be planting the churches. The possibilities are wide open for mobilization as this is a brand new ministry. Luis Bush, Peter Wagner, and others have heartily endorsed this ministry and the vision of it. Please join with us in prayer and let's reach the Himalayas together...

Among missionmobilizers and unreached-focused missions, the concept of supporting nationals has gotten a bad name from well-meaning men who have taught that Americans should stop becomming missionaries and only support foreign nationals. But shouldn't a good and balanced church mission program incorporate the support of some foreign nationals alongside the programs we have for sending out American missionaries? Here are a few agencies that facilitate such partnerships with foreign national missionaries:

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Rev. Jad Ghrayyeb, founder of Voice of the Truth. He is an engaging speaker and a humble, Godly man. He hails from Damascus, Syria and was called into ministry to Arabic-speakers in the U.S. and abroad while working in Colorado Springs, USA. Ministry projects include magazines, radio programs, Bible distribution, tracts, books, correspondance courses, calendars, cassette tapes, conferences and Bible Studies all in Arabic. P.O. Box 15013, Colorado Springs, CO 80935 Phone: 719-574-5900

From: (Robert Holden)

World Horizons began [in Wales] in the mid-70's, just a few miles from Evan Roberts' church in Loughour. These days we have about 350 full-time over 30 countries. Maybe just over half of them are from the U; then there are the Brazilians, Irish, Spanish, Australians, Indonesians, Burkinabes etc. etc. Our main focus is on the unreached, whether that is in reaching them directly...or... mobilising churches towards the front lines. The 'hub' of the movement was in Wales until last year, when we fully regionalised. The other e-mail address I gave you ( is the communications centre in Darwin, Australia, where one of the directors is based.

In keeping with the "whole church to the whole world" vision, the guy who founded WHz, Rowland Evans, is now engaged full-time in promoting mission movements in developing countries in a ministry called "Nations on the March". So far this has involved identifying leaders of streams of churches or missions and serving them in whatever way possible, e.g. leadership training, world overview, linking thme up with unreached areas, business and wealth-generating projects etc...

We have one guy in the States, ... Andrew Fuller, and he's in Richmond, VA <>.

508 Fruitvale Ct., Grand Junction, CO 81504 If you accept the challenge, will supply you (at no charge) with letters written in Turkish, introducing Turks to Jesus and offering copies of the Bible and the Jesus film. The program involves mailing 10 letters per month (probably about 60 cents U.S. postage each), praying for each recipient, and forwarding replies to Friends of Turkey. This is something any person can do--you don't have to know Turkish!

4352 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, #357, Colorado Springs CO 80918 Phone: 719-597-069 This organization teaches Christians how to reach Muslims for Christ. Dr. Don McCurry is available for weekend seminars, guest lectures, and mission conferences. They also have several books and tapes on Islam and evangelism (prices apparently include U.S. postage): "Now You Can Know What Muslims Believe" (28 pg. boooklet for $2.50) "Sharing the Gospel with Iranians (132 pgs. $5.50) "Reaching Our Muslim Neighbors" (Audio $60/Video $180; workbook $15 apiece)

From: DaveMcDowell@XC.Org (Dave McDowell)
I am the General Director of Peace Officers For Christ International which is a missionary outreach to law enforcement families around the world. Our bi-monthly magazine, The Peacemakers Journal, now reaches 4000 families in the U.S. and currently 70 copies are sent to 20 different countries. We have Regional Representatives in Colorado, New York, and in Caracas, Venezuela. We work with churches, Pastors, Police Chaplains, and laymen through dinner banquets, couples conferences, and police appreciation services. Contact us for further information at CompuServe 75601,272 or our phone / FAX of 714-897-5522. Our address is PO Box 625, Westminster, CA. 92684-0625.

The following is a description of what we believe is a pioneer missionary outreach! You do not have to be a police officer to be involved. In fact the Lord is using pastors, police chaplains, church members, etc. to network and reach police officers and their families for Jesus Christ. This group of men and women are protecting our families ...literally around the world 24hrs. a day. We are excited to be part of a ministry to reach ...a distinct people group which has traditionally been isolated from the rest of society and many times from the local church.

