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by Nai-Wang Kwok Hong Kong: Hong Kong Christian Institute (11 Mongkok Road, 10/F, Kowloon, Hong Kong), September 1997, 176 pp. Review by Dr. Samuel Ling:

As the handover of Hong Kong came and went in 1997, overseas Christians are tempted to go back to a posture many held before July 1, 1997: relying on the western news media for information, with little in-depth understanding of the role of the church in Hong Kong and the concrete challenges she faces at this new movement of our history. Kwok's new book fills this information and insight gap with a much needed tool. The book is conveniently divided into three parts: "Opportunities in the Colonial Era", "Changes after the Reversion to China", and "Towards a Citizens' Church". Two manifestos issued by Christians in Hong Kong in 1984 are attached, along with a brief bibliography. This book is a helpful resource in many ways: 1. It portrays the privileged position of the church in Hong Kong... 2. It analyzes the symbiotic relationship between the colonial government and the business elite... 3. The book offers a brief look at the poor and disadvantaged in Hong Kong, and the huge gap between rich and poor... 4. The book outlines three roles played by the church in Hong Kong: delivering social services; conversion and church growth; and advocacy for social justice... 5. A very realistic, indeed, pessimistic portrait is given on the curtailing of civic and religious freedoms, and self-censoring by both the press and the church, as 1997 drew near... Several examples from Hong Kong's recent past are given to show that (a) there is hope, (b) the church must dare to speak up, though (c) she will face many difficulties ahead.

Eternal Truth Ministries is in the planning stages of creating a valuable resource book which would explicitly unfold the truth about the Religion of Islam. This book will clarify the views of Islam towards Christianity. Here are a few of the issues which will be included in this book. -Did God make the Prophetic Covenant with both of Abraham's sons, Ishmael and Isaac? -Do you know that Quaran supports the sacrifice of Isaac according to the events, and not Ishmael? -What do Quran and the Holy Bible say about the claim of Prophet Muhammad? -Do you know the difference betwen the True Allah and heathen allahs, the true Islam and false Islam? -Do you know that the land of Palestine only belongs to Jews, according to Quran? -Did God dedicate Khana-e-Kabba or the King Solomon's temple in Jerusalem? -Is Hajra-e-Aswas really a sacred stone? What does Quaran say? -Do you know that Holy Bible is the True Word of God, according to Quran? -Did Muhammad claim to be a savior? Answers to all the above quesitons and many more will be revealed in this book based upon texts from Quran, Islamic books, and the Holy Bible. The author hopes that God will use this book to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people who are blindly embracing the religion of Islam - a religion which presents absolutely no hope to mankind of eternal life. A manuscript of the book has been completed in Urdu, and help with English translation and publication would be appreciated. If you can help, please contact Elder W. Peter P.O. Box 2117, Palatine, IL 60078 Fax: 847-726-7284

Jim Montgomery, visionary founder of the DAWN movement, recently published his new book, "And Then The End Shall Come". "What is happening in the world today is almost beyond our comprehension," says Montgomery. "Many people are simply unaware of rapid missionary developments. One thing we do know," says Montgomery. "One day, the last church will have been planted and the final person won for Jesus. Then, says the Bible "the end will come". (Matthew 24:14)." The book, currently only available in English is available on disk in Microsoft Word format. It can be ordered via email from The print version costs $7. Source: DAWN Ministries, 7899 Lexington Drive, 200-B, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, USA. FWD By: FRIDAYFax #5, February 7th, 1997 <>

Many Muslim converts to Christianity have shared in the intensive research for this revealing book. They have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and desire nothing less for their Muslim neighbors. This book, throughout its 315 pages, unveils Islamic teachings using quotes and documented, detailed references from authoritative ancient and contemporary Muslim scholars. Free upon request <>

"Beyond Duty" is a new book that explains missions as a joy and privilege flowing from our personal relationship with the God of mission, not a guilt-driven duty reluctantly assumed by a select few. For information, contact <> or write MARC Publications, 800 W. Chestnut Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016 USA. From: February 1998 NETWORKING

"Celebrate the God Who Loves" highlights the peoples of the world still waiting to hear of God's love. This pictorial panorama and dozens of other items are listed in a catalog of missions materials available from SIM, P.O. Box 7900, Charlotte, NC 28241. Source: ADVANCE! August 1997 <>

Spells out the role of the church in a biblical response to suffering children: street children, children of war, child laborers and the sexually exploited. A special section includes contact information for agencies that specialize in helping children. For more information, contact or write MARC Publications, 121 Huntington Dr., Monrovia, CA 91 016 USA...

In co-operation with other organizations and through the help of Christian friends, New Life League's new division, Bibles Unlimited, publishes and prints large quantities of Scriptures for the Suffering Church in the least evangelized nations. In China the estimates have ranged from 60 to 100 million believers and it is said that they only have 20 million Bibles among them. "To assist you in your prayers for the world's most populous and yet-to-be-evangelized nation, Bibles Unlimited has available a free booklet, 'CHINA: Fueling the Fires through Prayer. The book is designed to help Western Christians gain a better understanding of the needs of this vast and great nation, especially of its Church. Through it you will feel the spiritual hunger of the people there and understand the importance of praying for our brothers and sisters in China's Suffering Church. To receive your copy of "CHINA: Fueling the Fires through Prayer," call 1-800-909-PRAY or write: New Life League International, PO Box 16030, Phoenix, AZ 85011-6030. From: Dan Wooding <>

1995, 60 pages in large softcover. Published by Youth With A Mission. For information, contact Jacob Lee, P.O. Box 7, Mitchell ACT 2911, Australia,. Call 011-61-6-2415500; fax 011-61-6-2416098. Source: January 1997 Evangelical Missions Quarterly

"How to Speak to our Elders about Christ," is an Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) booklet (33 pgs.) published in 1986. Again, it has excellent chapters by various Chinese authors on subjects like: "The Chinese View of Christianity," "Bridging the Social, Cultural and Religious Gaps," and "Parent-Child Sensitivities." Send orders to: OMF, 10 West Dry Creek Cir., Littleton CO 80120.

