My name is Meg Crossman and I'm working to mobilize the churches in Phoenix and throughout the state of Arizona.

My main responsibility is working with Perspectives coordinators. We have just completed our 38th Persp class and are getting ready to run 6 more next spring.

I also work with a local gathering called the Valley Missions Consortium Breakfast. We have early morning gatherings of Missi-activists from churches and agencies. These are for networking, fellowship, prayer, and exposure to a cutting-edge speaker.

Yesterday, at the North Valley Consortium, one of the women from Food for the Hungry who is going to Goma Zaire to work with orphaned and abandoned children met a Man from Partners in Christ, (a small local work helping train pastors in Mexico. He had taught for GEM in Belgium and one of his students is a national pastor now in Goma. That's a great hook up for her!

..We [also] had an excellent Missions Consortium Breakfast presentation on the Project Luke commentary for the Arab world. Anyone interested in knowing about that? I think it's going to be very exciting. The text (very appropriately contextualized to the Arab Mind; done by a mature Syrian believer who has published many novels in the secular Arabic press) is available in English.