Articles and recommendations on using videos in mission mobilization work.
Includes an offer at the end for video editing.


QUESTION From: TJPeel@aol.com
Are there any 4-6 minute missions videos available which would be appropriate for church mobilization during Sunday morning services?

ANSWER From: <NateWilson@XC.org> I've got a long list of videos that are 15-30 minutes long, but Yikes, that's a short format for a video! Of course, that's often all the time we have in a church service. The only thing that comes to mind is the Gateway Cities Prayer Profiles video produced by Caleb Project and CBN related to the Praying Through The Window II campaign. Contains overview and prayers for 51 cities in the 10/40 Window in about 20 independent video segments (about 3 minutes each). US$12.00 from Caleb Project, 10 West Dry Creek Cir., Littleton, CO 80120

ANSWER From: "Mike Kroupa" <MikeKroupa@xc.org> My wife and I are well aware of the short time available in church services for video use. We are also keenly aware of the critical need to raise up prayer for unreached peoples. Our goal is to mobilize prayer for frontier missions. One way we attempted to address this was to develop a short prayer video focusing on one people group. We completed two versions. The "full" version is about 7 minutes long. The abbreviated version is just over half that long. Both versions are on the same tape. This was done because we felt the typical 15-20 minute long videos, while they might be great for those already interested, are too long in many cases for stimulating new interest in prayer for a people group.

This video focuses on the Volga Tatar people. We chose them because our church is in the process of adopting them, but frankly, it would be useful as a tool to teach people how to pray for unreached peoples in general. We used something similar in a Perspectives class a few years back and it really hit home with the students.

If you are interested in a copy I will be happy to send you one for the cost of the blank tape and postage ($8 total). I am even willing to give a "satisfaction guarantee" such that if you are not satisfied with the quality, just don't send any money. No questions asked. (Of course I think you will be very happy with the quality, or I wouldn't make the offer.)

ANSWER From: "Kevin A. Guttman" <KGuttman@compuserve.com> ..responding to your question about short 4-6 minute videos that could be used for missions mobilization: Partners International has 1, perhaps 2 that fit this bill. They focus on reaching the unreached, the effectiveness of support of national Christian workers, and the strategic aspects of the 10/40 Window. You may want to contact Phil Chinn with the Church Relations Dept... 800-966-5515.

ANSWER From: Greg.Parsons@wciu.edu (Greg Parsons) Please consider the Global Countdown 2000 video series. This is an on-going series of broadcast quality videos that highlight Unreached Peoples and the AAP concept. Each section of the videos is broken up so you can show it piece by piece with prayer requests for each 5-8 min section. The first section is an introduction to the country that the peoples are in and then there are 2-3 (usually) different people groups highlighted (again each section 5-8 min). The last section of the videos highlights a church that has adopted one of the groups (or a similar group) and shows some of what they have done. The first production was on INDIA highlighting the Rajasthani Bhils, the Kolowar of Maharashtra and the Malto. Friends Missionary Prayer Band and TEAM are also in this video. MEXICO was 2nd highlighting the Pame Indians, the Zoque and the Tarahumara. Two churches in Washington state (PCUSA) have adopted the Zoque and are in the last section.CAMBODIA is next with a single focus on the Khmer. The work of the C&MA, A of G, and Southern Baptist is featured along with the a church in Singapore (Methodist) that has adopted the Khmer. Last (done that is, SUDAN is on the way) is CENTRAL ASIA. Various peoples of the region of Dagestan are highlighted (with a Korean American research team featured) along with the Kazaks and an adopting church in the U.S.


QUESTION From: JOHN STELZER <JohnJoy@gnn.com> Where can I find 10 minute videos to be used in a church service to promote missions without pulling a major plug for a mission agency...? A short "video produced by ABC Missions" at the end is no problem.

ANSWER From: NWilson@CProject.com (Nate Wilson) I think CALEB PROJECT's videos would suit your purpose. They are slide compliations rather than moving pictures, but the photography is high quality. This year we hope to start with motion video profiles. Our stuff is generally about 12 min. long, profiling particular unreached people groups and giving prayer points.

You could also get the footage from "PRAY THROUGH THE WINDOW--100 Gateway cities;" that's generic--produced by CBN. Specific cities in the 10/40 window are highlighted for maybe 2 minutes each. Ask Katherine Carlton <KCarlton@CProject.com> how to get a copy--she produced it, so she should know, but give yourself time for her to answer, she's really busy with the footage and script for Praying Through The Window III right now!

The USCWM has some good generic stuff out on different people groups. I think the call it Global Countdown 2000. If I'm remembering the right one, the the profiles are like an hour long, but are subdivided into 15 minute segments. Call 1-800-MISSION.

Also check out the unreached people video profiles that CREATE INTERNATIONAL produced. Contact Calvin_Conkey@onramp.com.au

InterVarsity's video FRIENDS would also be good--covers ministry to International students. (Slide compilation, well-done)

ANSWER: "John Burgess" <branzjcb@MGMT.BRANZ.ORG.NZ> "...InterAct Ministries has produced two videos [THE CALL and COUNTDOWN] as part of an integrated missions presentation, that also includes brochures and a script for the presenter. InterAct Ministries Attn: Media Services 31000 SE Kelso Rd., Boring, OR USA" Interesting town to live in, but the videos are neat. Not your normal misso type stuff. Particularly Countdown. Awesome. Check out the end scenes.

