Names for Mission Conferences


From: David Mays,
Following is a file of missions conference themes I've collected.

A Church in Every Nation *
A Clear and Compelling Call *
A Heart for the Harvest *
A Light to the Nations *
A Needy World, A Saving Message *
A New Face for World Missions *
A Past to Remember...A Future to Pursue *
A Waiting World - a Willing Church? *
Across the Street - Across the Sea*
An Open Door *
And This Gospel Shall Be Preached. *
Approved to Proclaim (1 Thes 2:4) *
Arise, Go, Preach (Jonah 3:2) *
As the Father Has Sent Me, So Send I You *
At War for the World *
Back to the City *
Be a World Changer *
Behold the Lamb of God - Follow Him! *
Beyond My World *
Bridge the Gap--Adopt a Missionary Family *
Building Our World Vision *
By All Means *
By His Love Compelled *
Carpe Eternitas *
Carry the Light *
Catch the Spirit of Missions *
Celebration of Witness *
China - A Time for True Freedom *
Christ for the World *
Come Over and Help Us (Acts 16:9) *
Complete the Task in Our Lifetime *
Consequences of the Cross *
Daring to Dream *
Decade of Opportunity *
Declare His Glory Among the Nations *
Doors of Opportunity *
Due Unto Others *
Encircling the World for Christ *
Enter The World - For Jesus Sake*
Even Greater Things *
Every Tribe...Every Nation *
Expect Great Things from God, Attempt Great Things for God *
Exteme cause. Extreme cost. *
Facing a Task Unfinished *
Faith Under Fire *
Feed the World *
First Priority: Offering Christ to All Peoples*
Fishing in the Right Place *
Follow Me (Mt 4:19) *
Following Christ to the City *
For God So Loved the World *
For Such A Time As This *
For the Sake of the Call *
Founded on the Word, Focused on the World *
From Every Tribe, Nation, and Tongue *
From the Cross, Through the Church, To the World *
Gaining What Can't Be Lost *
Get a Job! In the Harvest *
Giving Our Lives in EACH Generation *
Global Impact - Our Mandate *
Global Partnership *
Global Vision *
Go Boldly *
Go For It! *
Go>Mission *
God is Able *
God's Great Challenge *
God's News and World Report *
God's Pattern for Missions (What are you cut out to be and do?) *
God's People Uniting to Further His Kingdom *
God's Work in Today's World *
He Who Winneth Souls is Wise *
Hearts for the Harvest *
Heaven is Counting on You *
Here Am I, Send Me *
High and Lifted Up *
His Last Command, Our First Concern *
His Plan - Our Purpose *
Honey, Let's Change the World! *
How Shall They Hear (Rom 10:14) *
How...except they be sent? *
I Am Ready *
I Have Made you a Light for the Nations *
I Have Set Before You an Open Door *
I Will Build My Church *
If Our Gospel Be Hid (2 Cor 4:3) *
Into His Harvest Field *
It's a Small World After All *
It's About Time *
Jesus - That the World May Know Him *
Jesus Christ: Lord of the Earth, Hope of the World *
Joy to the World *
Let the Earth Hear His Voice *
Let the Nations Be Glad *
Let's Go Fishing! *
Letting God Reign *
Lift Up a Standard (Is 62:10) *
Lift Up Your Eyes To The Harvest*
Look What God is Doing *
Lord of the Harvest *
Love in Many Languages *
Make God's Mission Your Mission *
Making Disciples of All Nations *
Manna for the Millions *
Meet A World of People *
Metropolitan Missions *
Missionaries: That's Us *
Missions in the Marketplace *
Missions is Action *
Missions Means Me *
Missions: A Concern or A Cause *
Missions: A Family Affair *
Missions: a Matter of the Heart *
Missions: Around the Community, Around the World *
Missions: God's Heart for the World *
Missions: Impossible? *
Missions: The Challenge of the Impossible *
Missions: The Fullness of God's Love
Missions: Worthy of an Entire Life *
Missions: Lifework, Homework*
Neighborhoods to Nations *
No Excuses*
Occupy 'til I Come *
Offering Christ to All Peoples *
Open Doors to the World *
Other Sheep I Have...Them Also I Must Bring *
Our Best for Our Master *
Our Lord's Mandate *
Partners in the Gospel -Partners in His Harvest *
Penetrating the Darkness *
People Need the Lord *
Reaching Out: Across the Street or Around the World *
Reaching the Unreached *
Reaching the World with God's Love A Vision of the Harvest *
Revelation + Revival = Revolution *
See, I am doing a new thing! (Isa 43:19) *
Send Forth *
Serving Missions Worldwide: Being helpful in a missionary's ministry. * 2Tim 4:11 *
Set the Pace *
Shine Like the World *
Should I Not Be Concerned? *
Song for the Nations *
Stop, Yield, Go *
Taking the Cause International*
Teach His Children Well *
Tell the Story *
Thank You for Giving to the Lord *
That All May Know *
The Field is the World *
The Fields Are White Unto Harvest *
The Glory of the Impossible *
The Gospel to All Peoples *
The Light of the World *
The Servant God Uses *
The Time for Harvest Has Come *
The Unfinished Task *
The Whole Gospel for the Whole World *
The Word for the World *
The World is changing.... But the Need Remains *
The World is on God's Heart...Is it on Yours? *
The World is Waiting *
The World of Islam: It's Their Turn *
They Can't Wait Forever *
Til the Whole World Knows *
To See As God Sees *
To Seek and To Save (Lk 19:10) *
To Whom Much is Given *
Unreached People: They Too Must Hear *
Unto the Uttermost Part of the Earth *
Untold Missions Still Untold *
Upholding the Word; Impacting the World *
Vision without Boundaries *
We Can Make A World of Difference *
We Found It, Let's Share It! *
We Go to All Nations *
We Stand Together *
We've a Story to Tell *
What Can I Do? *
What in the World are You Doing for Heaven's Sake *
What in the World is God Doing? *
What in the World? *
What Will It Take? *
When God Weeps *
Whenever, Whoever, Wherever *
Where do I Fit In? *
Where There Is No Vision...The People Perish *
While There is Still Time *
White Unto Harvest *
Who is My Neighbor? *
Who Knows? *
Who Will Fill Our Shoes? *
Who, Me? *
Whosoever! *
Why Missions? *
Within Our Reach *
Witness to the Light *
Won-by-One *
World Changers *
World Crisis - My Involvement *
World Thrust *
Ye Shall Be Witnesses (Acts 1:8) *
YOUnited in Mission *