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Knowing God & Making Him Known is the theme of this new NIV Bible; it is also the heartbeat of Youth With A Mission. Which is why this Bible's study program is modeled after YWAM's proven Discipleship Training approach. Features 30-path study program with in-text notes, mini biographies, people profiles, center-column cross ref. system, book intros, concordance, index and more. (see press release and image of cover online: Softcover Retail Price: U.S. $24.99, WCN sale price: $19.99; Bonded LeatherRetail price: U.S. $49.99, WCN sale price: $39.99 [Add US$2.50 per Bible for postage w/in the U.S. or add 60% of total for shipment outside U.S. plus sales tax if in Colorado.] WorldChristian News, P.O. Box 26479, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA. Tel: 1 (719) 442-6409; Fax 1 (719) 380-0936; Email:

A convincing case for forming and nurturing a passion for daily prayer. ($3) Available through Every Home for Christ, P.O. Box 35930, Colorado Springs, CO 80935 <>

By George Verwer 135 pages
I THE CALL TO BE A DISCIPLE (Discipleship in an age of tension and Fear, Getting out of the Fog, Fruitfulness)
II BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES OF DISCIPLEHSIP AND VICTORY (Love: The Hallmark of a Christian, Foundations for Spiritual Growth, Disciplines of the Spiritual Life, Weapons and Warfare)
III CONTINUING ON THE WAY (Repentance, Discouragement, Spiritual Balance, Family Living, Lord of All)

Second edition published May 1996 The subtitle of this publication is "Ideas on how to act in a secure way in the Arab World." It is specially written for tentmakers. The issues are examined in depth and practical guidelines set out to help establish an appropriate lifestyle without causing additional stress. Although written specifically for the Arab World the general principles set out in this booklet apply to all closed countries. It is designed to be a useful resource for all who work in the area but also those who communicate with them. It is specially written without reference to any particular group or individual so that it can be used by every one. It is available in two formats as a booklet or as a Windows Help file.Available from KFS Consultants Ltd. P O Box 7186, Lykavitos, 1642 NICOSIA, Cyprus. Fax: 357-2-368596 Price: US$10 per copy incl. postage etc. Cheques made payable to KFS Consultants Ltd. (We can accept cheques for the equivalent value in any major currency. )

Review by Theo Robinson: "...Hale's strong emphasis on biblical attitudes makes the book well worth reading for anyone Concerned to live Christianly. ..The sections on intcrpersonal conflict are worth the price of the book. >From the call to the first furlough, Hale deals with the gamut of missionary life...Working as a team, accepting discipline, managing culture shock, dealing with lack of privacy, doing spiritual warfare, helping singles and missionary children to succeed are more typical missionary topics which he deals with at some length... As an encouragement to those considering missions for the first time, an upbeat Hale presents the life he and his wife have shared over 25 years as doctors in Nepal..." By Thomas Hale, 1995, 417 pp., $16.95 William Carey Library, Box 40129, Pasadena, CA 91114,

by Marjorie F. Foyle Evangelical Missions Information Service, 1987 The book explores stress as related to singleness, marriage, family, adolescents, culture shock, interpersonal relationships and re-entry. The chapters on missionary selection and missionary relationships are particularly helpful. To order, call ACMC's distributor, Churchmart, at 1.800.798.ACMC

The Revised edition of the Pasedena People Cluster Consultation is finally ready for distribution. This excellent collection of articles covers everything from security to partnerships, from adoption ceremonies to non-residential missionaries. If you, your church or organization is involved in ministry in unreached areas, you want this material handy! This 150-page book contains most of the material which will be included in the upcoming advocate training conference pre-reading as well as a number of papers written specifically for or about the Pasadena event. The book is USD$15 plus $3.00 shipping in the US, Canada or Mexico. International postage is $3.50 for surface or $11.50 for air. (Air to Mexico is $6.50.) Orders by pre-payment (Visa, Mastercard, or US check) only. No orders for the compendium after December 15, 1997, please. If you'd like to look over the revised table of contents, send the following message to <>: get gpcc-discuss compendium.toc From: JHanna@XC.Org

This [new] book gives for each of the 953 castes and tribes the population, alternate names, Christian population, Scripture availability, Bible translation, Audio-Visual works, missions and churches working among each, the dispersion of each people in the different states of India - 150 pages - A4 size. Price including Air Mail postage is US $ 10 . For copies, send your cheque in favour of "India Missions Association." From: India Missions Association <>

