Mission-oriented homeschool Curriculums and Curriculums appropriate for Homeschooling parents on the mission field.


From: (Timothy J. Mantooth) My family plans to begin full-time mission work in Africa within the next few years. Does anyone know of any specific home school materials that work well on the mission field?

ANSWER From: <> Frank Tichy
We took World Book products to Africa. I would recommend the following for all home schoolers:

A. Pre-schoolers - Early World of Learning. A complete set of materials which teach the desired 105 recommend by consultant kindergarten teachers... Cost: $299.00

B. Pre-school through 5th grades: Childcraft. Our four kids in Africa practically wore out our set...topical encyclopedia...dictionary plus a guide for parents. Cost: $299.00

C. 2nd grade through all-family use: World Book. This is the favorite encylopedia in all elementary and many secondary schools. Even college students use it as a first round of resource material in writing papers. A new set costs approximately $800. For missionaries on the field, their organizations can order a new, 22 volume,1994 set for just $200 to cover shipping and handling. A set can be ordered from Intn. Div. of World Book at 312-876-2200, ATT: Connie Piarowski.

..The '96 multi-media, inter-active World Book available for $119.00... As you might guess we are more than enthusiasts for World Book products. We are sales reps. (This helps supplement our income as mobilizers. Yes, we were tentmaker missionaries to Africa.)

ANSWER From: Danie Vermeulen <>
..I would recommend you use Accelerated Christian Education. ACE is very popular in South Africa where we have many home schools. ACE lends itself very well to home schooling. If you are interested I can connect you with ACE headquarters in South Africa. We have been running an ACE school for the past 9 years in our church with great success - even producing missionaries.

I've also heard good reports from field-based users on SonLight curriculum, a reading-based homeschooling program put together by a former full-time mission mobilizer. Their address is: 8121 South Grant Way * Littleton, CO 80122-2701 * USA E-Mail: Phone: (303) 730-6292 FAX: (303) 795-8668


From: Ron or Linda Sauke <> ..There is a new homeschool curriculum called "TEACHING WITH GOD'S HEART FOR THE WORLD", developed especially for "missions-minded families". The author, Ann Dunagan, published it in February, 1995, through Maverick Publications, Family Mission Vision Enterprises, a division of Adleta Ministries Inc. The address is: PO Box 7198, Bend, OR 97708-7198 Phone (503) 317-1763 Fax 317-1764 For copies call 1-800-201-1668

From: Nate Wilson <>
I also ran across more info on the curriculum the Sauke's mentioned above and it looks really good! Get their easy-to-read 14 pg. catalogue with great selections in the following categories:
-Unit Study Curriculum for all ages (also works as a supplement)
-Key books on mission
-Prayer journals
-Maps, flags, puzzles, dolls, rubber stamps
-Reference books on Christianity, the world, and peoples
-Missionary biographies galore!
-Words for the World (an overview of European languages) for Children
-People-group books on: Children Families Immigrants Cooking Counting
-Missionary story-telling kits & mission conference manuals for kids
-Books with Games and crafts from other nations
-Books on preparation for the mission field
-Scott Wesley Brown's music
-25 classic videos: mostly historical accounts of missionaries


Their email address is <> (for more info, see the conference DIRECTORY). Kids Can... has a good catalogue which they'll send to you for free.


The Voice of the Martyrs has a unique awareness program that links you with families who are being persecuted for their Christian faith. LINK International is a home school curriculum with feature stories about specific people who are being persecuted and related unit studies (language, culture, physical activity, science, math, etc). Lessons also include response steps such as prayer, writing letters, and further study. Each issue is 6 pages long. Perhaps this need not be limited to home- schoolers, but could be used by any family wanting to spend time learning together. Call 1-800-747-0085 or email <> for a FREE subscription to LINK.


A Complete home-schooling system centered around reading books. Missionary biographies and international stuff is integrated into the reading list. Address: 8121 South Grant Way * Littleton, CO 80122-2701 * USA E-Mail: Phone: (303) 730-6292 FAX: (303) 795-8668