ANSWER From: <Mikeehc@aol.com> I just watched a great video from Mars Hill Productions called "Generation" I think. It was focused on the younger generation of our day, but really spoke to me on missions. It was very, very powerful. I don't think that it has been released yet and the version which I saw was a pre-production release, I think... Anyways, look into it. -Mike Clinton

ANSWER From: Paul Schultz <schultz@wycol.com> Have you...seen this article in Brigada today..."JP2000 VIDEO IS A WINNER! --...It's a 13-minute overview of the JP2000 concept, complete with interviews with key mission leaders like John Robb, Patrick Johnstone, and Luis Bush. Also included is footage from meetings such as GCOWE '95, the Launch, and the Himilaya event...grab your $9.95 and =run=, don't walk, to John at <76651.2032@compuserve.com>...=includes= shipping and handling costs to any USA destination! ...John's tel. is 719-380-0505..." I ordered one of these videos and was very impressed with how concise it was. It was very well done, and I would recommend it highly. Besides, it was inexpensive. I am planning on showing it to my Sr. High Sunday School class as well as the Mission Task Force of my church. Don't forget the popcorn.

ANSWER From: "Karl H. Mueller" <grm@netshop.net> Contact PROCLAMEDIA Productions PO Box 26479, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 Phone: 719-380-0505 Fax: 719-380-0936 E-Mail: WCNNews@aol.com Some excellent videos -- especially on the 10/40 Window and Muslims.

ANSWER From: Joel & Karine <76333.1152@CompuServe.COM> There is a very good 10 minutes long video called "DOING YOUR BIT" designed to explain unreached and adopt-a-people. It can certainely be obtain at the US Center as well as they helped producing it.

ANSWER From: (Chris) U.S. Center for World Missions has a "GLOBAL COUNTDOWN" series. At the moment they have done India, Central Asia, and Mexico. They also have a "How to Adopt-a-People" video, but the quality isn't as good as the Global Countdowns which are excellent productions. [1605 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104 or 1-800-MISSION--NW]

AD2000 just came out with a Joshua Project2000 video in collaboration with YWAM's ProclaMedia and Caleb Project. This is a good introduction to the Joshua Project list, strategy, and philosophy of partnership in missions. [Order from AD2000 & Beyond Movement, 2860 S. Circle Dr., Suite 2112, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, USA--NW]

The "LIGHT THE WINDOW" video-- the short 8 minute version is still a good introduction to the mission movement at the end of this century. Produced by CBN and Caleb Project, it lays the groundwork for the next "Pray Through the Window III" video (not the title) to come out later this year. [$24 (incl S&H in the USA) from Caleb Project, 10 West Dry Creek Cir., Littleton, CO 80120 http://www.calebproject.org --NW]

A few years ago INTERVARSITY had a good series on unreached peoples which included a piece on Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, China, and Tribal Peoples. The quality was excellent... ["To Every People" Four 15-minute segments on one tape for $29.95 plus $2.50 Shipping from InterVarsity Video/TwentyOneHundred Productions, POB 7895, Madison, WI 53707-7895, USA 1-800-828-2100--NW]

WYCLIFFE has also produced a few videos to illustrate their particular kind of work of Bible translation. I always found those fascinating in terms of the patience and dedication that Wycliffe missionaries exercise. An inspiration for any audience. [Box 2727, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, USA--If you have a list of videos from Wycliffe, give me a copy.

HIMCOE Also, the Himalayan Congress Of Evangelism video is hot off the press. It would be good for orienting a congregation toward mission work in the Himalayan area of the world. Available from Caleb Project for $12, 10 W. Dry Creek Cir, Littleton, CO 80120--NW]


VIDEO LIBRARY from USCWM Finally, an entry-level missions course for the TV generation! From full-length feature fulms to insightful documentaries, Frontier Media has assembled a collection of the most entertaining missions videos available. This multi-curricula program incldes a step-by-step instruction manual optomized for use in Sunday School Classes, Bible studies, evening services, and adult education classes. Use it to raise awareness in your church and other churches in your community. Includes the following videos at special discounted prices: -Bamboo in Winter -Beyond the Next Mountainh -EE-Taow! -Ee-Taow! the Next Chapter -Guess Who's coming to America -The Wait of the world -Doing Your Bit -The Final Frontiers -Global Countdown 2000 Introduction -Mobilizing Your Church With Video (includes previews of the above films. Available separately for $4.95) Contact the William Carey Library if you're interested in using these mission videos to develop your own library. If you buy the first 6 videos, the cost is $158.35, and if you buy all 10, the cost is $199. (Videos may be purchased separately.) VISA/MC orders call 1-800- MISSION, or FAX 818-794-0477, 1605 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104. Be sure to add $2 per order for S&H, and if you're in CA or L.A., add state/county tax. [I have seen almost all of these films, and I can vouch that they are some of the best videos available.--NW]


VIDEO EDITING OFFER From: John Blake <72774.1766@CompuServe.COM> ..I know there are many missionaries and church groups who want to promote their ministry, but are unable to afford to put a video program together. They even have video footage but editing costs are too expensive. So I want to offer my digital editing suite to any missionary or ministry related project for only $25 per hour! ...This fee would include graphics and Titling. My computerized equipment edits SVHS and Hi-8 with no loss of quality because the editing is done digitally! ...I would also be happy to offer my services as a consultant, producer, director, writer, or videographer - also at reasonable prices, but not as low as the editing suite! Because I'm a missions pastor, I have a full program at my church, but I believe video is a vital tool for getting the word out, so I'd be delighted to help people do that. I've been in the video business for over 30 years... Contact me through my email address. (72774.1766@compuserve.com or JohnBlake@Juno.com) or phone me at (206) 745-4206 or 1-800-981-6700.