Profiles of the 50 most unreached people groups of China and Tibet are available in a book published by Asian Minorities Outreach and at <>. For information on the book, contact <> or write P.O. Box 132232, Tyler, TX 75713 USA. (Source: Advance)

A Guide to the Internet and Christian Online Resources, by Jason D. Baker. 210 pp., Available from WorldChristian News, P.O. Box 26479, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA. Tel: 1 (719) 442-6409; Fax 1 (719) 380-0936; Email: All prices payable in U.S. Dollar cheques, visa or MasterCard. For shipping in the U.S., add $3 first item; .50 each additional, contact WCN for International shipping prices.

(NIV) Zondervan Summer 1997 Softcover: $19.99/ Hardcover: $26.39/ Bonded Leather: $39.99 Available from WorldChristian News, P.O. Box 26479, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA. Tel: 1 (719) 442-6409; Fax 1 (719) 380-0936; Email: All prices payable in U.S. Dollar cheques, visa or MasterCard. For shipping in the U.S., add $3 first item; .50 each additional, contact WCN for International shipping prices.

Available from WorldChristian News, P.O. Box 26479, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA. Tel: 1 (719) 442-6409; Fax 1 (719) 380-0936; Email: All prices payable in U.S. Dollar cheques, visa or MasterCard. For shipping in the U.S., add $3 first item; .50 each additional, contact WCN for International shipping prices.

By Gailyn Van Rheenen, William Carey Library, 1997, paperback, 344 pages. US$9.25 Forward by David Hesselgrave. Shows that animistic beliefs are ubiquitous today, whether in New Age mysticism, horoscope occultism, Voodooism, Chinese ancestor veneration or Japanese Shintoism. The author presents a rigorous biblical, theological, and anthropoligical foundation for ministering in animistic contexts overseas or next door. Includes discussion questions. Call 1-800-MISSION to order by credit card or 1-818-798-0819 for other payment. Source: Mission Frontiers Vol.19#1-2,

OMF has about 200 or so they'd like to make available for free. The book is "Developing Multinational Teams: A study of factors involved for the development of multinational team ministry within the Association of Bible Churches of the Philippines." By Myron S. Harrison. It's about 170 pages long. It's a Master's thesis for Trinity Ev. Div. School,dated June 1983 "We want to give them away in large blocks to someone who will pay the shipping. When they are shipped in case lots, the shipping is a lot less per book." OMF, 10 West Dry Creek Cir., Littleton, CO 80120

A Directory of Western Christian Organizations Working in East Central Europe and the Newly Independent States Formerly Part of the Soviet Union. Editors Sharon Linzey, M. Holt Ruffin, Mark R. Elliot Copyright 1993, ISBN 0-9635856-0-6 Order from: Berry Publishing Services, Inc., 701 Main Street, Evanston, IL 60202 TEL: (708) 869-1573 or (800) 274-9447 FAX: (708) 869-4825 e-mail requests to Dala Bruemmer <> Individual copies are $15 / 4 or more copies are $12.50 Overseas orders add $10 each single copy air delivery The Directory has some interesting articles by Peter Kuzmic, Anita Deneyka, and others. The list can be a little overwhelming but there are good descriptions of the organizations as well as listings by country/region.

"Equipping for Missions: A Guide to Making Career Decisions" by Dr. Dan Bacon, published by OMF, 1992.It's about 160 pages long, and is a book/workbook, i.e. has questions and lines to fill in answers. It's good. It is not a book to get people interested in missions...Its Purpose: To guide people who are already interested in missions thru all the steps regarding missions involvement. It covers, in some depth and often with questions and scriptures, topics like: ? Missionary Call ? Needed Training ? Choosing a Mission Agency ? God's Heart for All Nations (Gen.12 and many scriptures) ? Church Planting ? "Tentmaker" or "Missionary"? ..I think it's a book that all of us *should be aware of*, and *refer people* to. If you're talking with someone who has caught the vision of world evangelization and/but has lots of questions -- encourage him or her to buy this book from OMF ($3.95 plus postage, 10 West Dry Creek Circle, Littleton, CO 80120) and work thru it. It's a great resource.--Submitted by G.P.
If anyone on the mission mob conference wants a free copy of Dan's book to evaluate for use in a church or other group setting, tell them to call 1-800-422-5330 and ask for the Book Department. Tell 'em David Dougherty sent you and that I said they could have one free copy for evaluation purposes.--Submitted by DDougherty@XC.Org

Reccommended as "the Best of the Best" by Provident bookstores, 616 Walnut Ave., Scottsdale, PA 15683 (USA) Author Joetta Handrich Schlaback has compiled taste-tempting dishes from over 80 countries along with stories of hospitality and photos (B&W) of people from around the world. I bought a copy after tasting one of the recipes, and I can confirm that the recipes are good! This international cookbook appears to be primarily written by Menonite missionaries in the tradition of the "More With Less" cookbook. An ideal gift item. Spiral-bound with a beautiful full-color cover, the book sells for US$18.50 (incl. US postage). Provident Bookstores also has a toll-free number: 800-759-4447--Submitted by