Peace Officers For Christ International is a non-profit organization with a mailing list of approximately 4000 in the United States. We currently have seventy contacts in twenty foreign countries and that number is growing rapidly.

The emphasis of POFC is evangelism and discipleship. Dinner banquets are held twice a year in So. Calif. and we also have an annual Police Couples and Family Conference at a retreat center in the San Jacinto Wilderness high above Palm Springs, Calif. Those not employed in law enforcement are always welcome and do participate in our banquets and conferences. POFC encourages and sponsors Bible studies and serves as a source of encouragement to officers throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Our bi-monthly publication, the Peacemakers Journal, is received by all on our mailing list. PMJ is a magazine consisting of articles written by police officers, pastors and lay people. It has been exciting to see many police marriages restored as a result of this outreach. However, many other marriages end in divorce as officers attempt to cope with the daily stress of protecting our society. Many are needed to join in prayer for this crucial outreach.

Most of the national board of directors are working police officers in the Southern California area. We have Regional Representatives in Denver, New York, and Caracas, Venezuela. A new Regional Representative is being developed for the St. Louis, Missouri area. Additional contacts have been made as the General Director and his wife recently returned from a missy outreach in Kenya & England.

Peace Officers For Christ is a missionary outreach to law enforcement families around the world. We consider the law enforcement community to be an unreached people group that traditionally has been difficult to reach by the local church. We network and work with pastors, police chaplains, and church members who are interested in this exciting pioneer ministry! Our goal is to have officers and their families discipled in local churches as a result of this outreach. Many pastors and congregations have become aware of the tremendous need for this outreach as they have sponsored "Law Enforcement Appreciation Sundays."

For information or to be placed on our mailing list contact us via Compuserve at 75601,272 or by mail at PO Box 625, Westminster, CA. 92684-0625. Phone / FAX 714-897-5522.

Imagine the impact on world missions as police officers in communities around the world place their trust in Jesus Christ! In many third world countires police forces have a tremendous impact on the day to day life of missionaries involved in evangelistic outreach. Any missionary who has passed through customs has in fact just walked past a man or woman who is a potential contact for Peace Officers For Christ. Looking forward to working with you as we prepare for our Lord's triumphant return!

"An American, while visiting Nigeria, noticed a native reading the Bible. He said to the Nigerian: "My good man, in my country that book is out of date." The native responded: "My good man, if this book was out of date in this country, I would have eaten you!"--Quote attributed to Steve Brown, from "Be A Lighthouse" quarterly newsletter, Personal Testimony Resources, POB 801, Cadilac, MI 94601, a one-page newsletter to encourage witnessing Christians, a subset of THE LIGHT, The encouragement newsletter for witnessing Christians, a 6-page bi-monthly newsletter. Ask for free samples.

"Just before Jesus died, He uttered these words, 'Men will come from the North to avenge my death.'" This revelation from the Pope galvanized thousands of Medieval Christians to march from Europe

into Turkey and Israel to reclaim these places for Christ through war. It also began an unprecedented animosity between Muslims and Christians and between Jews and Christians. The Reconciliation Walk, is an effort to defuse this bitter legacy. Begun in 1996, the Reconciliation Walk consists of volunteers who participate in segments of a walk on foot from Cologne to Jerusalem, bearing a written apology and a request for reconciliation with Jewish, Orthodox, and Muslim leaders along the path of the crusades. This will culminate in a final reconciliation event in Jerusalem on July 15, 1999. The Walk is not evangelistic in nature, but it is believed that reconciliation can open a door for the Gospel in the coming years. So far, the Walk (currently in Turkey) has been warmly received in amazing ways in every city.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Reconciliation Walk, make an effort to attend an information meeting on the Crusades and the Walk in one of the following US cities in March: Atlanta March 3, Austin TX March 10, Colorado Springs March 11, Los Angeles March 18, Nashville March 4, Phoenix March 14, Pittsburgh March 1, St. Louis March 7. Call 719-540-0914 for details.

If you are interested in joining a segment of the Reconciliation Walk, 3-day orientation seminars will be available every month between April and Sept. 1997, and you can depart from there to the field. Write to P.O. Box 38369, Colorado Springs, CO 80937 (Fax: 719-527-2680)