CONFERENCE Chronology 1995

Chronological list of face-to-face meetings and conferences having to do with mission mobilization.

Includes both announcements and summary reports. (I had to guess on some of the dates--feel free to send corrections!)


24 Aug 95 GENERATION X Consultation'95 Report
From: Michael Schwartz <> August 24-26, 1995
...30 people (aged 18 to 50-something) from 18 organizations came together to consider how to best mobilize and recruit "Generation X" in order to complete world evangelization. Our focus was to get past the analytical stage and move into the practical realm. Each person left with specific plans to implement change in their spheres of influence. Many of the participants were mission agency recruiters who hope to challenge their agency's perception of Generation X. Issues such as Generation Xers' relational values, cross-cultural sensitivity, and experience over formal education caused the representatives to consider streamlining their entry process and personalizing their recruitment strategies.

The highlight of the weekend came as a panel of eight Gen. X'ers shared their frustrations, their fears, and their heart to be used by God in completing the Great Commission in whatever way God will direct them.

A formal write-up of our findings will be available at the beginning of October for about $20. Contact Michael Schwartz, Director of The X Factor, at Caleb Project. (303) 730-4170.

Michael and a partner will be traveling from Wyoming to the East Coast and back during October and November. They are available to speak at youth groups, college groups, church leadership, mission agencies... to help educate, challenge, and consult God's people to see Generation X fulfill their purpose in God's Kingdom. Call Michael immediately if you hope to use them during this fall!


18 Jul 95 ACMC '95 National Conference Report (Wheaton, IL)
Originally from: NateWilson@XC.Org (Nate Wilson) Originally dated: Tue, 18 Jul 95 10:05:00 -0600
The ACMC conference was AWESOME! Stifilingly HOT, though, with the heat factor around 120 degrees F, and air conditioners breaking down! The plenary sessions were great, and it was so exciting for me to meet for the first time mobilizers that I've been emailing over Brigada. Greg Fritz and I had dinner with the co-founder of a new oranization that could take care of our international mob. contacts! The drama seminars that we led were well-attended and had great response--dozens of scripts sold, and we may have to do a few mobilization team training workshops around the country to follow up! I also had a great time with Jeff & Robin Pike, Bev Pegues, and John McVay praying for What's After October. Then the Stearns bombed in at the last minute with a Proclamedia crew and we made a video featuring Greg F. (START), Bill & Amy S. (A Sunday for the World), Bruce Camp (church involvement), Greg Parsons (PSP), Bev P. (prayer), and Larry Walker (7-Dynamics), to which excerpts from D2000 and "Challenge of the Unfinished Task" will be added to make a 90-minute generic mobilization video for the wide end of the funnel, which will be a major key to having "What's After October" workshops in multiple locations. Wahoo!


20 Feb 95 SOUTHERN BAPTIST FMB 1995 Report
A new generation of Southern Baptist foreign missionaries is taking the field--and the faces are changing as much as the places of service. Among new appointees of the Foreign Mission Board, singles and ethnics are more numerous. More have worked in overseas ministry before. And the steady stream of new missionaries flowing toward traditional "harvest fields" is being joined by a growing group headed where the need for a witness is critical. These people are redefining what it means to be a missionary. They're at home in a world shrunk dramatically by passenger jets and television news... "They feel drawn to the cutting edge," said Lloyd Atkinson, director of the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board's personnel selection department. "They want to go places where there are no other missionaries and life is hard. They want to go where the need is the greatest -- even into dangerous, uncharted waters." ...Of 246 long- term workers appointed by the Foreign Mission Board in 1995, 50 went to countries closed to traditional missionary activity...

..Three broad trends reveal important aspects of the changing face of [SBC] Foreign Mission Board missions: --"been there, done that" ...In 1975, only 10 of 183 new career missionaries previously had [been] overseas..., but in 1995, [the number was up to 93 out of] 246 long-term appointees... --Ethnics, especially Asians, are becoming more highly visible...Ten years ago, five ethnics were appointed ... In 1995, 12 ethnics were appointed... --...a sharp increase in the number of singles. Since 1985, single missionaries comprised steady 5-6% of new missionaries. In 1994, however, [it] jumped to 10%...

The Foreign Mission Board's eight consultants work full time with more than 3,000 people seeking to discern God's will for their lives, Atkinson said.--By Mark Kelly <>, Submitted by David Moody <>