Basic Training for Spiritual Warfare, by Neil and Yvonne Pirolo, Emmaus Road International, 1997, Paperback, 288 pages. This new book by Neal Pirolo, who wrote _Serving As Senders_ serves as a basic primer concerning spiritual warfare. "I hate war!" The author declares in his opening paragraph. "But my hatred for the enemy of our souls is greater than my abhorrence of war!" Making reference to over 700 Scripture passages that point to victory in battle, the author drives home the importance of understanding the basics of "spiritual warfare". Yvonne Pirolo adds, "Many people believe only the pastor or the missionary or the =other= person is confronted by the enemy. We need to recognize and be prepared for the specific times and ways the enemy hassles all committed Christians in their daily living and how to apply God's solutions." Each chapter is followed by practical insights written by Yvonne from her experiences. Real problems are followed by biblical solutions to gain victory in Christ. $5.75 from William Carey Library, which offered this book review. (1-800-MISSION)

7 Ways to Pray from God's Word By Steve Hawthorne. 16 pgs. Pocket-sized booklet puts portions of scripture and prayer ideas right at your fingertips as you pray on the streets. Learn to pray blessings from the Beatitudes, God's glory from the Lord's Prayer, and others. Brief biblical excerpts fortify prayer around themes such as "Death to Life" from John. "Darkness to Light" from Paul's letters, and "Search and Rescue" prayers from Luke 15. US$22 for 10 booklets (incl. shipping), from Waymakers, Box 203131, Austin, TX 78720-3131.

REACH AROUND THE WORLD--52 Global Awareness activities for Christian Youth (US$13 + postage)-order through ACMC address above

(edited by Harvie Conn) There are many ways of defining "unreached", and many different estimates of the numbers, but the priority on penetrating new areas is obviously important. There's also a good chapter on new MEANS of reaching the unreached--tentmaking, third-world missionaries, data gathering & processing, students in missions, women in missions, etc., showing the pro's & con's and lots of good insight. The next-to last chapter was on building renewal structure into an institution and the importance of people over programs. Leaders must have vision for the future and not just be fine-tuning an old structure. God works through organization, so there is a balance between constantly- changing relationships and slow, unadaptible institutions. It is good to periodically discard old programs and start new ones--often based on the suggestions of people on the fringe of your group. The last chapter on influencing seminaries spoke of the "missionary dimension"--all disciplines should have a missionary dimension instead of missions being a separate course or somebody else's business; Missions is integral to the Church and should be treated as a part of all its functions. This book is quite a kick in the head because it came out of a consortium of missiologists from a seminary--I found it challenging to wade through. But it does give a good view of the history, definition, & strategies related to reaching unreached peoples. ($8.95 from Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing Co., P.O. Box 817, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865) Review by <>

by Peter Jordan YWAM,1992 This is practical and enjoyable to read. It will help missionaries to prepare and their friends to understand. To order, call ACMC's distributor, Churchmart, at 1.800.798.ACMC

By Viggo Sogaard, William Carey Library, 1996, paperback, 278 pages. US$9.25 Puts under one cover why and how systematic research methods and skills should be and could be used to improve effectiveness of Christian ministries. Call 1-800-MISSION to order by credit card or 1-818-798-0819 for other payment. Source: Mission Frontiers Vol.19#1-2,

Originally from: Jan Bell <> These are hot off the press! The Ruby Slippers School Series. ..In <<Adventures in the Caribbean>>, two girls make a new friend, a young Antiguan girl named Zoe. The girls discover a hidden map and set out to search for the treasure. In <<The Belgium Book Mystery>> [a] family visits missionary friends whose printing press is being vandalized...Great reading for 1-3 graders, [especially if they're] homeschooled... Looks like there are more to come in the series. Good reading to show how to develop friends with children from other cultures -- a valuable skill to have these days. Author, Stacy Towle Morgan. Bethany House Publishers Price: $4.00 each. Pre-paid orders can be placed through kids-can-net.

of God's heart for every people! The sequel to Destination 2000 and Catch the Vision 2000 is now available at your local Christian bookstore or through calling 800-MISSION [Wm Carey Publishers $9.99]. It's a practical jaunt through what folks are doing worldwide once they've caught up to speed about what God is doing in these "new thing" days. Authored jointly by Bob Sjogren of Frontiers and Bill & Amy Stearns of World Christian, the 288-page book is a perfect fit for Perspectives grads, folks who have gone through a Catch the Vision or Destination 2000 course, mission fanatics of any ilk, mission fellowship members, mission pastors and particularly mission mobilizers! From: Bill Stearns <>