List of Mission Seminars--these may by pre-scheduled events you can attend or seminars you can actually host in your area.


From: <> World Thrust is an organization dedicated solely to mobilization of the local church. Would like to talk to anyone about mobilizing UNINVOLVED churches. Want to network and help through our proven training methods. Have worked in Canada US and overseas. Have a Winning Strategies Seminar Oct 16,17,18 in Holland Michigan. God has used this seminar to change the ministries of hundreds of pastors /churches to be global in scope. Email and would like to send info.


From: Nate Wilson <> International Missions' summer Training and Outreach Program is a "hands-on" total immersion learning experience. Daily outreach to Asian people makes classroom instruction come alive. This program (based in New York city) provides many opportunities to witness cross-culturally in English at much lower cost than overseas summer programs. This is a great opportunity for both prospective and committed missionaries to confirm, right here at home, that indeed missions is for them. 56 hours of Courses are arranged in each of the following tracks: Chinese Multireligion, Hindu/Sikh, and Muslim. 4-week program, June 29-July 29, 1996 $800 6-week program, June 23-August 3, 1996 $1,200 Call 1-800-755-7955 for more information.


Down through the ages, revival and world evangelization have been the twin activities of God, just as the Holy Spirit's twin activities are convicting the world of sin and empowering the Church to be a witness. After traveling the USA speaking to congregation after congretgation, it is clear that the greatest need of our churches is a sweeping revival that humbles and fills us with true passion for Jesus. It is not really missionary fervor that is needed. It is intimacy with Christ. If people are truly connected to Jesus, then it is inevitable that He will call us to go to the ends of the earth. As with the great revival at the turn of the century here in America, there was an immediate explosion of missions vision and passion. Tens of thousands were revived and simultaneously recognized God's passion for the people without Christ. Much of the fruit of the Chruch around the world today is due to the efforts started then. Today, we find the U.S. missionary force shrinking, giving to world evangelization down, and reading of missions magazines and books declining. The truth is that no amount of hype or fancy programming will help reverse this trend. It is a direct response to our hearts growing hard. Jesus is the only answer to our own spiritual condition and the plight of the 2.1 billion unreached. If you are also burdened for the condition of the Church and long to see a fresh outpouring of His Spirit, then I encourage you to host this deeply inspiring and powerful seminar. This seminar is conducted by David Smithers. There are few individuals who more completely embody a heart of broken prayer for the church, the Bride of Christ. Be ready to be ministered to by the Holy Spirit through this humble man's instruction. To schedule this seminar for your church or fellowship, call: (405) 7900-HGM --John Willis Zumwalt


I have spent the last year of my life writing producing and directing a six-part video series about the Arab World. Prior to that, my family and I were missionaries in the Middle East for five years. This series was co-produced (i.e. funded) by ten different missions groups who work in the Middle East. It was also assisted by countless people from many other agencies who provided video footage, people, interviews and critical input. These people put so much into this production, because they want to get rid of stereotypes we in the West have of the Arab people...terrorists and enemies. This series puts them in the proper perspective. As Colin Chapman, expert and writer on Islam says, "It's time we saw the Arabs as the warm hospitable people they really are."

The six programs are 20 minutes each in length and come with a Study Guide for group discussion, prayer and more information. All six programs are on one tape. They are excellent for Adult Sunday School, Bible Study, Missions groups, College workshops. Dudley Woodberry, (who appears in the series) said this video "...should be in every Christian Church and College." The six topics are: 1. "Abraham's Other Children": A look at the Spiritual heritage of the Arab people, along with a short history of Christianity & Islam. 2. "God and Family": A look at the culture of the Arab people and the things that are important to them. 3. "The Five Pillars": The basic beliefs of Islam, and how it compares to Christianity. 4. "The Violent Edges": The Story of the Palestinian people, and the rise of fundamentalism. 5. "More than a Remnant": A look at the Christian Church in the Middle East and the problems they face living in a Muslim majority. 6. "Christian Witness": What efforts are being made to spread the gospel in the Arab World. What strategies work, and how can we help?

