Discipleship as a strategy of mission mobilization

What do I do to give ideas to other mobilizers?
Basically I talk a lot! Personal contacts are the key to communicating vision and addressing the concerns and questions of others.

JIM CAMOMILE-Discipleship
I became a Calebite in 1985. [This involved signing the Caleb Declaration, "By the grace of God and for His glory, I commit my entire life to obeying His commission of Matthew 28:18-20, wherever and however He leads me, giving priority to the peoples currently beyond reach of the Gospel (Romans 15:20-21)"] This happened through the ministry of dedicated [mobilizers]. They weren't even with Caleb Project staff but with Campus Crusade for Christ. Bruce McCluggage, [one of those staff] is a model to me of what Regional mobilizers should be. He discipled me to have a heart for God and for the world. One was never presented without the other. He patiently listened to my questions and objections, encouraged me to share my faith, pray, take Perspectives, go on short terms etc... Like myself, there were many other students who caught a heart for the world and that fruit remains to this day.

I think that had our contact with [missions] been through seeing a [presentation or reading a book] we may have been convicted or even fired up for a short time, but it probably would not have lasted. As I've seen happen with many, without continued relationship, and I mean more than a letter or magazine or even a follow up seminar, we would have been drawn back into lives of comfort and complacency...

What is caught through relationship has lasting impact. that is human, and that is the biblical picture of discipleship. This month our church said goodbye to it's third couple this year - who left to work among unreached or under evangelized peoples. Why have three of our most dedicated couples all left at the same time? I know that it is just the end of a cycle that began with that CCC team 10 years ago. Not all of us became missionaries: I'm staying here to mobilize; Jenny is raising up world Christians through CCC in Iowa; Brandon is mobilizing his church in Riverside; Joe is making plans with his fiance to become missionaries to an unreached field. These and many others can easily trace their heart for the world back to Bruce and the other CCC staff who discipled them.


STRATEGY: How To Set Your School On Fire For Missions
~By Nate Wilson

3 yrs of leadership as a student--same amount of time Jesus spent in ministry John 14: 12 ("Greater things...")

Introduce disciplemaking concept (Jesus discipled 12 who in turn discipled more)

EXAMPLE: Paper folding vs. stacking

YOU can have that kind of impact©©perhaps greater than Jesus'!

HOW? Follow Jesus' LIFESTYLE

  1. Prayer--early in morning, throughout day
  2. Evangelism--He had to go "out" to do it. We are hypocrites if we don't.
  3. Discipleship

*"continuous, not once a week!

*"focused, try recruiting 5 people this year

(Write their names down. How will you recruit them?)

QUESTION: "What will this "costo you?"


a) Take notes on Jesus' ministry strategy in a Gospel during devotional times.

b) "Secular" source with excellent and powerful writing Guy Kawasaki's "Selling the Dream" "How to promote your ideas and make a difference using everyday evangelism"