People who can help you with preparing Children's Mission Programs. Includes Catalogues, Speakers and programs, and Conferences


Viva Network <> is located in England and is networking people who have a special interest in children esp street kids.

Also, Oakseed Ministries International <> partners with indigenous ministries in mega-cities, working w/ children at risk.

Two books: Precious in His Sight, a guide to child advocacy -- how to's for a church and Healing the Children of WAR, excellent resources. Want more information, contact us. Due out in January will be a handbook on street kids. -- Jan Bell <>


Children's Missions Resource Center -- Gerry Dueck, 1605 Elizabeth Street, Pasadena, CA 91104. This includes various resources for teaching children about missions.


Esther Network, International. A ministry founded by Esther Ilnisky seeking to involve children in global intercessory prayer. Excellent prayer tools and much more. Esther Network, Int'l, 854 Conniston Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33405-2131. (407)832-6490, Fax: (407)832-8043.


Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. This home school curriculum company was founded to meet the needs of missionaries. 10,000 families have used it both here and abroad. Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd., 8121 South Grant Way * Littleton, CO 80122-2701 * USA E-Mail: Phone: (303) 730-6292 FAX: (303) 795-8668


PROGRAM: Destination 2000 for kids/M&M Kids -- c/o Frontiers, 325 North Stapley Drive, Mesa, AZ 85203 or call 1-800-60-SERVE or (602) 834-1500. This video series is a teacher's training curriculum that helps you learn to teach missions to kids in a way that leaves them excited about God's heart for the world!


PROGRAM: Kids Pray -- Tim & Julie Brown, 3910 E. El Paso Drive, Flagstaff, AZ 86004-2336 or call (602) 526-9358. These materials provide creative ways to teach kids to pray effectively for the world. We got the Browns to lead our Children through the Kids Pray stuff at Caleb Project's staff retreat last year, and it was a real hit--the kids were performing the rap tunes and leading prayer meetings for weeks thereafter!


PROGRAM: PRAYER WORKS! A MISSIONS MUSICAL FOR KIDS audio tape. Choir books, performance videos, and other musicals also available. For information, contact Fred Judkins at Merryman Enterprises, 800 University Ave., Burbank, CC 91504. Call (818) 560-3330.


PROGRAM: Spiritual Growth Retreat for Children by Jill Harris of Frontiers Associates. Grades 3-6. Kids who show leadership qualities are taken on a retreat to be challenged spiritually. They learn about prayer, journaling, sharing their testimony, etc.


CATALOGUE: Kids for the World (First & Second Editions) by Gerry Dueck. A compilation of missions resources for children's ministry. A wonderful resource that let's you know what is available, how much it costs and who publishes it. William Carey Library, Publishers and Distributors of Missions Books and Material, P.O. Box 40129, Pasadena, CA 91104 ISBN 0-87808-768-0. $11.00 159 pp. softcover


CATALOGUE: KidsCan Network Catalog -- 445 Webster Drive, York, PA 17402. Call toll-free at (800) 543-7554 (USA only); Fax at (717) 757-6103 (24 hours a day); or email at In the KidsCan Network Catalog you will find up-to-date resources for reading, games, activities, music, drama, and teaching curriculum (i?). REVIEW From: <> There is no guarantee that what will work with one group of children will work with another. There are many variables. Kids Can Make a Difference evaluates materials before we recommend them and whenever possible we ask questions to determine what they really need. Some items to check when evaluating materials: the date published, the type of activities (paper and pencil, coloring are low on kids' lists), how the material is to be presented. You can have a lot of information but if the teacher is not given creative ways to present the material, you can forget it. Ask questions about the children. Have they been prepared with missions thinking? Some kids have been well taught and are moving beyond the simulated airplane ride. You can always refer them to us for more in-depth help. We also provide a guarantee on our materials, if it isn't what they wanted after they get it they can return for a refund.


CATALOGUE: Missions Curriculum for Kids -- Crossroads Publications, P.O. Box 111475, Campbell, CA 95011 or call (408) 378-8858. Crossroads Publications offers affordable curriculums for Sunday Schools or VBS as well as a selection of four stories of children in the Third World which include a story, drawings for coloring, maps, country facts, and life applications.


CATALOGUE: Missions Idea Notebook. By Lenora Hambly. SIM Canada, 1361 Eastern Drive, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 2S2. (604) 941-2101. $1.75 + postage.


CONFERENCE: Email Conference
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This is a major breakthrough for me. I have prayed for this and wanted it for years. Spread the word!--Jan Bell <>


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Smooth sailing to the airport and all the way to Indianapolis. The 11 of us who were traveling together, gradually found each other on the plane. Even I hadn't even met a few of the women going with our group from Denver. We were met at the Indy airport by the children's pastor of the church hosting the conference. He ended up being a great help to us and I think us to him also during the weekend...

The first night we had a message from Bob Sjogren... about the Top Line and Bottom Line of the Bible. It is the core teaching of the Perspectives course that I (and many of you!) have taken. Bob did it on Power Point with great sound effects on a huge screen. Many who had come with me were hearing this message for the first time and completely understood it. It was great!! It set the foundation upon which to build for the whole conference.

The second night the plenary speaker talked about Children at risk. He shared many statistics and stories of the horrible things that are happening to children all over the world. It was a sobering call to action. There is a day of prayer for these children scheduled for June 7th for whoever will participate. An 8 minute video with pictures and statistics with just music- was shown at lunch one of the days. We didn't get to see it, but those who did said it was very powerful, and not to watch it without a box of tissues. Let me know if you would like more information about this day of prayer.

Our booth stayed steadily busy throughout the conference... Our biggest sale items were the skits and skit videos, the Children Of the World Calendars and our new Kids Around the World: The Turks, Video. There was a VCR in the booth room we were able to use to show videos...

Our seminar went very well. The 4 of us CP staff moms tag-teamed the 70 minutes and focused on resources for teaching children about the Unreached Peoples and the 10/40 Window. As they came in we asked each person how many children they influence in their ministry, and at the end told them the number for the 38 people in our seminar was 14, 600+, and the 2nd time we did it, the number was over 10,000. What a privilege and responsibility to influence that many children for missions! They loved the hand motions Gwen taught them to go with the song she wrote on the video... Gwen B. was also on a panel about homeschooling where she shared about Sonlight Curriculum. She felt that that went very well also...

The other exciting outcome of the conference was that there were enough churches represented from Denver who would be willing to be involved in putting on a regional conference like the one we attended. We are tentatively thinking of doing it in October of 1999 at a church near here. I wouldn't have to do it alone, but would have a large team of people to do it with me. From our churches alone we would probably have several hundred attendees...

So all in all it was a wonderful conference and we came home with new ideas, curriculum and satisfaction in knowing that we were able to train and put excellent tools into the hands of many people. We even had a lot of fun doing it! Thank you for praying for us. Isn't God good?!!


Website: Kids for the World
All the resources from the book, Kids for the World, are now on the Web:'s catalog. The list of over 650 resources is thoroughly updated, as is the publishers list of 150 entries. The listings for projects, teen materials, and leaders' sections has also been increased. Source: Nov./Dec. 1997 Mission Frontiers Magazine P.24