We originally offered this series for $79.95, including the study guide. But we are anxious to get the tapes out to as many churches and people as possible. Therefore we are now selling the tapes for $39.95 each. We are also offering discounts for multiple sets of 10 or more. Additional study guides are $5.00 each. To order tapes, write to Middle East Media, P.O. Box 359, Lynnwood WA 98046, or call 1-800-981-6700 or (206) 745-4206.--Submitted by John Blake <>


Practical missions seminars can be scheduled right in your own church! The following seminars are available through The Evangelical Alliance Mission:
-7 Critical Points when your Missionary Needs You
-Missions: a custom-fit place for everyone
-How to Multiply & Stretch your missions dollars
-Getting New Missionaries to the Field Time frame can go from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Seminars are accompanied by full-color overhead illustrations, student handouts, and helpful auxiliary resources. As time permits, group discussions and problem-solving activities will "customize" the learning for your group. Contact Glen Felty to schedule a seminar or to get more information: <> Phone: 1-800-343-3144


From: "David L. Mays" <102100.2020@CompuServe.COM> Re "testimony" of what we're doing in mobilization. I have been doing a 4-hour seminar for a couple of years called "Building Global Vision in Your Church." It helps church leaders to study
-God's global purpose
-how God has equipped your particular church for ministry, and
-what the world is like in our time.

The result can be a clear vision of what God wants to accomplish in the world through your church. The seminar material has now been published in a book called "Building Global Vision," available from ACMC. The book is a 6-session self-study plus group discussion leading to a global vision statement for a local church. Grace Countryside Church had the seminar for their entire church leadership team (39 people) in May of 1995. As a result they developed a strategic focus on Albania through an Albanian national pastor they had helped to train. n May of this year the entire elder board visited Albania to determine how their church can best proceed to help plant churches there. To inquire about having the Building Global Vision Seminar, contact David Mays, ACMC, Box 221, Brownsburg, IN 46112, 317-852-0348, For the book, Building Global Vision, contact ACMC at 1-800-798-ACMC or


George Miley has a seminar called "Completing the Task," which is the best "spoken" manifestation of Antioch Network philosophy. It has many similar features to Destination 2000, but delves much more into encouragement, opportunities and vision specifically for local churches. It's available on cassette tape, but believe me, you'd much rather hear George in person! We also have a blockbuster document called the Antioch Manifesto. The newest version will be unveiled at the gathering in Scottsdale [AZ. Office phone: 602-242-4414 Email: <>-NW]--From: Greg Fritz <>


WISDOM FOR THE WINDOW: practical training for prayer journeyers.
From: [DH] For those who want to help others (your local church, etc) pursue some kind of Prayer Journey in the months/years ahead. This four-hour video format training tool is taken from some training sessions offered by Steve Hawthorne in 1995 down in Colorado Springs. We utilized some sections of the video for some of our training earlier this year and found that it can be an effective training tool. We recommend that you preview & time the sessions that you'd like to feature Steve's input rather than having folks sit down for the entire 4 hours.

[Available from the Windows International Network, P.O. Box 7287, Colorado Springs, CO 80933 Phone:719-522-1040 FAX:277-7148 Email: Package contains two video tapes and an outline on paper. Highlights Biblical Examples and Themes for Prayer, How to do Prayerwalking, Planning a Prayer Journey, and Security Concerns.--NW]


Tentmakers International Exchange Training Seminars. Contact Danny Martin, 41 East Coast Ave. #03-04, Findland Gardens, Singapore 459246. <>


"The Moving Peoples Seminar" is a two-day introduction to nomadic peoples and Christian mission among them. Meet a number of Christians from a number of missions with experience in different part of the world to discuss the nomads and various aspects of reaching them. Organized by the Nomadic Pastoralist Network & sponsored by missions in the Evangelical Missionary Alliance.

When: July 15-16, 1997 Where: Bulstrode, Gerrards Cross, England (WEC-Int'l headquarters) Cost: 25 pounds full board & room, or 10 pounds per day For further information, contact: David J. Phillips, Moving Peoples, WEC-International, Bulstrode, Gerrards Cross, Bucks, SL9 8SZ, ENGLAND FWD By: (John Hanna)


by Larry Walker 619-746-4285. This practical seminar will help move missions forward in your church. Learn how to communicate missions in a contemporary manner.


by Bob Sjogren 602-834-1500--Excellent resource to show the Bible has one theme that runs from Genesis to Revelation.


From: Steve Shadrach <> I have developed a one day seminar called "Day of Discovery" that basically crams 100 hours of Perspectives into 6 hours (including AV presentations, etc..) and am giving that to groups of churches and groups of campus ministries in different cities. (Steve is the founder of a successful college ministry in the Southern U.S. called STUDENT MOBILIZATION.)


This is not an exhaustive list! Any mission agency you contact most likely has representatives who could provide you with a good seminar on missions, so be sure to contact other mission agencies you are familiar with, even if they're not listed here!