Strategy: Case Study: LOGOS II

Mon, 3 Mar 1997 From: Dave Hicks <>
..God has answered many prayers in bringing the Ship in. She arrived Fri, Feb 20, after a 13 day sail from Panama, to begin the first ever visit of an OM Ship to the West Coast of N. America. In answer to many prayers the port of LA reduced the berth fees by 93%, waived the garbage removal fees (normally $1 per pound), and charged a flat rate of $100 for the unlimited supply of fresh water- a big deal with 200 aboard plus many guests. The tug company waived their normal $2000 fee to bring the ship in and the union linesmen waived their $2000 fee... On top of it all, the Coast Guard cleared the LOGOS II (this was the first time LOGOS II was in US waters) in a record 1 1/4 hours and commended the crew on the excellent condition of the Ship and the outstanding boat and fire safety drills. They said it was the best they had seen in a long time. Praise the Lord!

15 minutes after the Coast Guard left the first Saturday and 17 hrs after arrival the first group of 100 arrived for a 2 1/2 hour WORLD TOUR 2000 program on board. By Sunday nite 1350 people had been on tours including over 800 Korean American Christians (There are 1000 Korean Churches in LA.) Sunday afternoon 130 OM Alumni gathered for a joyful reunion. On Monday a Korean Pastors conference was held on board and on Tuesday Christian Book Publishers from all over America met on the LOGOS II. Thanks for your prayers as the LOGOS II is now entering the last and probably most intense week of ministry in LA. An ACMC Conf will be held on Friday, Youth Missions Rally on Sat. and a full weekend of Church groups. The LOGOS II sails on Monday the 10th for Vancouver, Seattle, Nanaimo, Portland and San Deigo.