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Books, Tapes, Periodicals, Websites, etc to orient you to Muslim Ministry.

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From: Michael Strahan <> If you were to recommend *one* resource for educating oneself on the Muslim religion and specifically how to witness to Muslim immigrants to the U.S., what would it be?

From: Jason Butler <> How about *two* resources?!?! First, for a concise, readable, and well-written overview of Islam, check out "Understanding Islam: An Introduction to the Muslim World," by Thomas W. Lippman (Meridian Books, 1995). It is not written from a Christian perspective, but is VERY well done.

Second, for a little more on Muslim doctrine and on how to answer it from a Christian perspective, check out the apologetical work by Norman Geisler and Abdul Saleeb (Baker Books, 1993).

ANSWER From: "Dr. Jim Romaine" <> I suggest contacting Zwemer Institute of Muslim Studies, <>. They have coueses at many locations around the US and also hold seminars for churches and mission agencies.


30-Day PRAYER GUIDE in Spanish
YOU CAN WIN MILLIONS WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOUSE!! Don't pass up this chance to pray for the millions of Muslims in the world. You can win them through prayer! This is why we're making available the Spanish prayer guide, "30 Days of Prayer for the Muslims". This guide is designed for intercession for the Muslim world during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a time during which over one billion Muslims around the world join together in fasting and reflection. During this same month (January 1-30, 1998), the Body of Christ, His Church, will join together to intercede for the salvation of these Muslims. Send your order now to our postal address (please, no e-mail orders!). Don't forget to include how many guides you would like, your name, and the address to which to send the guides. Center for World Missions, Juventud Con Una Mision, Apdo. 1352, Oaxaca 68000, Oaxaca, MEXICO. Prices, including postage: US$2.50 each; (US$0.25 price breaks at 10 and 100) Please write checks in U.S. dollars to "Youth With A Mission". For orders through Mexico (N$20 each), contact Fax number: 91 (951) 5-79-27. From: Mark & Gina Fadely <>


AUDIO Tapes from Georges Houssney
The following lectures are available on audio cassette tape from Horizons International, P.O. Box 18478, Boulder, CO 80308-1478 for $4 apiece. Source: ReachOut Magazine
-Allah: The God of Islam
-The Muslim Mind-Set
-Penetrating Walls of Muslim Resistance
-All Muslims are not the Same
-Honest Answers to Honest Questions Muslims Ask
-Reaching Muslims: How will they hear?
-Abu Shadin: Debate in Arabic with Shiite Muslim
-Contextualization: Biblical Perspectives and The Gospel in Culture--3 cassettes for $11
-Arabic Bibles also available: Injeel: $4.95, Whole Bible $12.95