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Nate & Paula Wilson

  Equipping Christian Leaders
to Fulfill the Great Comission


 Church-Planting in Manhattan, KS

In 2006, we were called by a couple of families in Manhattan, Kansas, to plant a new church in their town. The name of the new church is Christ The Redeemer Church. It consciously follows the theological tradition of the 16th century Protestant reformation and the 20th century tradition of evangelicalism. Christ the Redeemer Church practices God-centered worship, age-integrated meetings, and relationship-oriented ministry where everyone is equipped to fulfill God's mission for His people. For more information, see www.CtRChurch-mhk.org.



 Financial Information


Means of Support

Nate and Paula are supported mostly by the members of Christ the Redeemer Church, but gifts from other interested friends are welcome.


Outside support for 2006-2007 $30,000

Outside support in 2008 $21,000

Outside support in 2009 $18,000

Outside support in 2010 $16,000

Outside support in 2011 $15,000

Outside support in 2012 $12,000

Outside support in 2013 $12,000

Outside support in 2014 $16,955

Outside support in 2015 $13,690

Outside support in 2016-2018 $10,000

Outside support for 2019 $7,000

Outside support for 2020 $6,000

Outside support for 2022 $3,000

Outside support for 2023 $2,150

All contributions made out to Christ the Redeemer Church are tax-deductible in accordance with current regulations. All contributions are used in accordance with the donor’s preference.



 An Invitation for You

 We ask you to prayerfully consider becoming part of our ministry team. This team consists of people who conscientiously take on one or more of the following roles: 

·        Prayer and encouragement (at least once a month)

·        Financial Support (monthly or annual)

·        Physical gifts (car, equipment, food, etc.)

·        Volunteer work (can be done from home)




Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. II Corinthians 9:7


Please contact us to discuss joining our support team!


Ministry Impact

Manhattan Kansas has a population of around 50,000, and is centered around two hubs - Kansas State University and Army Fort Riley. Most of the population seems to think they know about Christianity, but fewer than 20% have a relationship with a local church. Until we arrived on the scene, there was no evangelical church in the reformed or presbyterian tradition within an hour's drive of Manhattan.

When Nate & Paula arrived in Manhattan in May 2006, there was a worshipping body of 4 family units including 25 baptized members. By the year 2013, this body had grown to 12 family units, with a total of 51 baptized members, and as of 2023 there are 23 family units, 57 baptized members. In addition we have contributed to the discipleship of scores of students and soldiers who have graduated and moved on or transferred to other bases. We have also been supporting missionaries as a church from its beginning and have already sent several of our members into short-term and long-term missions.

So far, Nate has preached through the books of Isaiah, Ephesians, 1 Corinthians, Jonah, Matthew, Psalms (Books 1 & 2), 1 Peter, Leviticus, 1-3 John, Jude, Hebrews, 1 & 2 Samuel, and James, as well as taught studies on spiritual development, parenting, missions, church eldership, apologetics, sacraments, church history, ecclesiology, Biblical counseling, sexual purity, marriage, church deaconship, church fellowship, hermeneutics, shepherd leadership, manhood, etc. Other men in the church have also taught studies in the Heidelberg Catechism, Genesis, Proverbs, money management, the names of God, evangelism, Ecclesiasties, Song of Solomon, The 10 Commandments, the Lord's Prayer, Apologetics, Baptism, Colossians, and Ephesians.

In addition to the distinctives of being Presbyterian in church government, Reformed in theology, and Evangelical in practice, we are also holding age-integrated church meetings and are encouraging each household in the church to develop its own ministries rather than making clergy and a church building the center of church ministry.

The combination of local demographics (with highly-transient students and soldiers, resulting in a loss of about 1/3 of our congregation every year) and the slow-and-steady model we're using of home-centered discipleship make for a slow growth pattern initially, but it promises exponential results over the long haul, so we are committed to this strategic model. We are discipling students and soldiers who will move out to the four corners of the earth to make disciples themselves. And we are seeking to build godly homes locally that will provide a solid pattern of exponential growth for generations to come in our local church.


About Nate & Paula

 Nate’s parents, Rev. Ken & Leslie Wilson, taught him to love God and love His Word at a very early age. Paula also grew up in a Christian home and became a Christian at an early age. As a boy, Nate saw a video at his church (Briarwood PCA, Birmingham, AL) of Dr. J. Edwin Orr stating that every revival in history began with prayer meetings led by students. This instilled in Nate a passion to see the church in America revived. Nate begain leading worship in prayer meetings at Briarwood High School, begging God to bring revival. He also worked for many years as a counselor at Camp Briarwood, impacting the lives of the children in the church. Meanwhile Paula was busy making a stand for Christ at her public high school and and being very involved in her church youth group (Spanish River PCA, Boca Raton, FL).

When Nate went to Covenant College, he joined a prayer group right away. The president of the group began discipling Nate in missions and took Nate to hear Don Richardson’s and Bob Sjogren’s Bible teaching on missions. As a result, Nate’s vision broadened from seeing America revived, to seeing world missions completed in his lifetime! Nate also met Paula there, and together they led the student mission fellowship at Covenant College. To further promote student activism in prayer and missions, Nate joined the staff of InterVarsity Missions, and began to disciple, encourage, and equip student leaders of mission fellowships at dozens of Christian colleges throughout the Southeast U.S. Nate and Paula married shortly thereafter, and Paula settled down to making a great home and discipling other women.

In 1992, Nate transferred to Caleb Project in Colorado to be more strategically positioned in mission mobilization. Through Caleb Project, God widened Nate’s ministry from serving students in the Southeast to serving Christian leaders all over the world in mission mobilization. Earning an M. Div. from Sangre de Cristo Seminary further strengthened Nate during this time in his position of serving church leaders.

In 2004, The TentMaker Project, a church-based international mercy ministry, issued a call to Nate to serve as Director of Development. Nate accepted this because of his desire to work more closely with a local church. He worked there for almost two years to develop administrative structure, promote the mission, and help equip the church in Uganda so that they may fulfill the Great Commission.

We believe that God used all these experiences with student ministry, missions, development, and church ministry to equip us for the multifaceted challenge of church pastoring. But we cannot do this in our own strength; we need God's strength and the prayers and support of God's people to walk in this path of ministry!

God has blessed Nate & Paula with twelve children (plus four in heaven). Nate & Paula believe that building a Godly family is the foundation of their ministry of helping key leaders around the world to fulfill the Great Commission.

Nate & Paula Wilson
Christ The Redeemer Church
P.O. Box 1007
Manhattan, KS 66505

Phone: 785-256-0240


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